Getting From Prague Airport to the City Center

Author: , March 18th, 2019

Prague Airport

The Vaclav Havel Prague airport is located 17km (11 miles) northwest from the city centre. It is the main international airport for the Czech Republic and the only airport serving Prague.

There are 2 main terminals. Terminal 1 is where international non-Schengen flights arrive. Terminal 2 is where international Schengen-zone member flights arrive. So if you’re flying from Europe, you’re likely to arrive at Terminal 2. Passengers from North America will be arriving at Terminal 1.

There are several ways to get from Prague Airport to the city centre, which we’ve set out in detail below.

The Prague City Card

Before proceeding, a huge travel tip from us: consider buying the Prague Card. Prague has so many excellent sights to take in, it can be quite overwhelming. We highly recommend preordering your Prague Card online which includes free entry to most museums, attractions like Prague Castle, the Zoo and even a free riverboat cruise on the Vlatava. Each order also comes with a guidebook to Prague with detailed maps.

Note that the Prague no longer includes public transport.

You can purchase the Prague Card for 2 days for €58, 3 days for €68 or 4 days for €78. You can simply order it online then collect it at either Prague Airport or from the Prague City Tourism Info Centre located in the heart of the city.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Buses

Author: , January 9th, 2016

travel auto

In the United States, there are basically only four ways to travel and that is by plane, train, automobile and buses. They all have their advantages as well as disadvantages. We prefer traveling by automobile since we have the luxury of time. Living in the center of the country, it only takes a couple of days or at the most 3 days to travel to either coast.

Plus we enjoy seeing the sights and sounds and meeting new and interesting people along the way. If you fly, you usually need to rent an automobile anyway. Plus when driving you can take more clothing with you and purchase more items to bring back home with you. Our theory is ‘getting to a destination can be half the fun’. However we fully understand if you do live on either coast or do not have a lot of time, you have no choice than to fly.

travel planeFor those who live in the upper Midwest or Northeast, they are forced to fly if they only have a week if they want to go to South Florida. Thousands of Gay men fly into Ft. Lauderdale during the winter months to get away from the frigid cold and snow. Fortunately in that town, the Gay resorts are close to the bars and shopping so an automobile is not always necessary. Otherwise one does need to rent an automobile.

With all of the hassles in flying, we just prefer not to fly.

travel trainAmtrak is another alternative however they scheduling is very ‘iffy’ to say the best. We took an Amtrak trip to California and back two years ago and although we were very lucky in not having any scheduling problems, Amtrak does present a lot of problems for travelers. Check out this website, to read some of the hundreds of complaints about what passengers have written about their experiences riding on Amtrak and then decide for yourself if you want to try Amtrak. We now only would take Amtrak for a short trip less than 300 miles.

travel busBuses are still around and although we have never taken one on a trip, there are those who really enjoy it. We have taken tour bus trips which is not to be confused with traveling across the country. With a tour bus trip you get on at one location and go directly to your destination and your luggage and accommodations are all taken care for you, whereas on a regular bus travel you have to book everything yourself. The bus terminals are usually downtown and sometimes right at the Amtrak station. On Amtrak they do have full restaurant services whereas on buses they do not.

Some websites to check out are, for buses, and for trains, There are several automobile rental companies and many have great specials from time to time so check those out.

Don and Ray

Always remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married).

Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at and visit their website at

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Gay San Diego – Getting Around

Author: , December 31st, 2014

Walkable San DiegoGay San Diego also has a great transportation system – if you don’t rent a car and want to avoid taxis, you can ride the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) – a combination light-rail and bus transit system that’s very affordable.

The trolly system runs from El Cajon and Santee on the northeast to San Ysidro and the border in the southwest.

San Diego is also a very walkable city – the great weather means you can use your feet almost year-round to get around, especially downtown. We even walked this last trip from the heart of Downtown San Diego up to Hillcrest, and back. It’s a bit of a hike, but you pass through some great neighborhoods.

San Diego is an all-year city – averaging a high of 77 degrees in the summer to a low of 64 degrees in December.

So bring your bathing suit!

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Getting Around Disney World

Author: , September 6th, 2014

Epcot Center, Disney WorldPop quiz: where can you find Florida’s third largest bus fleet?

Correct answer: Disney World.

With a bus fleet that’s third in size to the cities of Miami and Jacksonville, Disney World offers resort guests complimentary transportation. Guests can forgo renting a car and take advantage of the bus service, plus get around via boats and monorails. Plus, getting to the resort from Orlando International Airport isn’t much of an issue with included motor coach transportation, including luggage transfers. So what’s there to know about a transportation system that covers an area that’s twice the size of Manhattan? Here’s the scoop.

1. All of the Disney-owned-and-operated hotels are served by the resort’s bus service. Transportation from the resorts to the four theme parks and Downtown Disney is direct, so there’s no need to make a transfer. However, to get to the water parks or the other resort hotels from your own hotel, you’ll have to make a transfer. This can be done by taking a bus from your hotel to one of the theme parks, to the Ticket and Transportation Center, or to Downtown Disney and catching another bus to your destination.

By Christine Dayao – Full Story at Shermans Travel | Central Florida Gay Travel Resources

Out in Las Vegas – Transportation

Author: , May 8th, 2014

When we go to Las Vegas, we never get a car – there’s so much to do and see right on the Strip, and you can walk to everything. If not, there are plenty of taxis and other options.

Las Vegas Tram Station - Bellagio

Las Vegas TaxisFrom the airport, expect a Taxi to run $15-20 to one of the Strip hotels. On the Strip itself, unless the weather is just too damned hot or wet, it’s great to walk – there are so many things to see along the way, and most intersections have pedestrian over crossings so you don’t have to wait for traffic.

But if the weather doesn’t co-operate, you can take a tram instead. There are two tramlines on the strip, one on either side of Las Vegas Blvd.


Las Vegas MonorailThe Las Vegas Monorail runs along the eastern side of the strip, behind the hotels, and starts at The Sahara (now closed) on the northern end and ends at the MGM Grand at the southern end. There are plans to eventually extend it from there to the airport. The monorail is $5 one way, and $12 for a 24 hour pass. Longer-term passes are also available.

Las Vegas TramOn the western side of the strip, a shorter, free tram line runs from Bellagio to the Monte Carlo, with one stop at Aria/Crystals, and there’s a third tram too, also free and also on the western side of the strip – connecting Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, and Excalibur. Plus, there’s one smaller line between the Mirage and Treasure Island.

These trains are often not very convenient to get to – for example, for the tram from Bellagio to City Center to the Monte Carlo, you have to walk all the way to the back of the hotel through a bunch of twists and turns to get to the tram stop, and the signage is not great. But they can be handy when it’s windy or hot or wet out and you don’t want to walk too much outside.

It’s a bit ridiculous that the Strip has four train lines, and none of them connect to one another. But that’s what happens when everyone decides to build their own.

Here’s map of the team lines and where they stop (image via


Bus - Las VegasThe trams seem to run about every five minutes on the Monte Carlo to Bellagio line. We didn’t take the other tram/monorail lines on this trip.

One other option – if you have a ZipCar membership, you can pick up a car for a few hours at a time, but there’s currently only one ZipCar location, and it’s on the other side of McCarran Airport from the Strip.

If you are on foot, be smart about your travels, especially during the heat of the summer – you can often dive into one side of a casino and out another, keeping your time in hot or wet weather to a minimum.

Have fun!

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Gay Travel: How to Get Around in Cuba

Author: , March 27th, 2011

Gay CubaViazul – the bus service – is the best way of getting around the island without the expense of car hire, however cars will allow you to pause and take in the scenic views of jugged hills coated with palm trees and thick green foliage.

Taxis will give you that thrill factor that you only dream of when watching classic 1950’s flicks. The Chevrolets are a pain in the bum, quite literally, constantly being repaired by their owners, these machines bump and grind along the pot-holed roads letting off a proud roar with each acceleration. Ladas on the other hand can be a tight fit. Wherever you go you will also see Bici-taxi (tricycles with seats) and horse carriage transporting locals and can be used by tourists.

Bikes – have to be the best way to get round any country. We hired a set in Trinidad ($3CUC each a day) and enjoyed a leisurely roll to Playa Ancon for snorkelling in the coral reef.

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