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Author: , August 21st, 2019

LGBTQ+ Cruises - The Nomadic Boys

Let’s get ship faced…we’re going on a cruise!

It’s every gay boy’s dream whether you want to admit it or not. From the moment we both came out many many many moons ago, it was always our dream to go on an all-male gay cruise.

Since those days, the number of gay cruises available has completely mushroomed. As well as the large party orientated ones, there are now cruises going to places beyond the well-trodden pink destinations – like India, Indonesia and even the Galapagos Islands! There are even many gay naked cruises you can go on!

In this guide, we’ve put together some of the best gay cruises in 2019, which include all LGBTQ cruises, ie not just male-only. We’ve sorted them in order of when they depart…and oh boy are we spoilt for choice!

How to pick the ideal gay cruise for you

There are many different types of gay cruises available these days, from ones that are action-packed and exciting to those that slowly saunter down the Danube, stopping in at local wineries. You can cruise on huge ships, small luxurious yachts, catamarans or traditional sailing boats. Whether you’re looking to party with thousands of new friends, or cycle among historic towns before relaxing with a drink at sunset back on board, there’s a cruise for you. We’ve compiled all the different options here so that you can easily figure out which gay cruise is the perfect one for you.

Just be aware that some gay cruises are exclusively gay, meaning you will only be sailing with other gay guests, while others are actually small groups of gay travellers within a much larger cruise. This means you’ll still get to be around like-minded friends but there will be other straight travellers on the cruise as well. These sorts of cruises can be ideal if you want to travel with your straight friends, but keep an eye on the fine print if you really want to be only surrounded by your rainbow family!

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Women at Sea – Taking a Lesbian Cruise

Author: , February 28th, 2014

Lesbian CruiseI’ve never been on a gay cruise, only a lesbian one, so I don’t have first-hand experience with the famed debauchery of the former. I have heard stories of the “dick decks” and barely-there costumes, and a gay cruise is definitely on my to-do list (for the parties, not the dick deck — I swear).

Rumor has it girls are rare but welcome on a gay cruise, at least according to some new friends I made on the way from the Ft. Lauderdale airport to the Harbor Beach Marriott for my pre-cruise overnight stay a few weeks ago. (An overnight is a must, FYI, if you’re traveling by plane to your cruise port –flight delays can torpedo a cruise). These folks were in town to embark on an RSVP Cruise, while I was about to hit the high seas on my third Olivia adventure.

On our van ride to our hotels, one of my new friends showed me snapshots of his outfits for the planned week of parties: A boa and briefs. Dilly boppers and briefs. A headband, an afro wig and briefs. Wings and briefs. A cape and briefs. My speculations seemed correct. Gay cruises are a big, naked dance party with glitter and strobe lights. And plenty of sex. And briefs.

Authored By Jenny Block – See the Full Story at the Dallas Voice

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What Happens to the Men’s Room on a Lesbian Cruise?

Author: , September 24th, 2013

Gay Cruise“Do we need our lifejackets?” Lea asks as she passes me, heading toward the bathroom of our cabin aboard Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam.

“No, honey,” I reply. “They said no lifejackets, but we should get going.”

We boarded the ship just a few hours ago, but already we’ve eaten, had a swim in the mid-ship pool and a nap on the deck — all while still docked in Fort Lauderdale. It’s now time for the all-important lifeboat drill before we cast off.

An official with a clipboard yells our names as he checks them off. He is interrupted by a male voice over the PA system.

“Ladies and Gent….” he stops, pauses and the women assembled on deck all burst into laughter. We hear the click of the PA system coming back on, and then, “Ladies of Olivia, welcome to the Nieuw Amsterdam.” The deck erupts in the cheers, laughter, high fives, hugging. Yes we are the ladies of Olivia, and yes we are all present!

Authored By Diane Doiron – See the Full Story at National Post

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Olivia Travel’s 40th Anniversary Cruise to Feature Big Names

Author: , June 14th, 2013

Olivia Travel 40th Anniversary CruiseLesbian travel company Olivia is making a big splash with a lesbian celebrity cruise to the Virgin Isles, celebrating their 40th anniversary. Among special guests are Billie Jean King, Edie Windsor, Col. Grethe Cammermeyer, Chris Williamson and Tammy Smith.

“Olivia has always been a company with a social mission, and as such we seek to honor and celebrate our collective history on our trips,” said Judy Dlugacz, Olivia’s president and founder. “In keeping with this, we have brought together these amazing women who have worked for changes that directly benefitted women and the LGBT community over the past five decades. To have women of such caliber onboard sharing our 40th anniversary is an incredible honor.”

The special Virgin Isles New Year’s Eve Cruise will be held from Dec. 28, 2013-Jan. 4, 2014. Olivia has chartered a luxurious, 5-star Windstar Wind Surf, which is equipped with newly refurbished staterooms and wide-open, uncrowded teak decks.

Authored By Winnie McCroy – See the Full Story at Edge Boston

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