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The best place to start your queer Cuba explorations is in the country’s vibrant capital city of Havana. Locked in 60 years of isolation and embargo, Cuba offers a place like no other in the world – with authentic historic charm and amazingly friendly people.

There are so many things to see in this cultural metropolis – take a stroll along the Malecon, or visit Vidado and the embassy neighborhoods of this vibrant and exciting city. Check out Revolution Square and the city’s famous Cathedral.

But Cuba is so much more than just Havana. Trinidad is a UNESCO World Heritage City with more than 500 years of continuous occupation and its encounters with the Spanish, Pirates, Americans and then Castro. The town square is one of the most beautiful in the country and the famous “Steps” will introduce you to the wonderful Cuban music that you will experience everywhere in the country.

Check out the beach here – Trinidad’s Caribbean sands are perfect for sunbathing or snorkeling.

Outside the cities, you can take a tour of a sugar mill, one of the island’s main crops.

Another option? The Artist Colony of Cienfuegos. on the scenic Southern coast of Cuba, beautiful Cienfuegos is Cuba’s most cultural city… full of artists, singers and some of the nation’s most important creative people. Check out all the famous sights including the largest “Prado” boulevard in Cuba, the National Theater and the Street of Culture.

The United States and Cuba share an long and, at times, contentious history, and the last 60 years of embargo have forced its people to adapt in amazing and creative ways. Come to Cuba, and enjoy a vacation destination unlike any other.

OUTINCUBA comes to you from California Wine Country where we have been offering LGBTQ wine related tours for over ten years. We fell in love with Cuba when a family member married a Cuban and we have traveled to Cuba many times to meet family there and to explore more offerings for our guests. We offer custom designed, legal LGBTQ tours to Cuba through ” Support of the Cuban People”. We do not partner with any government owned businesses in Cuba. Our goal is to help support our LGBTQ team, friends and their families.

We have assembled a team in Havana of four of the best LGBTQ guides. We will show you the “Other Side” of Cuba. One of our favorite guides is Andres. We work with seven Havana gay welcoming Casa Particulars that are privately owned inns. All of them are located in Old Havana in what we consider the best and most exciting locations.

One of our favorite guides is Andres, who will welcome you at the airport with a sign and a smile to assist you in your Cuban adventure.
He can show you art due to him being an artist himself. Take you to private showings at artist studios. Take you out dancing at exciting LGBTQ clubs. There always the great gay beach, Play Este but 20 minutes from Havana that is amazing with the best swimming.

We work with other gay welcoming Casa Particulars throughout Cuba. In Vinales and also Trinidad. We will arrange transportation on your own or have one of our guides travel with you. We offer private cars..bus arrangements and taxi info. Our tours are small. Usually couples, singles or four friends. We do offer large tours if requested. Our offices are in California and we are here to answer and discuss any thoughts you have on your time in Cuba. You can call us to just talk CUBA!