Scams and Annoyances in Egypt

Camels-Pyramids-of-Giza-Egypt-Cairo Wherever I travel, scammers, touts and annoyances are unavoidable, especially in touristy areas. Or maybe, I’m a tout/scammer magnet. They are part of the challenges of travelling. And believe it or not, I’ve fallen victim to some of these people because I’m too trusty, always believing on the positive side of the experience. Call me a fool, if you want. ­čÖé In Egypt, these annoyances are in a different level. I can understand the desperation of the people but being aggressive is a totally different story. There are times when my smile and polite “No, thanks” work but in many cases, they don’t. I had to say “No, thank you,” a gazillion times before the guy would leave me alone–and in most times, they’re cursing me (judging from their facial expressions). And oh boy, they’re good in guilt-tripping, too!

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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