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Author: , June 20th, 2019

Gay Friendly Asia - The Nomadic Boys

We spent 2 years travelling around Asia and completely fell in love with the continent. It offers so much in terms of cultural experiences, food and landscapes, with some of the most humble people you’ll ever meet.

But when it comes to LGBTQ rights, Asia has some serious work to do! In quite a lot of countries in Asia, being gay is either illegal or an arrestable offence, like in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, the Maldives, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. If it’s not illegal, then it’s such a strong taboo that you have to stay in the closet to avoid jeopardising your job prospects and embarrassing your family like in China, Russia and Indonesia.

Despite this, there are a number of countries in Asia that are paving the way forward in relation to LGBTQ rights. We’ve selected the top 10 most gay friendly countries in Asia, which we’ve based on the following criteria:

  • Where are they at with same sex marriage legislation, along with other LGBTQ laws?
  • What is the gay scene like and do they have any notable annual LGBTQ festivals?
  • Our personal experience travelling there as a gay couple, with reference to the most recent Spartacus Gay Travel Index.

We have taken it as a given that homosexuality is legal in the countries we’ve selected, which is why we haven’t included Singapore despite it having quite a vibrant gay scene and a famous LGBTQ PinkDot festival in June/July.

We have also included two “places” (Taiwan and Hong Kong) rather than “countries”, because although they’re not officially recognised “countries”, they can still be regarded as a “country” given they have their own flag, currency, national anthem, set of laws etc.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Penis Park in South Korea – Gay Star News

Author: , February 28th, 2018

Penis Park - Gay Star News

Located in Sinnam, South Korea, this penis-themed park is a NSFW tourist destination.
Formally called Haesindang Park, the theme of the park is based on an old legend.

What’s the legend?

In the Legend of Auebawi and Haesindang, a woman was left by a man on a rock in the sea while he worked. Due to a storm, the man was unable to retrieve her, and the woman ended up drowning.

After this incident, the people of the village were unable to catch fish. They blamed this on the dead woman. Then, one day, a fisherman ejaculated into the sea and suddenly was able to catch fish again. It was thought that exposing the deceased virgin woman to male genitalia pleased her, and thus allowed them to catch fish.
To honor the dead virgin and to ensure the fish would remain, the people of the village built wooden phallic-shaped effigies in her honor and held religious ceremonies on her behalf.

By Rafaella Gunz – Full Story at Gay Star News

Featured Gay Friendly Tour Operator: Gekotour

Author: , November 19th, 2015


Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Gekotour is not your ordinary travel tour experience. Our goal is to make a positive impact!! Learn from the ancestral Asian villagers: amazing authentic culture, delicious traditional cuisine, hand-made traditional handicrafts and environment stewardship. While on tour, learn new skills such as art, photography, cooking or yoga and meditation practice with expert Gekotour local guides and professional facilitators. Contribute wholeheartedly with local NGO and Non-profit organizations, family and local community operated businesses, and village monks and chiefs whose passion is to maintain their ancient culture, history, and cuisine. Sit back and reflect in remote communities in Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia and India, away from the hustling tour groups.

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South Korea Gay Pride Parade Halted By Christian Protesters

Author: , June 8th, 2014

Seoul Pride Protesters

Seoul’s gay pride parade was disrupted multiple times today when hundreds of Christians laid in the path of the floats and refused to move.

According to information provided to Gay Star News by a Ph.D student in South Korea, conservative Christians held mass prayer services during the 7 June event. “To put it simply today was a kind of battle between extremist Christians and LGBT attendees of said pride,” the student wrote in a email account. The parade started but was stopped multiple times by protestors putting their bodies on the street, blocking the march. The anti-gay protestors sang South Korea’s national anthem and chanted gays had no place in the country. The email account claims police arrested a few of the Christian demonstrators.

Many public events in South Korea have been canceled since the April ferry sinking which took over 300 lives. The pride parade went on despite official permission having been rescinded by Seoul officials.

Full Story at Joe.My.God | Other Gay Travel Events

Seoul Pride to Go On After Government Revokes Permission

Author: , May 31st, 2014

Seoul PrideThe organisers of Seoul Pride have announced the event will go ahead next week in defiance of government orders, after official permission was revoked.

Permission for the 15th Korea Queer Festival, known as Seoul Pride, was granted months ago, but was revoked following the MV Sewol ferry tragedy last month, which took the lives of 290 people.

A district-office spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the cancellation was because the parade was inappropriate given national sentiment, but organisers allege Christian lobbying groups, who have long objected to the event, filed complaints deliberately in order to get it cancelled.

By Nick Duffy – Pink News