San Miguel de Allende… your kind of town

Author: , June 22nd, 2013

Summer is here and what a better destination to vacation than a city that offers all in one place, plus a perfect weather! History, adventure, shopping, art, crafts, gastronomy, culture, scenery, hot springs, night life and fiesta, fiesta, fiesta!

No matter what kind of traveler you are surely San Miguel de Allende in the Heart of colonial Mexico will fit your needs and desires!


If you are more of the adventurous type join horseback rides thru breathtaking landscapes or treks on million year canyons. History abounds in San Miguel de Allende! Not only it is of outmost importance for the Independence movement of Mexico but has also a millennial background of indigenous cultures in the region.

Canada de la Virgen archeological site

Canada de la Virgen archeological site

The archeological site of Cañada de la Virgen (Virgin’s Glen) is an astounding heritage of the Mesoamerican architecture and culture of the years 600 – 900 A.D. This masterpiece opened to the public in 2011 and can be visited Tuesday thru Sundays, from 10 am to 6 pm. It is worth to join a guided tour to take a journey back into the deep knowledge of the regions’ culture.


For those who are in search for new treasures to be found, San Miguel has countless jewels. From prestigious art galleries, designers boutiques with one of a kind garments, antique shops with colonial furniture, carefully selected hand made crafts from all over Mexico to real estate dream houses, San Miguel de Allende has this and more for your shop til’ you drop spirit.


Satisfy your culinary search on the many restaurants to choose from after marvelous walks on the cobblestone streets of San Miguel. From traditional to international food from all over the world, all tastes can meet their match here. Bars with live music for any mood wait for your festive energy! And yes, if you want party, San Miguel de Allende is the town for you with it’s more than 38 traditional fiestas and over 15 festivals! Theater, concerts and exhibitions are held every week in this lively, culturally rich city.


If your wish is to have a renovating and relaxing escapade, but still enjoy San Miguel’s charm, the countryside in the cities’ outskirts are your destination. Only minutes away from San Miguel paradise is here for you to discover. Hot springs with rejuvenating pools, landscapes to inspire and all the peace nature can provide meet all in one place.


A captivating city, part of the UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites, San Miguel de Allende is the perfect destination for your summer time vacation.

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Villa Condesa

Villa Condesa



Carlos Melia: Back in Buenos Aires

Author: , April 25th, 2012

Buenos Airies, ArgentinaHi there everyone… back, once again in Buenos Aires. Yes despite of the ongoing crisis, the expropriations, and else… I am back in my native and beloved land to spend the whole month catching up with new trends and travel news on this side of the world.

Since I arrived, the main question, which has been going around my head, reinforced by my local and expat friends living here, is…. What happened to the Gay Night Scene, where did it go ? Where are the gays ? (BTW the photo above is one of my favorite corners in Buenos Aires.

The intersection between Alvear Avenue and Montevideo. Wonder why they call it the “Paris of the South” although I fully disagree… To me it looks more like Madrid or some bits of New York.)

Now going back to the main subject of this post… can anyone tell me whats going on ? Where should a Gay Traveler on holidays in the city for a week, go at night ? Because the rumors from friends, both locals and expats living in Buenos Aires, is that the gay night scene, has completely vanished.

Some blame it to the online dating sites, others to the global crisis, and I personally blame it to the fact that Argentina has become so friendly and open, that in some ways grants the freedom to be anywhere, regardless if you are gay, lesbian, straight. Does this make any sense?

This is not a statement… it is an open question to those that have more information and can help tourists find a way to enjoy the city in a better way, mingle with locals and have fun.

I am personally keeping and eye to the soon to be opened Beyond 5411, the first Martini Gay Club to open in the neighborhood of Recoleta in mid May 2012. Stay Tuned to this and other potential hints, that hopefully people will leave as comments on my Facebook Wall, about tips on Where the Gays Go in Buenos Aires ? Buenas Noches.

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Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Author: , April 25th, 2012

While visiting Tel Aviv you might be surprised by the hopping and bopping nightlife scene: being such a small city (especially in comparison to other trendy capitals in the world), Tel Aviv sure has a lot to offer to its citizens and tourists, when talking about going out to have a “night on a town”.

Tel Aviv’s motto is “The city that never sleeps”, a title that represents the city’s spirit and vibe, a title won for a good reason. You can find almost anything you’re looking for in each and every hour of the day, whether you’re looking for food, groceries, drinks or warm company. Most of the bars in the city are open till last customer, which sometimes means that they’re always open.

There are some fine restaurants that work around the clock (24/7) serving delicious food and bubbling drinks, not to mention the clubs, the parties and the after parties. It goes without saying that the leading venues and party are for gays and lesbians, or at least gay oriented, so no matter when you arrive to the city, you will sure find yourself very busy at nights.

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