Sea Meadow Inn – Gay Friendly Brewster B&B

Sea Meadow Inn

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

A feeling of history abounds at the Sea Meadow Inn, in accommodations that are modern, comfortable, and affordable.

With all the amenities you expect, the innkeepers are at your service to make your Cape Cod stay a memorable one.

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Iceland on a Budget – Globetrotter Girls

Iceland - Dani One of the things I say on my About Page is I make mistakes so you don’t have to – and I actually made a big mistake in Iceland. Well, it wasn’t actually a mistake, because I knew I had to hit up one of the big grocery stores before leaving Reykjavik – big supermarkets are sparse on the island, and we wanted to pick up food to make picnic lunches during our road trip – restaurants in Iceland are pricey. And that’s what we did, we went to the first Bonus supermarket we came across, ready to load up the car with groceries. Only that the supermarket didn’t open until 11am (!), and we were there at 9am. So we decided to head off on the first leg of our road trip, assuming we’d be coming back through Reykjavik after driving the Golden Circle. But we didn’t. We headed straight south. And were stuck with a small town grocery store in Vik, with a very limited selection. I put together some other things I’ve learned on my road trip through Iceland to help save you money during your trip, to give you an idea what to expect as for how much things cost, and last but not least some thoughts on renting a car for your trip vs. using public transportation or hitchhike.

Don’t Pay for Water in Iceland

I was surprised when I read on other blogs that travelers had paid for water in Iceland. Icelanders proud themselves of having some of the best water in the world! It comes straight from the spring and is delicious – why would you pay for bottled water?! Plus, you won’t contribute to plastic bottle garbage.

By Dani – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls

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