Sonoma Wine Country’s Gay Wine Weekend

Author: , April 21st, 2016

Gay Wine Weekend

If you have a passion for food and wine, we have found the event that will have you drinking straight from the source. Enjoy three days of exploration in the majestic Sonoma Wine Country, located just 45 minutes north of San Francisco.

Out In The Vineyard, a Sonoma-based LGBT Tour & Event Company, produces the annual Gay Wine Weekend. Immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of Wine Country living and make friends for a lifetime. Think Gay Ski Week, but for wine!

This year marks the fifth year that Gay Wine Weekend will take place; attracting people from all around the country to partake in VIP Wine Receptions, Winemaker Dinners, Winery Tours, a brunch and Wine Auction, along with a pool soiree and some very fun after parties! The signature event of the weekend is the hugely successfully Twilight T-Dance, where guests dance through the magic hour of the summer sunset and into the evening, literally Out In The Vineyards of Sonoma Valley Wine Country! This year at Sonoma’s iconic Chateau St. Jean Winery, located in the heart of the bucolic and historic Valley of The Moon.

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Lesbian Weekend Cancelled After Sitges Official Says “We Don’t Want More Gay Events”

Author: , March 14th, 2014


After more than a year of conversations and negotiations, the Sitges local government has turned their back on the OlaGirls Lesbian Festival.

OlaGirls aimed to offer an event for Lesbians in Sitges and started working with the local government in January of 2013. The Tourism and Beach Councilman at the time provided the information about what was possible and explained the process to request the permits to host part of the event at a local beach.


On March 25th, 2013, the Sitges government sent a proposal to host the Festival the weekend of June 6-8, between the “Corpus” celebration and Gay Pride. The date was accepted an in April; the Festival was added to the Sitges event calendar. After the date confirmation, the team started working on making the necessary arrangements, reservations, activity planning, partnerships with hotels, bars, discos, bands, DJs, celebrities, etc. During the following months, OlaGirls and the Tourism department were in contact by email and via meetings.

At the beginning of December, the local government confirmed that everything was on the right track and we should start the formal request. The necessary paperwork was submitted and the team continued to invest time and money on the production of the event.

In January 2014, the Tourism department team supported our requests by, providing photographs of the town, and continued to work on the details. However, by late January, communication was at a stand still and OlaGirls was ready to start selling tickets. An urgent meeting was requested. The reply was a date in late February.


After multiple attempts in February to contact Ignasi Garrigo, the Tourism & Beach Councilman, OlaGirls was informed by phone that Sitges would not grant the beach permits. The reason given was “…there are too many gay events in Sitges and there is no room for another one”. Garrigo suggested that OlaGirls host the event the same weekend as Gay pride, a date summarily declined the year before due to the fact that Gay Pride Sitges is aimed at and primarily attracts men, leaving little, if any room, for women. At this point it was too late to change dates. Agreements and contracts with hotels, bands, DJs, dancers, a celebrity, etc. had been signed and booked.

In spite of OlaGirls attempts to help the government understand that Lesbians offer a diverse tourism stream, permits to host some activities at a local beach have not been granted. OlaGirls is still waiting for an official communication.

The discriminatory and non-professional communication from the Sitges government has not only negatively affected the OlaGirls credibility but has caused significant expected losses to local businesses, artists, bands, DJs, and the celebrity, whom OlaGirls had signed contracts.

OlaGirls is saddened that the Sitges local Government has come 180 degrees in their original support and despite the revenue the gay MALE population provides, is not interested in opening the town to the lesbian community as well.

Lesbian Weekend Planned for Barcelona in the Summer of 2014

Author: , December 18th, 2013

olagirls-poster-300x158Can you imagine one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean just for lesbians? Well, your wish is granted for a weekend, 6-7-8 June 2014.

OLAGIRLS is an exciting cocktail of sun, sea, and beach in Sitges, Barcelona. More than 2000 women experiencing the Mediterranean culture; enjoying life in the street with many activities to meet and interact with other women from our community. Three days of endless parties, concerts, beach activities, fun games, surprises, great tapas & wine – and more.

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Fort Lauderdale Kicks Off Leather Pride Today

Author: , October 10th, 2013

Leather FlagThe Fourth annual Fort Lauderdale Leather Pride weekend kicks off on October 10. This year’s theme is a celebration of the past, present and future. Author Guy Baldwin is this year’s guest of honor.

Baldwin has been both participant and observer of the American leather scene since the mid-1960s. An acclaimed speaker, he is perhaps best known for his essays in Drummer magazine, many of which were collected in his 1993 book, “Ties That Bind.” His 2002 “SlaveCraft,” now in its fourth printing, offers a compelling and controversial look at the inner dynamics of erotic servitude in the Master/slave dynamic.

Weekend run bags are available for $40. Run bags will be filled with discounts with area businesses and will also include a Fort Lauderdale Leather Pride commemorative dog tag as your admission ticket to the Guy Baldwin interview discussion on “History Speaks” from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 12at Bill’s Filling Station.

Authored By Denise Royal – See the Full Story at Edge Boston

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What to Do in Atlanta This Weekend

Author: , August 15th, 2013

Atlanta - Apple Maps

from Apple Maps

You’ve bided your time all week. The wait is over. Make plans for your big gay Friday through Sunday with Atlanta’s favorite list of options for LGBT community, arts, sports and bar events.

Friday, Aug. 16
Madonna-Rama! is the annual must-attend free-for-all celebrating the Material Girl’s birthday (top photo). DJ Diablo Rojo works her popular and obscure music and videos; you work her many splendored looks for the costume contest. Dress up, get down and prepare for a supersized freakshow that this year includes the Glitz queens @ Mary’s, 10 p.m.

“Strong!” screens to benefit Atlanta Pride with its star, Olympic “strongest woman in the world” and Atlanta lesbian Cheryl Haworth (second photo, right). The documentary chronicles her journey toward the 2008 Olympics and personal struggles with what feminine looks like @ CrossFit Midtown, 7 p.m.

Authored By Mike Fleming – See the Full Story at Project Q Atlanta

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A Weekend in Chicago

Author: , February 27th, 2013

ChicagoGoing to Chicago for the weekend? Robert Schrader at Leave Your Daily Hell has some great ideas for your two day excursion to the windy city. From Leave Your Daily Hell:

Chicago is packed with exciting things to do, places to visit and people to teach you all about it. Heading to the Windy City for a weekend gives you just the right amount of time to get out and see all of the beautiful sights, try some of the great food and check out the local pastimes. Witness Chicagoans cheer on their favorite teams, or the maybe save their inner animals for bonding time at the zoo or aquarium. No matter what you go on vacation to do, there’s a really good chance that you can do it here!

See a great museum (or three):

Head to Museum Campus. Chicago is famous for its museums, and you’ll find three of the most popular at this location. Check out the Field Museum of Natural History, the Shedd Aquarium or the Adler Planetarium, which are grouped together at the end of Grant Park.

Or have one of Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizzas:

Grab a slice of pie. Or pizza, as many people call it. Chicago is known for the deep dish, fully loaded and irresistibly cheesy pizza. It’s hard to say which pizzeria is the best in town though, because every single one has delicious fare to offer. Lou Malnati’s is a Chicago classic, and there are now more than 30 locations in and around Chicago to get a deep dish or regular crust pizza.

Check out the Leave Your Daily Hell blog to follow all of Robert’s adventures.

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My Weekend in Los Angeles So Far

Author: , August 26th, 2012

Gay Travel: My Weekend in Los Angeles So FarGood Morning everyone.!!! From Beverly Hills. The L’Ermitage Hotel where I am staying is FAB. It grows on me day by day.

It is like your private residence at one of the mos exclusive Zip Codes in the World. My day yesterday was amazing, some here, and more below. Excited about my day today… Brunch at the iconic and exclusive Beverly Hills Hotel at the Polo Lounge, which promises to be THE HAUTE EXPERIENCE, then off to Malibu for the rest of the day, with a stop at the Getty Museum.

Tonight dinner at Culina by the Four Seasons Hotel, nothing wrong with that right. Hope you all enjoying my photos and posts.

Authored By Carlos Melia – See the Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog

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Kicking Off Gay Pride Weekend in Los Angeles

Author: , June 8th, 2012

Los Angeles Gay Pride WeekendNo other city can put on a show quite like Los Angeles. The hot models/actors, the first-rate Hollywood entertainment and the celebrity sightings all come together in June for one of the most vibrant Pride celebrations around.

It all starts Thursday night when TigerHeat takes over the Henry Fonda Theater for a Britney Spears tribute featuring a special live appearance by… Lil’ Kim? Let’s just hope they play the “Till the World Ends” version not featuring Nicki Minaj.

On Friday June 8, Faultline in Silverlake is having an event that would make any dad proud (given they like cheap drinks and boys in underwear). DJ Roven and DJ Ryan Jones spin the night away, while RuPaul’s cutie patootie Shawn Morales walks around half naked for DILF.

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This Weekend in Gay San Diego

Author: , October 14th, 2011

San Diego gay BarsIf you notice an influx of hot out-of-town boys early this weekend, you’re not imagining it. The annual Atlantis Mexican Cruise is scheduled to depart from San Diego this Saturday afternoon at 5pm, and gay cruisers from around the country should be getting into town on Friday afternoon or so.

And just like last year, I’ll be aboard as well, along with a considerable contingent of other fellow San Diegans. We’ll be gone for a week, sailing south to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta; then back up to San Diego, returning next Saturday the 22nd.

This will be the first time in three years the cruise has left from San Diego (it left from Long Beach in recent years). And since we’re staging our glorious return as the host city for the cruise, a number of the local establishments are rolling out the red carpet, and organizing special events catering to us soon-to-be mariners:

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Gay Travel Events This Weekend

Author: , July 29th, 2011

COPENHAGEN – Queer Festival Copenhagen 2011
Denmark’s largest city turns into LGBT central this weekend. Enjoy this always popular festival with concerts, film screenings, workshops, etc.

VANCOUVER – Vancouver Pride
This year’s theme … Educate, Liberate, Celebrate! Emphasis on the last! Parties, a huge parade and hotties from around the world make this one of the hottest pride events in North America.

VANCOUVER – 2011 Vancouver Outgames
With upwards of 1,000 athletes and participants expected in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the Outgames is a perfect complement to the Pride festivities. Soccer, volleyball, track and field and so much more!

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