Utah Pride Coming at the End of May

Author: , April 17th, 2013

Utah Gay pride 2013…and the good folks over at GayTravel.com have all the details:

The Utah Pride Festival is one of our favorite events of the season! With entertainment, a festival, and epic parade, Utah Pride is the best of the best in pride celebrations. Read GayTravel.com’s exclusive interview with Megan Ribson of Utah Pride!

SN: What sets Utah Pride apart from other events of its type?

MR: The Utah Pride Festival is one of the largest outdoor Pride Festivals in the Intermountain West and the second largest outdoor Festival in Utah. Over 25,000 people attend the annual Festival from all over Utah and surrounding states. The Utah Pride Parade is the longest parade in Utah with over 120 entries and an estimated 35,000 attendees.

Read the rest at the link above. Utah pride starts on May 30th in Salt Lake City.

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DC Cowboys Traveling to Utah Pride

Author: , May 28th, 2010

The DC Cowboys dance company is an all-male performing arts troupe for gay men. It was founded in 1994 by the current Artistic Director Kevin Platte, and has in the last 16 years greatly evolved into a national and international sensation. Though the DC Cowboys website, dccowboys.org, contains a plethora of pertinent information and some fun facts about the dancers, Platte was kind enough to chat with QSaltLake about the conception of the Cowboys and his great pride for what the company has accomplished over the years, as well as its future endeavors.

“We started from very humble roots,” Platte said of the Cowboys’ first performance, which was meant only to be a “one-time shot.” But after their performance during the DC Gay Rodeo weekend, six of the 12 original dancers wanted to “continue the journey.” Since that time, when they once grabbled with their identity — who they wanted to be, what they stood for – the troupe has grown in number to 20 dancers, ranging in age from the 20s to 40s, and it has become an important and positive patron for HIV/AIDS organizations, providing no-cost entertainment for benefit events and foraging donations through the sales of the troupe’s annual calendar and DVDs. “At first we just took every opportunity to perform,” said Platte. “It was just for us … it was selfish in the beginning but then it became selfless.”

That philosophy seems to carry-over to today. Robert Neff, a sophomore Cowboy, said, “My favorite part about being a DC Cowboy is being able to take on a hobby that not only promotes physical fitness, travel and socializing, but also allows you to support LGBT awareness and give back to the community. It’s really a win-win.” And nine-year veteran Chad Townsend, nicknamed Chandy (according to the website), said, “Looking at my life as an amateur musical theater performer, I never imagined that someday I’d be a gay dancing cowboy.” “But it’s been amazing, he continued, “to perform at [events like] Wrigley Field for the closing ceremonies of the Gay Games and on a gay RSVP cruise through the Caribbean.”

Full Story from Q Salt Lake

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