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Annecy - Keep Calm and Wander

For me, Annecy is once in a lifetime experience. Its darting canals through the village, meandering along some of the historical buildings in Europe, its food, and scenery, and most importantly, its settlement on the cleanest lake in Europe—Annecy—told me how different this city is.

The lake itself is surrounded by hills and mountains and it almost seemed to me as if they were peeking at their reflection in the tenuous hazed lake beneath.

It was around noon when I thought of treading the cobblestoned walkways lining the Annecy canals. Indeed, this is the reason they call it the “Venice of the Alps”. All those plaster houses with their baskets full of fresh flowers was a spectacle to remember.

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Annecy: The Little Venice of France – Keep Calm and Wander

Annecy views - Keep Calm and Wander

Don’t miss the views of beautiful Annecy from the Chateau should you decide to visit it for a day from Lyon. Chateau de Annecy sits on the hill and towers above the city and Lake Annecy. After paying the entrance fee, walk all the way to the end of the castle and you’ll find a green backyard with a fort. From here, you’ll see the uninterrupted views of the charming little town.

Little Venice. Because of the presence of some canals, the town is said to be the “Little Venice of France.” Unlike Venice, this town is away from hordes of tourists that cramped the Italian water town. There are no canal tours here and no gondolas for honeymooners.

Boat Tour / Cruise. You can do a boat tour / cruise on Lake Annecy. There are few boat operators near the European Gardens, along the lake.

Enjoy the views.

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Pont des Amours – Keep Calm and Wander

Pont des Amours - Alain

Pont des Amours or Lover’s Bridge is an iron bridge at the threshold of Lac de Annecy. From the look of it, this is just an ordinary bridge in a charming town in France, called Annecy.

The first bridge was made of wood and it was built to give people a good view of the wonderful Annecy Lake. It was later rebuilt with iron by Charles Galletto. And what a view it is! Boats moored on the banks and arched trees on the side add a romantic setting for whoever passes by. The bridge connects the European Gardens and Paquier Esplanade.

This bridge, however, has a dark past – it used to be a rendezvous for prostitutes. But today, the bridge is a rendezvous for lovers. Legend has it that whoever you kiss in the middle of this bridge, you will stay together for life! Yes, forever!

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

Charming Annecy, France – Keep Calm and Wander

Annecy, France

Here are 15 photos of Annecy, a charming little town in France, near the border with Switzerland. These photos only show the side of the town along the canal. Don’t call it the “Little Venice of France” because it’s farther from the truth – few tourists.

I think, one of the things to do here is to walk along the canals to see the town’s delightful beauty. The colourful houses’ reflections on the water on a sunny day is splendid! Take a leisurely walk at the Old Town and be amazed at the historical value of some medieval buildings around. Don’t also forget to take your lunch at one of the restaurants there. If you can’t afford, get an ice cream! LOL…

Annecy is a two-hour ride by train and can be explored by a day trip from Lyon. I arrived there at 9:30 in the morning and took a train back to Lyon at 3 in the afternoon. I think there’ 1 or 2 trains every hour.