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Author: , September 30th, 2017

Lesbian Reykjavik

Iceland continues to break tourism records. Given the recent stopover promotions offered by carriers like WOW Airlines and the increase in cruises, Reykjavík, the hub for most of the activity, has seen the greatest impact. During summer months, expect hotels at full capacity, tours sold out and crowds. So, careful planning for your Reykjavík stopover, will make a big difference in your overall Iceland experience.

My recent Iceland Pro Cruise allowed me time to explore the capital city for several days as part of a pre/post cruise extension.So I am happy to share some insights and travel tips.

First off, the Fly Bus is an affordable and convenient airport connection. The fare averages $26 USD one way. Travel time is about 40-45 minutes.

Fast Fact: Many tourists opt to buy a combo ticket which includes transfer to the famous Blue Lagoon before they head into the city.

Several coach companies, Iceland Excursions, Reykjavík Excursions and Gray Line, offer the bundled excursion. Gray Line Iceland’s basic tour package with transfer averages $80-100 USD depending on exchange rate and time of day. This tip will save you travel time and extra transportation costs.

Be forewarned, this touristy favorite can require patience. Year round you will find long lines. Admission must be booked in advance. If lucky, you will get a reservation which provides access at an assigned date and time. Blue Lagoon standard entrance fees start around $60 USD and go as high as $530 USD depending on the package. The luxe package includes a private changing room and entry into an exclusive lounge with direct entry to the lagoon.

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Lesbian Travel: Mendocino on My Mind

Author: , March 24th, 2016

Lula Cellars

Go north, across the Golden Gate Bridge, past the sleepy coastal pastures, and over the winding roads that lead to the magical town of Mendocino. There, tucked between the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and the silent giant redwood forest, you’ll find a small slice of heaven. Mendocino is a rugged place where time stands still and devices like cell phones and Internet access are rarely used. This is great news for those who want to disconnect from civilization and reconnect with nature. Unlike many remote towns that are perched on the jagged cliffs of Northern California, Mendocino has plenty of options when it comes to dining, sleeping, and adventuring.

On Your Way There

Mendocino has an impressive wine region and 25% of its vineyards are Certified Organic. Mendocino wine country leads the country in “green wine” production, which mean less toxins in your glass of vino. The region is best known for its full-bodied Pinot Noirs and light sparkling wines.

On highway 128, numerous wineries line the valley. There are big names like Roederer and Scharffenberger, but the real gems are tucked away on gravel roads, behind big oak trees. Lula Cellars in one of those special places. Chances are you’ll get to meet the award-winning wine maker when you visit the property. Jeff Hansen, winemaker for Lula Cellars, brings nearly 30 years of grape growing and winemaking experience to the brand.

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Tango Diva – Big, Bad and Beautiful Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Author: , November 25th, 2015


When I feel caged from the chaos and noise of city life, I seek open spaces to clear my mind and rejuvenate my spirit. Lucky for me, I don’t always have to travel to distant continents to get my fix.

The Western United States is home to many iconic open spaces that offer refuge to the restless soul and an amazing travel experience. Whether you are a naturalist, spiritualist or simply a travel enthusiast, the stunning beauty and sacred energy of each of these special places cannot be denied.

The encounter can be life changing.

Sedona and Bryce Canyon are among the best of the West and my top picks for awe-inspiring, jaw dropping moments. The grand geography painted in rich reds, burnt orange and browns, the endless sea of sandstone, radical rock formations and a canyon of towering spires are etched in my mind.

Both are phenomenal destinations that are hard to forget; it was not until this year that I would discover a new rival.

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Tango Diva: Going Solo in Dubai

Author: , April 5th, 2015

Dubai - Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

Innovation and creation are the buzzwords in Dubai: if you can dream it, someone can make it happen. Need more land? Build a huge island shaped as a palm tree that can be seen from space. Love the water? Rocket up and down waterslides at the oasis-themed Wild Wadi Waterpark. Miss the snow? Don’t worry, there’s an indoor ski resort, or snap up one of the apartments at the ice-themed residential community known as the ‘Snowdome’ (complete with indoor mountain range).

Seated on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of seven countries that comprise the United Arab Emirates. The Al-Maktoum family, producing the sheikhs who rule Dubai, have demonstrated incredible foresight in developing Dubai as a multi-faceted city with much more than oil to boast (oil now represents only a small percentage of the country’s overall revenue). Thanks to its international population, Dubai is an inspiring example of Middle-East cultural tolerance and harmony. While strolling down the marbled-lined halls of the opulent and prolific shopping malls, you can find white-robed Emirati men with red-checkered headdresses, as well as Western fashionistas in Prada and Manolos, all shopping and strolling in harmony. Solo women can feel equally comfortable in anything from chic capri-and-stiletto ensemble to head-to-toe traditional black coverings, or an elegant sari. Anything goes in Dubai!

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Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

Tango Diva – 72 Hours of Seduction in Barcelona

Author: , March 16th, 2015

Barcelona - Tango Diva

A visit to Barcelona, Spain’s largest city and the capital of Catalonia, offers a truly unique travel experience. Upon arrival, visitors are seduced by the architectural pageantry, picturesque plazas and parks. But it is Barcelona’s attitude – adventurous, edgy and high energy – that captured my heart.

During peak summer months, Barcelona is a seductress that requires no beauty sleep. The streets are alive with activity 24/7, outdoor cafes and bars buzz with conversation and music fills the night air.

Over the last 2,000 years, Barcelona has reigned as Catalonia’s capital city. Barcelona has masterfully blended the best of old and new blossoming into a world class urban oasis of art, culture and history with nine designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Barcelona’s prime coastal location on the Western Mediterranean has kept commerce and tourism on the rise. Today, Barcelona is a top port of call for cruise ships welcoming 2 million passengers annually.

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Walking Australia’s Maria Island

Author: , December 17th, 2014

Maria IslandThe Maria Island Walk is listed as one of Australia’s Top 20 island holiday escapes on

“Tranquil bays, dramatic cliffs and verdant rainforests are among the many landscapes to discover on this beautiful Tasmanian island. The entire island is a national park”.

The acclaimed guided walk offers small groups of 10 guests the chance to explore this remarkable world heritage national park in the company of two local guides whose knowledge and passion brings the island’s many secrets to life.

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