Gay Bar Tipping Tips from Ask Mary

Author: , January 15th, 2011

Dear MaryDear Mary,

I have a friend who’s not always participating in proper etiquette for a gay bar (if there really is such a thing). He always tips based on the price of the drink, i.e. if a drink costs $4.75, he only tips 25 cents. He rounds up to the nearest dollar, unless the change is over 50 cents. I always just assumed you should tip at least $1.00 on any drink even if it’s just soda. Are all queens that cheap, or am I over-tipping? Could you give a lesson in gay bar tip etiquette?

Signed, Liquored UP in the ATL

Dear Licker,

Miss Manners and I hang out a lot. I’ve been to the bar with her countless times and I cannot begin to tell you how much that woman can drink – but even when she’s eight shots of Jaeger into the evening, she tips a dollar a drink. She also sends thank you notes to all the guys she goes home with, no more than six weeks after the night. She’s classy like that.

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Gay Travel: What to Tip When Traveling

Author: , December 26th, 2010

The friendly doorman is at the curb in an uncharacteristically severe San Francisco downpour, and he’s trying to get me a cab. Once he finally snags one, he follows me with the umbrella to make sure that I don’t get soaked, ruining my always-gorgeous appearance. He opens the door and I jump in.

There’s an awkward pause that I have been dreading, because I don’t have any cash to tip him with. I hate not tipping, because hospitality workers are often unappreciated and certainly under paid. Most people don’t tip right, or at all, because they have never been educated to what the normal is.

In general, the rule is: tip when special attention has been given. Don’t feel obligated to tip if the service has been mediocre, but reward good service whenever possible.

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