Dolly Travels – Using a Museum Pass in Paris

Author: , April 26th, 2015

Paris - Dolly GolsbyHi, Everyone,

If you have missed me, I apologize. You see, last Wednesday we purchased Paris Museum passes, that are good for 6 consecutive days, beginning with the day we bought them, at the Rodin Museum.

We had been taking leisurely walks in the city, visiting old favorite neighborhoods, but once we bought the museum passes we felt obligated to go to at least one museum a day, to get out money’s worth.

As I said, we started with the Rodin museum. I believe I told you about that, earlier.

The next day was busy. We had some mundane household chores that needed to be done, and we had to find a dentist for Frank. We got an appointment with an English-speaking dentist for 7:00 p.m. On Thursday. Therefore, after our household chores were done, we got on the Metro and went to visit the church, St. Chapelle.

Construction of the church, under the direction of King Louis IX, began somewhere around 1246. The dates are not certain. Of course, many restorations have occurred since then. The church has the largest collection of stained glass of any church in the world.

Pictures cannot do this church justice. Those windows are 50 feet tall, and there are a total of 15 of them in the upstairs chapel, plus a large stained glass Rose window.

Friday we tackled the Louvre. The museum is open until 9:45 p.m. on Friday, so we took our time. Frank and I have gotten separated at the Louvre before, so after entering under the pyramid, we set a meeting point and time, then went our separate ways for three hours.

That was a very long day. We left the museum and had dinner at a nearby restaurant, and by the time we got back to the apartment we were ready to call it a day. There are so many halls to walk, so many pictures to see, it is mind-boggling.

Yesterday we took it easy. We went to the Pantheon, hoping to see the giant pendulum that is supposed to be there, but of course, it is gone, for some reason, while the Pantheon gets much needed repairs. It is still beautiful and worth the trip out there.

We had lunch at an English pub across the street from the Pantheon, called “Bombardier”. We both had very good fish and chips, that were served with “mushy peas”. I didn’t care for the mushy peas, but the food was good and they had very good beer, also.

We then walked to the tiny Delacroix museum, then to the St. Germain-des-Pres, the oldest church in Paris, constructed in 1163. Right across the street from the church was a bar called,
“Les Deux Magots”, which was one of Hemingway’s hangouts in the 1920’s, so we sat at an outdoor table, had a glass of wine and pretended that we were Ernest and Hadley Hemingway.

Today we went to the D’Orsay Museum, which is my favorite. It is housed in an old train station, on the Left Bank of the Seine, across from the Louvre, which is on the Right Bank. We spent a couple hours looking at paintings and sculptures, then had lunch in one of the museum restaurants. That was an enjoyable day. I got to see the Rodin sculptures, the Impressionist paintings, plus more than I can remember. I have been there before, of course, several times, but it is the one museum I am always looking forward to seeing again.

Tomorrow is the last day for our Paris Museum pass, so we will have to find some museum that is open on Mondays. I am sure we will find something.

I do hope I haven’t put you to sleep with my tales of museums. I have other things to write about, too, but will write another blog post about those items.

Until then,

Au revoir,


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