Visiting Langford, British Columbia – Victoria’s Lakeside Secret

Author: , February 25th, 2012
by Joanne Cowan, Cycle Inn, Victoria, British Columbia
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Butchart Gardens, Victoria

Langford, British ColumbiaLangford, British Columbia is know as the fastest growing community in Canada just now, and there is much evidence of this growth activity. Besides the abundant new housing of tasteful variety, and affordability, one spin off bonus is that there are also lots of infrastructures for enjoyment being built.

We now have a bowling alley, an indoor/outdoor skating rink, a mini golf and ballorama entertainment centre, and our 2 great artificial turf soccer fields which host the Rugby team, all with in walking distance.

A swimming pool is on the future horizon, as well as a new high school. It all sounds rather dense and “cityish” but no, there are lakes and seashores bordered with walking paths, biking trails, and beautiful vistas. Nearby are mountains to climb and hills to explore.

Craigdarroch Castle, VictoriaIf you like the city – there are cinemas, spa services, restaurants, technical service centers, DVD rental places, malls, and offices of all descriptions for your needs. If progress must be made, let’s do it with balance, and good taste.

Besides this little community there are the surrounding areas, which offer wonderful touristy opportunities, activities, and learning. The Butchart Gardens (photo at top), the Butterfly Gardens, the Victoria Art Gallery, the Royal BC Museum – with the IMAX Theatre- and the Craigdarroch Castle are all within biking distance for those of you who like to feast your eyes.

The Parliament Buildings, China Town, the Ross Bay Cemetery, the Maritime Museum, and Fort Rodd Hill are examples of historic sites, which offer great learning opportunities.

Golf in LangfordGolf? Many opportunities for those of you who like to golf 12 months of the year. I need not list them all but want to mention that there are enough near to the Cycle-Inn that you will not be wanting for a tee off time.

Tennis? Out door courts in every recreation centre, and indoor tennis in may areas as well including the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. Curling? Lots! Mountain climbing, hockey, figure skating, swimming, diving, skate boarding, BMX – and biking of all styles – in fact with the exception of snow activities (snow happens rarely) sports of all kinds flourish in Victoria.

Coming up are the Canadian Archery Championships, which will take place in the West Shore, for the target competition, and Duncan for the field events. The Bowman club is experienced in hosting national-level championships and is looking forward to showing this community the accuracy and precision involved in Olympic and National status. Opening Ceremonies are in the Victoria Bowmen Archery Club on Aug 9th. The competition is to take place on the soccer fields of West Shore Parks and Recreation from Aug 10-12.

Cycle Inn, Victoria, BCCycle Inn Bed and Breakfast is a great place from which to enjoy all these various activities. Located on the famous Galloping Goose Trail, and on the fresh water Glen Lake, it is an ideal location in which to relax, after a long and interesting day of sight seeing. You are welcome if you are on a bike, or in a car, or any other mode of transportation, with the exception of gas powered motorboats or airplanes (sorry there is a bylaw to that effect!). We have a 4 PM check in time but have ability to be flexible if you call us ahead to make other arrangements. People of all ages and from all over the world enjoy staying here, and your hostess, Joanne, welcomes you all with enthusiasm.

It is not unusual for Joanne to take you on a short bike ride before you head off to dinner, to show you a beautiful sunset, or scenic view of a lake or seashore. She is also know to send delicious healthy lunches for bike outings, and to invite guests along to rehearsals to experience the art in the making in various areas of music performance, and to volunteer alongside competitors in National Events. Life is enjoyment, and Cycle-Inn is a good place to share in this appreciation.