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We specialize is smaller personalized eco tours – Whale watching, dolphin encounters, above and in the water, turtle reef snorkel – Mother nature willing!

Perfect for honeymooners, discriminating nature-lovers, or any special occasion seeking a sense of place… Only 6 or 10 guests tops per journey! We welcome both experienced and first-time snorkelers, with extra personal attention w/ no restrictions of a being lost in a large group.

Our experienced crew of naturalists and biologists will teach you about the Hawaiian wildlife, culture and history along the beautiful West coast of Oahu. Constantly in search of the “Perfect Day” of swimming with dolphins, snorkeling and/or whale watching, they stop at nothing to ensure unparalleled service and quality.

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gay Honolulu

On this side of O’ahu, where giant resorts and the city of Honolulu serve as a playground to hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, we tend to forget to connect to the natural beauty and spirit of the island.

I’m hand in hand with strangers, forming a circle under the Hawaiian morning sun. I’m with two college-aged girls and a woman. Singing in a melodic verse that’s distinctly Hawaiian, slinging words of thanks to the heavens, while grounding their feet to connect to the volcanic soil. Each inflection seems to mimic the lapping of Pacific waves, and their cries of thanks echo the sound of birds tweeting their own music toward the ancient mountains that once blessed this land with fertile, irrigated soil.

“This is our community,” a woman at Ma’o Organic Farm (86-210 Puhawai Road, Tel: 808-696-5569. www.maoorganicfarms.org) tells me. “We work hard to protect our ohana (family),” she says sitting under a summer-camp structure made from an old chicken hut. It seems ironic, though, that she speaks so personally and passionately about the locals, after all, she comes from the Mainland (as Hawaiians call the Lower 48). She is, however, deeply connected to the people here, having married a Hawaiian and becoming part of the community of Wai‘anae on O‘ahu.

It seems easy to see why she’s taken such a motherly and active role in the community as we sit with the two girls. They both work here on the organic farm, receiving an education, pay, and credit for their time. Here, they learn about ancient farming traditions that sustained Hawaiians for centuries. They also learn how the connection between the people and the land was severed, both physically and culturally when the army stopped these sacred mountains’ waters from freely flowing, destroying the farming here. Yet many people are not aware of what happened because of modern-day conveniences and imports coming from the Mainland and Asia.

By Joseph Pedro – Full Story at Passport Magazine

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Honolulu: Sunshine Year-Round

gay Honolulu There is one daily nonstop flight here from Chicago, plus connecting flights via San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas and even Anchorage, among other cities. United Airlines’ morning nonstop flight from O’Hare International Airport is about nine hours, and the connecting flights on American, Delta, Alaskan and other airlines can push the travel time to 10 or 15 hours. It’s then a 20-minute drive without rush-hour traffic, or perhaps double that during peak times, into Waikiki. The commute, though, is well worth it. This Hawaiian haven – home to Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor and the legendary surfing of the North Shore – is truly Paradise. Doesn’t matter how often you’ve been here, this is a great getaway, a great vacation destination, a marvelous break from the cold and snow of Chicago. Sun and sand are so much better than Chicago’s two most common words this time of year: Polar Vortex. Tom Skilling would be out of a job if he worked here – it’s 80 or 85 degrees with bright sun and limited clouds almost daily, 365 days a year.

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