Visiting Mont Tremblant National Park

Author: , February 16th, 2014

Carlos Melia SnowshoeingDuring my stay in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, I took a day of from the main resort activities, the luxury and comfort from my hotel the very lovely Hotel Quintessence and ventured myself for an overnight experience at Mont Tremblant National Park. The National Park is located approx. 45 minutes away from the resort. Mont Tremblant National Park or Parc national du Mont-Tremblant is a 1,510.10 km\0xB2 provincial park located north of the town of Mont Tremblant. It is the second largest national park in Quebec after Kuururjuaq National Park.

Created in 1895. it was originally called Parc de la Montagne-Tremblante (trembling mountain). It is home to 45 mammal species, including the park’s animal emblem, the wolf, and another notables such as moose, white-tailed deer, black bears and beavers.

All year long the park remains open and there are plenty of activities and options. I spent a day an a half Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing, and slept overnight at one of their great cabins. Are you a nature lover who enjoys wide-open spaces? Mont Tremblant National Park offers a wide variety of exciting experiences year round. Do you enjoy water activities, the outdoors and ecotourism? Are you an avid hunter or fisher, a history or science buff, or a gourmet?

With numerous educational and recreational activities offered in the heart of spectacular natural settings, Mont Tremblant National Park has something for everyone! During the summer, alternative activities are: Hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, cycling… and the most fun, if you get lucky, close encounters with Bears.

All activities begin from the beautiful and modern Discovery Center. A simple, original, low-enviromental-impact building. There you can plan your stay, learn about some of the area’s finer points or just relax and enjoy a nice meal.

Snowshoeing. Appreciate the calm and purity of this season by putting on your snowshoes and heading off on the trails. Over 48 km of trails are spread over 2 sectors. The circuits are designed for families and seasoned users alike. In the Diable sector (26 km), you can go snowshoeing on the eastern shore of Lac Monroe, or on the following trails: Lac-des-Femmes, La Roche, La Corniche and Les Ruisselets, which leads to La Hutte hut. The popular Centenaire trail is also accessible on snowshoes! Snowshoes rental is available at the Discovery Centre and Pimbina Visitors Center .

Cross Country Skiing. In La Diable sector, 39 km of ski trails are marked and mechanically groomed. The trails are spread over 6 circuits, ranging from easy to difficult. You can take a break at one of the 6 warming huts heated with a wood stove. Skiing equipment rental is available available at Discovery Centre. We did a brief stop at one of the public Huts, to get warm. In this huts, visitors can choose to stay for the night if they want.

Around 4PM my activities where finished, and I decided to walk to my cabin, since I decided to spend the night on my own at the park. A 3 kilometers walk, that took me approximately one hour, with several stops for photo and video moments. Once I got to my Nature Cabin, I was quite impressed with the comfort and conditions of my cabin.

It reminded me a lot to the warms rooms at the ICE Hotel in Sweden. Comfortable all-wood cabins, can accommodate four people. (see photos below). This year they have also inaugurated the EXP Cabins (Experience Cabins) which are ultra cool. After the nature cabins, a new generation of accommodations made its entrance in Parcs Quebec in summer 2013.

The EXPs reflect the personality of each park, providing a different experience from one park to the next. Imagine a dwelling full of windows that lets the sights of nature come inside and gives you a sense of living outdoors. Designed for 2 people, the EXP is composed of one room and it has 2 single beds. It is fully equipped: hot water, heating, full kitchen, bathroom and 2-burner electric stove. Mont-Tremblant, Jacques-Cartier and Monts-Valin national parks are the first to have these buildings.

During the night I ventured on my own to do one of the runs, but was snowing so hard, was so cold and it was so dark, that I decided to go back to the comfort of my cabin, enjoy the lovely dinner, which was delivered to my cabin from one of the restaurants in Mont Tremblant Resort, and call it the day.

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