Ultimate Lesbian Budapest – Once Upon a Journey

Author: , October 11th, 2019

Ultimate Lesbian Budapest - Once Upon a Journey

Budapest is a magical city in eastern Europe. The Hungarian capital amazes us every time we visit it, it’s so beautiful! Budapest is easily one of our favourite cities in Europe. The architecture is stunning, the thermal baths are the best and the ruin bars are really unique and fun. It’s easy to stay in Budapest for a longer time, but in 2 days in Budapest, you are able to cover a lot of the city! We created an ultimate Budapest itinerary so you can fully enjoy this city. This guide includes our best Budapest travel tips.

What to Do in Budapest in 2 Days

Good to know before you travel to Budapest, Budapest consists of two parts: Buda and Pest. The two parts are separated by the river Danube. In 1873, the two cities Buda and Pest merged together into the city it is today: Budapest. Buda is located on the West side of the city and Pest on the eastern side. Buda and Pest are very different from each other.

While Pest is the buzzing side with lots of nightlife opportunities, restaurants and bars etc, Buda is the more quiet and more residential area. Buda is also the more hilly area, therefore it offers stunning views of the city. But at night, you definitely want to be in Pest – that’s where the fun is!

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Lesbian Budapest – Once Upon a Journey

Author: , October 4th, 2019

Lesbian Budapest - Once Upon a Journey

Budapest is a magical city in Eastern Europe. While this region of Europe is considered to be conservative, Budapest is different. Lesbian Budapest is up and coming. With its great nightlife, saunas, thermal baths, fancy hotels, great sights and delicious food, Budapest is a fantastic city to visit as a lesbian traveller.

Though Budapest isn’t like Berlin, Amsterdam or Barcelona, this city has so much to offer if you know where to look! Good to know: Budapest is made up of two parts – Buda and Pest – the Danube river separates the two. Pest is considered the buzzing side of the city, while Buda is a lot calmer and more residential. Pest is the go-to place for nightlife! In this Budapest lesbian guide, we will tell you about the LGBTQ rights in Hungary and where to go in “Lesbian” Budapest!

Hungary LGBTQ+ Rights

Hungary is still a conservative country but has improved a lot over the last years. The Hungarian society has always been focused on traditional families, therefore things can be hard in Hungary for local LGBTQ+ people. Same-sex couples don’t have the same legal rights as straight married couples, but homosexuality has been legal for over 60 years. In 2009, Hungary legalised registered partnerships for same-sex couples. Since 2018, transgenders are able to legally change gender and there are laws that ban discrimination on the basis of gender and sexual identity. Of course, the laws don’t always represent the public opinion, but it’s always important to keep the laws in mind when visiting a new country.

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48 Hours in Gay Budapest

Author: , September 25th, 2016

Gay Budapest

Cradled by the undulating curves of the Danube, the Hungarian capital has changed beyond recognition over the past decade. The city carries a heavy history of occupations, sieges, conflicts, revolutions and uprisings. But today it’s one of the most desirable European destinations for young people studying, working and holidaying. Here’s our guide to 48 hours in gay Budapest.

When you’re in town for a few days, there’s really no time to waste in getting to know the city. Companies like Underguide offer a variety of tours that can act as crash courses on various different aspects of the city’s history and culture. They tailor-make tours to fit all different tastes and interests, on themes like communism, art nouveau, Jewish culture and cakes.

My lovely tour guide Orsi versed me in Budapest’s complex history and its visible relics around the city. For example, the first bridge over the Danube built in 1849, named after István Széchenyi [above]; the 96m tall Basilica [below] built in 1905, where St Stephen’s mummified hand lies.

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Eight Cheap Things to Do in Budapest

Author: , May 2nd, 2014

Budapest, Hungary - Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Paris and London are dazzling places to visit, but these popular European cities can drain a bank account as assuredly as they can entertain. If you’re willing to travel a bit further afield, and step away from the comfort of the dollar-like Euro, a more affordable Europe still exists – in Budapest. This city teems with attractions and culture, and at a fraction of the cost of its more populous European sisters. Here’s a peek into what you can see and do in this Eastern European mainstay, and for very little money.

Visit the cathedral: Budapest’s largest church is free to visit and offers opulent interiors, as well as an eye-popping relic: the withered hand of the church’s namesake, St. Stephen, inside a gold box. You’ll need to pay a small donation to light it up so it’s visible, but for the photo op, it’s worth it. You can also climb the dome for views of the city for about $2.

See the Parisi Underpass: Blink and you’ll miss the entrance, but this glorious domed arcade is worth a few minutes of browsing and photo-snapping while you’re touring the busy, tourist-filled neighborhood near the river. Grander than the Paris arcades that it’s trying to emulate, and dust-caked from years of neglect, this gem will make you want to come back in 10 years – if only to see what becomes of this stunning space. Free to enter.

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Gay Pride Season in Review: Budapest, Essex, Madrid

Author: , July 7th, 2013

Gay PrideMore pride event reviews coming in from around the world.

Budapest Pride 2013

Although it was much smaller, Budapest Pride in Hungary was also successful this year. O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da reports:

Today Budapest celebrated its 18th annual Gay Pride Parade. The Budapest Pride Film & Cultural Festival 2013 has been held on the first Saturday of July every year since 1997. This year’s seems to be wildly successful as HVG.HU reported: “The Andrassy Avenue, about eight thousand people marched in LMBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) people jogegyenl\0x0151segeert. This is the biggest Budapest Pride.”

Essex Pride 2013

Gay Web Source reviews Essex Pride 2013:

This is the first year that Essex has had a 2 day pride since the original “Chelmsford Pride” in 2003. In true ‘the only way is Essex’ style the community of Essex came out and ‘glamped it up’ regardless of the rain. Note however, I don’t glamp… so when it rained I ran for the nearest beer tent… Based in Chelmsford’s Central Park Essex Pride consisted of community tents housing local sponsors and services, a main open air stage and a large dance tent (that housed the bar). On the main stage we saw performances from local singers, old favorite’s and even a national dance troop. Music performances were also put on from the very classic Booty Luv and vocalist Angie Brown.

Madrid Pride 2013

Gay Star News reports that more than a million people came to the Pride celebration in the capital of Spain:

According to Spanish newspaper El Pais, two of the country’s leading LGBT rights groups Cogam and the Spanish LGBT Federation (FELGTB) estimated 1.2 million people from Spain, Europe and the world over took to Madrid’s streets in celebration of gay pride. El Pais transmitted a live broadcast of the parade on its website, narrating through the throngs of people who came out to celebrate this year’s pride themed Youth Without Closets.

LGBT Danube River Cruise August 19-26, 2012

Author: , June 20th, 2012

Experience the Enchanting Danube

Cruise the romantic Danube River from Budapest to Vienna, Melk and Nuremberg. Enjoy private guided tours and learn about the rich history and culture of this spectacular region on the spectacular brand new Avalon Waterways Vista. You’ll treasure every moment of this unforgettable cruise as you experience these grand cities. Sail through the fascinating Main Danube Canal and witness the scenic beauty from your luxury suite as you cruise past quaint towns and visit some of Europe’s most historic and beautiful ports. This cruise is open to gay men and women along with family and friends.

About the Avalon Vista:

Year built: 2012  – Passengers: 164 – Crew: 47 – Panorama Suites: 64 (200 sq ft.) Royal Suites: 2 (300 sq. ft.) – Avalon Deluxe Staterooms: 17 (172 sq ft.) – Length: 443 ft. – Decks:3 The Avalon Vista set sail in 2012, adding to the unique offering of Suite Ships. The Vista’s two full decks of suites feature Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Windows that transform the living space into a unique Open-Air Balcony. Cruise along the legendary Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers, enjoying fresh breezes and enchanting scenery from the comfort of your suite. With 200 square feet, Panorama Suites are more than 30% larger than the industry standard, affording you the incomparable opportunity to wake each morning facing the splendid passing scenery. Onboard amenities include an expanded fitness center, Internet corner, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and a spacious Sky Deck with premium lounge chairs, shade system, whirlpool, and the delightful open-air bistro. As part of our thoughtful and inspired efforts, Avalon Waterways offers cruisers an exclusive, premium-bedding suite (Comfort Collection by AvalonSM) in all staterooms, fleet-wide, in Europe. Comfort Collection by Avalon provides travelers a choice of pillows as well as orthopedic mattresses, high-comfort mattress covers, European-style duvets, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens, extra blankets and bed configuration options.


Sailing through History

Your days will be filled with amazing sights, entertainment, informative talks, fine dining and great conversation. You’ll be sailing on the brand new Avalon Waterways Vista, featuring two full decks of suites featuring Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Windows that transform the living space into a unique Open-Air-Balcony. Enjoy fresh breezes and enchanting scenery from the comfort of your with Vista Suite along with complimentary wine, beer or soft drinks with all onboard dinners.

Day Port Arrive Depart
Sun Budapest Embarkation
Mon Budapest – Vienna, Austria
Tue Vienna
Wed Durnstein – Melk
Thu Linz-Passau, Germany
Fri Regensburg
Sat Nuremberg
Sun Nuremberg Disembarkation

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First “Gay Airline” Launched for Eurogames 2012 in Budapest

Author: , May 29th, 2012

Gay AirlineA ‘gay airline’ has been launched dedicated to delivering passengers to the EuroGames 2012 in Budapest.

According to its promotional materials, FreshAir was launched to “fill the gap left by traditional, boring airlines and to satisfy the increasing demand by all sorts of consumers – sporting a rainbow of tastes and sexual orientations – for services provided in a gay atmosphere.”

Lufthansa will operate the flights to the gay EuroGames in Budapest from 27 June to 1 July. FreshAir boasts a “strong grip or rather, a gentle, but firm massage” on participants and spectators’ travel options from 32 countries around Europe.

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Hungary: Budapest Gives Go-Ahead to Gay Pride March

Author: , April 19th, 2012

The Budapest municipal court last week allowed Hungary’s annual Budapest gay march to take place at its original place and time, overruling the police in a decision that highlights continued controversy over gay rights in Hungary.

The Hungarian arm of Amnesty International, civil rights group Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, and organizations of homosexual activists welcomed the court’s decision. The organization expect some 1,500 people to show up at the march on July 7.

Like in recent years, the police refused to grant permission for the Budapest Pride, saying the march would restrict commuters’ right to free movement. The court said, however, that traffic can be diverted from a road that otherwise frequently hosts marathons and bicycle rides.

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Human Rights Group Urges Budapest to Allow Gay Pride Parade

Author: , April 11th, 2012

The Human Rights Watch group is calling on Hungarian authorities to reverse a decision which refused Pride organisers permission to hold a march on their chosen route in Budapest later this year.

The Hungarian police are being called on to allow the 2012 Pride March to take the organisers’ chosen route on 7 July. Human Rights Watch further called on the police to facilitate the peaceful passage of the Pride March, protect marchers’ safety and stop disruption to the event by protesters.

On April 6, the Budapest police rejected the event’s chosen route, saying it would be impossible to redirect traffic around the Pride march.

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Hungary: Police Refuse to Grant Permission for Gay Pride

Author: , April 6th, 2012

The gays in Budapest have struggled for years, for their freedom and acceptance. It’s a gorgeous city and a great value for travelers.

We were there last year for their gay pride, which had been on again, off again during the planning months. Police were unsure they wanted to provide the protection needed. In the end, the pride parade and march did happen – but over 1400 police were on hand to make sure no skinheads or fascists bothered or harmed the marchers.

The Budapest Pride is Hungary’s largest annual LGBT event. It has historically been known under several names, including Budapest Gay Dignity Procession (Hungarian Meleg Meltosag Menet) or simply “happy parade” (Hungarian Meleg Meltosag Menet). The parade has taken place each year since 1997, usually on the first Saturday of July, proceeding along Budapest’s most expansive thoroughfare, Andrassy Avenue, between the City Park (Varosliget) and Elizabeth Square (Erzsebet ter). Though much smaller in scale than similar gay pride parades in Western Europe and the Americas, between a thousand and two thousand marchers typically participate in the Budapest procession. Radical right-wing demonstrators and hooligans have severely disrupted the Budapest gay parades held in 2007 and 2008, casting concerns with the Police in Budapest.

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