Author: , January 31st, 2012

The OUT NYC | New York, United States |  Well it seems that West 42nd. Street area in between 10th and 11th Avenue (aka. Hells Kitchen), has lately been getting a lot of attention and happening. First the avant-garded Yotel, which I personally reviewed last week and loved, the new luxury apartments complex MiMA, and now the soon to open The OUT NYC Urban Resort which already is looking very promising and happening. The project is forecasted to open March 2012, so we will have to wait till then to see how it develops, looking forward to stay over to review it in full. Formerly to be Axel Hotel New York, today member of the Genre Hotels group, which I must say after over 20 years in this business have never heard of, but excited to learn more about. But this is not all this complex has to offer, big names are already part of this project and others to join soon. The OUT NYC hosts New York’s most highly anticipated nightlife venue XL Nightclub featuring already well established and classic events like Rock It by Fonabaiovoss and iconic New York night scene names like John Blair. Today I was briefly introduced to XL but this weekend I was invited to come and check the venue in full action, but I can say that already got my attention, a slick venue with a nice central bar and dance floor in the back. So stay tuned for more. CM (post by )

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NY: Will the Coming “Out NYC” Hotel Hit the Mark?

Author: , January 2nd, 2012

The Out NYCThe website for New York’s incipient queer nightclub/hotel complex Out NYC was updated today and Gawker’s Brian Moylan took its owners to task.

That’s the thing about this Out NYC hotel. It’s like your gay friend from Pittsburgh coming to visit and he wants to go to Splash and shop on Eight Avenue and have brunch at Cafeteria and, god, it’s just so damn cheesey.

The gay hotel in New York is an utter embarrassment to those of us that live here. I mean, it’s called “The Out NYC.” What, are they going to have rainbow flag room keys? Also, have you ever heard anyone who lives in New York refer to it as “NYC?” There’s a reason.

Just look at this place! The website. It’s all slick and modern in that CB2 way that the blandest homosexuals are supposed enjoy… The facade looks like a giant TV set and the cruising grounds courtyard inside is of course filled with dapper men, because lesbians aren’t really welcome at a gay hotel, are they?

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