Getting From Prague Airport to the City Center

Author: , March 18th, 2019

Prague Airport

The Vaclav Havel Prague airport is located 17km (11 miles) northwest from the city centre. It is the main international airport for the Czech Republic and the only airport serving Prague.

There are 2 main terminals. Terminal 1 is where international non-Schengen flights arrive. Terminal 2 is where international Schengen-zone member flights arrive. So if you’re flying from Europe, you’re likely to arrive at Terminal 2. Passengers from North America will be arriving at Terminal 1.

There are several ways to get from Prague Airport to the city centre, which we’ve set out in detail below.

The Prague City Card

Before proceeding, a huge travel tip from us: consider buying the Prague Card. Prague has so many excellent sights to take in, it can be quite overwhelming. We highly recommend preordering your Prague Card online which includes free entry to most museums, attractions like Prague Castle, the Zoo and even a free riverboat cruise on the Vlatava. Each order also comes with a guidebook to Prague with detailed maps.

Note that the Prague no longer includes public transport.

You can purchase the Prague Card for 2 days for €58, 3 days for €68 or 4 days for €78. You can simply order it online then collect it at either Prague Airport or from the Prague City Tourism Info Centre located in the heart of the city.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Prague Gay Guide – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , February 23rd, 2019

Prague Gay Guide - The Nomadic Boys

Prague is one of Europe’s top gay travel destinations and in our opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague is magical, with its striking gothic architecture, magnificent medieval monuments, like something from a fairy tale. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most visited cities in the world.

We loved strolling through the labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets that make up the UNESCO listed Old Town and then experiencing the thrilling gay nightlife of Prague in the evening.

Our Prague Gay Guide

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a former Soviet country in Central Europe, now part of the EU. The country is so rich with culture that you can never get bored exploring it. To give you a brief idea, its history date back to the 9th century when it used to be called ‘The Duchy of Bohemia’ under the Great Moravian Empire. It was around this time that Prague Castle was built, one of Prague’s most famous tourist sites. In addition, most of the beautiful and picturesque medieval buildings of the Old Town, like “Charles Bridge” were subsequently built in the 1300s by the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV. There’s a lot to see here, which we’ve summarised below, but make sure you also give yourself ample time to check out the dynamic gay nightlife of Prague.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at The Nomadic Boys

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Sedlec Ossuary: The Church of 40,000 Bones – Keep Calm and Wander

Author: , November 9th, 2018

Sedlec Ossuary - Keep Calm and Wander

I’m gonna bring you with me to Sedlec Ossuary, a church with 40,000 human bones inside! It’s chilling, eh? Don’t worry – there’s nothing to be scared of. Hopefully, after seeing all these, you’d still be able to sleep well, without nightmares. Guess what; I was fine. I was able to sleep without monsters and ghosts in my dreams.

I’ve got to be honest though – I found it weird the moment I stepped inside. I was fascinated and overwhelmed by all the skulls and bones surrounding me like they’re trying to petrify me. I had goosebumps the entire time I was there, but I was not in a hurry to get out of that holy place; in fact, I was the last person in our tour group who went back to our bus.

How to get to Sedlec Ossuary. It’s an hour drive by car from Prague – and the best way to get there is by joining a half day tour to Kutna Hora. Every hotel and hostel in Prague advertise this tour, and they can also book this for you. Now, you might be wondering why on earth Sedlec Ossuary is decorated with 40,000 bones! It actually has a fascinating story.

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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LGBT Prague

Author: , August 14th, 2015
Prague - Courtesy Prague4Gay

Courtesy Prague4Gay

Prague is a picturesque city beloved by photographers–and by Conde Nast Travelerreaders, who voted it their sixth favorite city in the world last year. And while much of Prague’s art and architecture is several centuries old, its attitude is decidedly progressive, particularly when it comes to LGBT rights.

The city is home to August’s annual Prague Pride, which was first held in 2011; and the long-running, multi-city Mezipatra Queer Film Festival that serves as both showcase and gathering place for international artists each fall. Travelerasked Czech native and Prague4Gay tour-company owner Petr Prokopik about how his home city has changed, his favorite places, and why heterosexual travelers love learning about LGBT life.

What should LGBT travelers know about Prague?

Czech society, especially in Prague, is tolerant and very laid-back towards LGBT culture. Registered partnership for gays and lesbians was introduced in 2006. Although there is not full equality and there are still many areas of LGBT life to improve, acceptance by society is quite high; I would say higher than is reflected by the current law. About 75 percent of Czechs are atheists and therefore there is very little opposition against LGBT rights from the religious perspective.

By Kelsy Chauvin – Full Story at Conde Nast Traveler | Czech Republic Gay Travel Resources

Tasting the Best of Prague on a Food Tour

Author: , September 4th, 2014

Prague Food TourI’m not sure when my love of food really started. I don’t think I was always so hungry but at some point (probably the first or second year out of college) I realized how much fun food can be. It became less of a necessity and more of a desire. There were a brief few years where I had a sudden fascination with cookbooks (thanks to years of working at a Barnes & Noble bookstore), but my own cooking took longer to develop into a passion. These days, food is pretty much always on my mind. Especially when I travel.

Travel and food go so well together, I don’t really know why the idea of “food tours” took so long to catch on. But these days, you’d be hard pressed to visit a city and not find out about a food tour.

Ever since taking my first food tour in 2011, I’ve been hooked, and have now taken these kinds of tours all over the world–from Bangkok to New York (and just about every city in Europe!). And my passion for food & travel has even gone so far that I now also work quite a bit for Eating Europe Food Tours–a company so clearly aligned with my own passions: good food, good fun and local experiences.

This article was written by Adam Groffman, author of the internationally popular travel blog, Travels of Adam. Read more here: Tasting the Best of Prague on a Food Tour.

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Weekending in Prague for Gay Pride

Author: , September 1st, 2014

Prague Pride - Adam Groffman

A few weeks ago I took a last-minute weekend trip to Prague for their 4th annual gay pride, Prague Pride. The festival included a jam-packed schedule of events over a week, including film screenings, political debates, parties and a parade. I would argue that Prague has been a gay hotspot destination for a while already, but this was only their 4th annual pride celebration. And for being such a young endeavor, it seemed to be incredibly well organized with a full spectrum of events for every type of visitor. I really loved it.

Gay pride in Prague was special not just because it was a small (though not too small) celebration, but also because there was a community feeling behind the pride. With political organizers and volunteers from Central European LGBT rights organizations taking the stage at several events, the pride felt as much about celebrating gay pride as it did about making positive societal change. And in a part of Europe that still needs reforms, that’s as important as anything else.

Even in Prague, with its beautiful backdrops, history of pornography and relative liberal attitudes, gay rights still have a ways to go. This year’s 2014 Prague Pride was even met with neo-nazi protesters at one point, though there were fewer than 10 and they were all removed relatively peacefully by police. I was further along the parade route when it happened and neither myself nor any of my friends even heard about the scuffle until hours later.

Authored by Adam Groffman. See the Full Story at Travels of Adam here.

See Adam’s full blog here.

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Prague Welcomes the Rainbow People

Author: , June 14th, 2013
Czech Republic - Google Maps

from Google Maps

Look, it’s the rainbow people!” It’s not the first thing you’d expect to hear a Prague cop gush, but this was August 2012, and the Czech capital’s police force was hot off its LGBT sensitivity training in advance of the city’s second-ever Pride parade. So when one particular officer made his first real-world spotting of our tribe–in the shape of a gay walking tour of the city, led by a rainbow flag-bearing Petr Prokopik–he could barely contain his glee.

Indeed, the rainbow people are now more visible than they’ve ever been in picturesque Prague. The city’s first two LGBT Pride events in 2011 and 2012 have done wonders to turn what was previously a rather scattered and underground gay community into a vibrant and cohesive whole.

“Before Pride 2011, there were basically just numerous bars and clubs concentrating only on their own businesses,” explains Prokopik, founder of a local tour operator, Prague4Gay. “Alongside them were a few ‘islands’ of projects and organizations struggling for recognition and support from the community. The organizers of Prague Pride managed to bring them together. During Pride the individual ‘islands’ merged into one community, recognizing and supporting each other for the first time.”

Authored By Dan Allen – See the Full Story at Passport Magazine

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Upcoming Gay Travel Events: Prague, Sardinia, Bristol, Chicago, Shanghai

Author: , May 16th, 2013

Gay Pride Flag San FranciscoWe’ve got news on a bunch of upcoming gay travel events for you:


First off, the Mr. Gay Europe contest runs fron 7/26-7/31 in the Czech Republic. Rainbow Tourism reports:

This old, historical capital has long been known for its friendly and attractive people, but never more soon then when representatives from several European countries gay communities flock here to vie for the title of Mr. Gay Europe. Spread out over 6 days, this event will see the candidates widdled down to a narrow group in an intense competition to see who will take the reigns and represent Europe’s gay community.

Click here for gay travel resources in the Czech Republic.


Over in the UK, Bristol is set to host the gay Union Cup between May 23rd and 26th. Gay Star News reports:

This year 550 gay rugby players from teams including Stockholm, Berlin, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Dublin will travel to Bristol to compete, bringing an estimated #25,000 to the city’s local economy. Tournament director David Arid said: ‘The idea of a gay and gay-friendly rugby club is to provide an accepting environment in which players can develop their sporting potential without fear of prejudice.

Click here for gay travel resources in Gloucestershire.


The world-famous leather-fest IML begins on May 24th. GoPride reports:

This year marks the 35th annual International Mister Leather conference and competition, more commonly known by its acronym IML. Not limited to leather only, IML welcomes rubbermen, sports gear enthusiasts, pups and their handlers and a whole host of other fetish folk for a long weekend of conferences, competitions and parties celebrating a shared sexual deviance.

Click here for gay travel resources in Illinois.


The island of Sardinia in Italy will celebrate its second annual Pride Parade on June 29th, with a series of events leading up to it. Gay Star News reports:

The announcement of the event’s details comes after the first pride, last year, was attacked by right-wing politicians who declared the Mediterranean island doesn’t need the event. The ‘Queeresima’ – 40 days of events – will culminate in the final parade on the beach on 29 June. But there’s more to the festival than music and drag queens.

Click here for gay travel resources in Sardinia, Italy.


And in Shanghai, China, the city will celebrate its fifth Gay Pride on June 14th. LGBT Weekly reports:

June 14 the LGBT community in Shanghai will come together to celebrate its fifth anniversary. The eight-day event will be host to the usual assorted revelry, shirtlessness and tight Lycra short shorts. But amid the festivities, a note of seriousness will underscore what many see as an accomplishment in and of itself. “A week-long string of events has been planned to boost the LGBT’s community position in China and raise awareness around LGBT themes including marriage equality, sexual health and societal acceptance,” note event organizers.

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Prague’s Second Annual Gay Pride Event Coming in August

Author: , April 19th, 2012
Prague Gay Pride

Photo by Todd Jacobs

Prague’s second pride event will be held from 13 to 19 August 2012 on various attractive in the Czech Republic’s capital.

The ambition of the organizing team is to attract an even higher number of visitors than last year. With 7 days filled with entertainment, debates, concerts, exhibitions, theatre and more, Prague Pride 2012 will represent the Czech LGBT+ community in its full colour and diversity.

With Prague Pride still being a relatively new event, organisers say it has a fresh atmosphere of activism combined with fun, which can no longer be found in many other, more commercial Prides.

Full Story from the Czech Republic

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Gay Travel: Prague

Author: , February 2nd, 2012

The city of Prague may have experienced considerable change over the years, but one quality has remained consistent – it is beautiful.

Situated in the north west of the Czech Republic and home to 1.3 million people, it’s increasingly gay-friendly thanks (in part) to modern, relaxed attitudes amongst its youngsters. And it shows.

Architecturally, it is rich, but the famous Czech capital also has contemporary thinking down to a T, so not only does it look good, but it feels good too.

Full Story from the Pink Paper

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