Before You Visit Istanbul’s Blue Mosque – Keep Calm and Wander

Author: , September 22nd, 2018

Blue Mosque

Istanbul is a culmination of Byzantine, Constantinople, and Ottoman art and culture. Although, there were many eye-catching attractions in the city, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul stands out from the rest of the list.

Remember: Since this is a holy place for Muslims, you’re expected to dress decently. If you are exposing flesh (including men wearing shorts), get or borrow a shawl near the entrance and cover the exposed parts of your skin before going in. Entrance is free.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul goes with other two names: the Sultan Ahmet Mosque and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

1. The name “Blue Mosque” is not because of its exterior, which is not even blue. It is because of the blue tiles inside.

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Turkey Gay Travel Resources

Gay Travel in Istanbul

Author: , February 16th, 2011

Gay Istanbul

Istanbul with a population about 16 million is the capital of gay scene in Turkey. Just as Turkey is a mixture of east and west, Istanbul is a summary of all country. Its cosmopolitan life leads to a very colorful gay life; you can encounter quite trendy gay clubs as well as astonishingly traditional and local ones near one another in this city.

The rich and the poor, the modern and the old-fashioned, the intellectual and the illiterate are all here in this city, sometimes inside one another. Queens, transvestites, modern gays, bisexuals, lesbians, rent-boys are all parts of this vivacious world. Since Istanbul itself is a very charming city with its historical, cultural and natural beauties, it won’t be exaggeration to say: If you are gay, DON’T DIE BEFORE YOU SEE ISTANBUL!


Despite the caricaturized historical image of Turkish men in the western countries as dark-skinned men with big mustaches and big bellies, majority of Turks are very European looking and beautiful race, a mixture between Caucasian (white) and Mediterranean ethnicity. Do not be surprised to see blond men with green eyes, if not many. Turkish people have no language or ethnic connection with the Arabs except the religion and its cultural influence.

Gay Istanbul Men


The gay activities have become more and more visible during the last 20 years. The number of the gay venues has increased rapidly especially during the last 15 years. Taksim district of Beyoglu town on the European side of Istanbul is the center of almost all major gay venues. In fact, this district is the center of local night life. There are many modern or traditional gay clubs, bars, saunas and hamams near the Taksim/Beyoglu area.

This neighborhood is also frequented by many (mostly bisexual) rent-boys. Some of these boys can really be as handsome as film-stars indeed. There are also many clubs for transvestites and transsexuals in Taksim district. Indeed, the gay life of Istanbul is very colorful and vibrant. The first gay and lesbian organization of Turkey called Lambda Istanbul is also located in Istanbul.


Gay IstanbulWhen you’ll reach the city, you’ll be overwhelmed with the unlimited choices of things to see and do. Istanbul itself is a historical treasure, a treasure that will thrill you. Wherever you stare at, there are numerous monuments testifying the magnificent history of this city.

You can choose to visit the archaeological museum situated in the Eminomu area, between Gulhane park and Topkapi palace. It hosts an unbelievable collection of exhibits and it spreads among three buildings.

It really worths a visit! Very important museums are also the Carpets Museum in the HonkarKasri area, the Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture in Besiktas, the Istanbul Museum of Classical Ottoman Divan Literature in Yuksekkaldirim and the Yedikule Museum, once served as a prison.

Istanbul palaces are very well known! “Topkapi” is probably the most famous palace of Istanbul. This “saray” was for many centuries the sultans’ main residence. It’s a palace of magnificent architecture with numerous rooms. It is also known for its beautiful and colorful gardens and its kitchens, considered as a very important sight.

A visit in Istanbul is never complete without visiting at least one of the numerous markets

Istanbul is one of the few cities in Turkey that has so many big open markets. A trip to Istanbul will charm and thrill you. The city is like an oriental fairytale, full of magic, mixed civilizations, archaeological monuments and surrounded by the sea. Leaving Istanbul, you will always carry it inside and its mystical scents will accompany you for ever.


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