Twenty Seven Hours in Kuwait – Keep Calm and Wander

Kuwait - Keep Calm and Wander

Early this year, I was in Kuwait for 27 hours connecting flight on my way to Sri Lanka. It’s my first time to fly Kuwait Airlines and I was not impressed. My flight was delayed for an hour and a half – and apparently, it’s normal for this airline. That’s according to the Kuwaiti guy who is a frequent flyer sitting next to me. Boo…

What to do in Kuwait? I really have no idea. The country is not known as a tourist destination. There’s only very little information about what to do in the city / country. Even my friend who has been living in the Kuwait City for years can’t really recommend a place to visit. He did tell me to walk along the corniche leading to Kuwait Towers. And that’s exactly what I did in the morning – before the heat could burn me to hell.:D What we all know is that they’re rich in gas and oil.

But, of course, there are things to do in Kuwait. I was just not into exploring the city due to the heat, expensive taxis and in such a short time.

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