Gay Cuba: An Aura of East Acceptance

Author: , August 4th, 2016
Gay Cuba

Photo Credit: Augusto Mia Battaglia/Flickr

Last May I was living the dream — or at least, I was living someone’s dream. I was on a plane bound for Cuba with 11 handsome, muscly men. We had rented a villa in Cuba’s swanky Miramar neighborhood, where we were destined to spend our days sipping Cuba libres poolside, meandering the streets of Old Havana and dancing to that sultry, syncopated Cuban music that can make you forget that the sun rose hours ago.

It was definitely fodder for some type of female fantasy … save for the fact that all 11 men were gay.

To an outsider, Cuba would probably not seem to be a prime location to promote LGBT travel. But what we found was quite the opposite: a widely tolerant community where being gay is more than accepted. In fact, in Havana, it’s a nonissue.

“Forget about the communist side of it: Latin cultures aren’t necessarily accepting of homosexuality,” said David Lee, owner of luxury travel company Cultural Cuba. “Combine that with the communism, which is also not very accepting, and you assume Cuba would be the worst possible place for LGBT travel. But it’s not.”

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Cuba Gay Travel Resources

Out In Cuba: Gay Cuba Tour Operator

Author: , May 5th, 2016

Out in Cuba

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Out In Cuba offers LGBT travelers Cuba from a locals perspective. We are gay owned and operated and come to you from Healdsburg Ca. We have been offering LGBT friends and guests wedding and travel concierge services here in wine country for the past 6 years.

We are Cuban by marriage and have spent extensive time in Cuba vetting and experiencing this great culture. Travel and culture are our passion. We have four LGBT tour guides in Cuba to welcome you upon your arrival. We offer exclusive custom designed tours of Havana and Cuba.

Unlike other tour companies that offer you “GAY” tours, we are gay and understand the special needs of our community. Our goal is for you to have a secure and stress free visit to this great island. Call us – we are a bit ole fashioned in our hospitality.

See the Out in Cuba Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

Gay Friendly Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals in Cuba

Gay Cuba

Author: , April 17th, 2016


We all have been reading the buzz around visiting Cuba. The questions we all have are:


  • Is it really legal to go?
  • Can I go with my lover/partner/spouse and feel comfortable traveling as an LGBTIQA couple?
  • Can I travel single and have a great time?
  • Is it still affordable to visit Cuba?
  • Is Cuba safe?

The answers are all a definite yes!!!!

IMG_1891Thanks to the new loosening of travel restrictions from the USA and the recent advances in LGBTIQA equality…now is the time. To experience the architecture and energy of Havana is amazing. Music comes at you from ever cafe and corner. The architecture is both crumbling and being restored and is amazing.

The best and most secure way to visit is to have a Gay tour guide to show you around. Be sure to book a hotel or ” Casa Particular” that is gay welcoming. A “Casa Particular” is usually someone’s home that they have restored to rent to people from outside of Cuba. Not only are you living with and having breakfast with locals but they can also offer you all kinds of ideas on travel through out the Island.

Cuba - Sydney

Photo by Sydney Coatsworth

If gay politics and issues are your thing then Outincuba also employs one of Cuba’s most active LGBTIQA activists that can show you how the great strides in equality are happening today. Below you will find a list of some great resources for info on traveling to Cuba. Remember that you are not going to lay around on the beach… you are going to experience and learn about one of the worlds most vibrant and interesting cultures.

Working with a gay owned tour and travel company is the best bet that you will find all the rooms you have reserved and also find the best gay welcoming locations to spend your hard earned free time and money.

Charles Kimball of has Cuban family in Cuba and has spent time there vetting guides and locations that are LGBTIQA friendly and welcoming. The tour guides will meet you with a smile and welcome at the Havana airport and walk you through changing money and off you go in an old 50s taxi to your new home in Havana. Your guide and new friend will take you on a walking tour of Old Havana. If you would like to see “Gay Havana” by night then go out and experience the LGBTIQA culture from a Gay perspective.

Last photo by Sydney Coatsworth

The Cuban Way of Life

Author: , June 1st, 2014

Alain - Cuba - Alain the Sojourner

When traveling, I have this habit of talking to locals and asking them for their portraits whatever they are doing. I’d ask their names and I’d give mine even if they won’t ask. Most of the time, I got affirmative answers but there were few times I was refused but they’re willing to do it for a dollar or a donation if they’re performing something. I have no problem with that.

Life is hard, for some people. For some tourists, they’d say it’s just so wrong, so they won’t give. Say what you want but I do think what I’m doing is better than sneaking photos sans permission. Traveling is supposed to be knowing and meeting people, so why not make an effort? Ask permission and have a little chat with them. If they say, no, respect it. If they say, yes, then thank him or get to know him more–if you speak (or a bit of) his language.

In Cuba, it’s different. Life is very hard there. There are few people would pat tourists on their shoulders and ask to take a shot of them for a dollar.

By Alain – The Sojourner | Cuba Gay Travel Resources

Gay Travel: How to Get Around in Cuba

Author: , March 27th, 2011

Gay CubaViazul – the bus service – is the best way of getting around the island without the expense of car hire, however cars will allow you to pause and take in the scenic views of jugged hills coated with palm trees and thick green foliage.

Taxis will give you that thrill factor that you only dream of when watching classic 1950’s flicks. The Chevrolets are a pain in the bum, quite literally, constantly being repaired by their owners, these machines bump and grind along the pot-holed roads letting off a proud roar with each acceleration. Ladas on the other hand can be a tight fit. Wherever you go you will also see Bici-taxi (tricycles with seats) and horse carriage transporting locals and can be used by tourists.

Bikes – have to be the best way to get round any country. We hired a set in Trinidad ($3CUC each a day) and enjoyed a leisurely roll to Playa Ancon for snorkelling in the coral reef.

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The Heart of Gay Cuba

Author: , March 22nd, 2011

Gay CubaCrowds of gay and trans people wait outside a ruined hotel with trees growing out the windows. Inside, a disco beat pounds. The throng files in and starts dancing, while a couple of lesbians kiss passionately in the middle of the courtyard. This is not a trendy nightclub in Havana–we’re in a small city in the central province of Villa Clara, an area that many tourists pass through without a second glance. The club is El Mejunje (which means, “The Mixture”) and they’ve been having discos and drag shows here for 20 years.

El Mejunje was founded by Ramon Silverio, an impoverished local kid who loved it when the travelling circus came to town. Silverio worked in education and theatre, and dreamed of a place where artists, rock musicians, drag performers and intellectuals of all kinds could gather and find acceptance.

“Ramon Silverio is a very important cultural figure in Cuba,” a local tourism worker tells me in Spanish; however, the easy-going ambience here is not just because of him. “The city culture is very friendly and accepting; tranquilo,” the worker says. Gays and lesbians can walk on the streets with no fear of violence. Transwomen can dress as they wish–people won’t assault them or call them names, though they may say, “Que bonita!” (“How beautiful!”)

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