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Beruit Pigeon Rocks

“You’ve never been to Beirut if you don’t have a photo of yourself at Pigeon Rocks.” Those were the words of a friend who offered to host me at her house. I can’t blame her. If you google Beirut or Lebanon photos, Pigeon Rocks never fail to show up. Try googling “Things to do in Beirut” and these rocks are always on the list. In fact, it’s not just the tourists go there – they’re also a hit to the locals.

The cliff that overlooks Beirut Pigeon Rocks is a popular destination for the tourists. It is also a favourite hangout for the locals where cafes littered along the streets. The sea views are a welcome respite from the busy streets of Lebanon’s capital city.

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Best View of Tel Aviv – Globetrotter Girls

Tel Aviv View - Globetrotter Girls I spent the bigger part of the past week in Israel before returning to Berlin, where I was greeted with snow. It couldn’t have been a greater contrast: On Thursday, I went running in a tank top on the beach, and on Friday I went running across icy & snowy Tempelhof airfield. After a couple of days in Jerusalem we took the bus to Tel Aviv and spent my final days in Israel in what is one of my favorite cities in the world. It was the perfect way to end my trip – after a few chilly days, the weather was sunny and warm, and we splurged on fancy hotel right by the beach, using a discount code for We did all the things I love doing in Tel Aviv: morning runs along the beach promenade, strolls through Carmel market and Jaffa flea market, eating lots of sabich sandwiches (I fit in two visits to the legendary sabich sandwich place on the corner of Frishman and Dizengoff Str). Luckily we took advantage of Tel Aviv’s bike sharing system, which I discovered during my last visit, and cycled off some of the calories.

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Dubai Gay Bars

Dubai Gay Bars SPEAKERS boom in the darkly lit, smoky room. It’s 2 am and the club is packed with a sea of sweaty, gay men getting their groove on to a Madonna classic — and I’m one of them. After an all-day drinking session, followed by a spot of impromptu karaoke, during which I made friends with a lovely lesbian couple (we bonded over our love of ‘80s power ballads) I’ve ended up at this underground hotspot. Nothing strange here you might think, I mean, there are gay clubs the world over, right? But what makes this unusual is that I’m not in the relatively liberal West; I’m in Dubai. A province of the United Arab Emirates governed by a dictatorial royal family and a tourism hotspot attracting the gaze of the world thanks to its constant sunshine and headline-grabbing world’s “biggest” and “tallest” buildings, shopping malls and man-made islands. Like Las Vegas, Dubai was built in a desert from nothing and like Vegas, Dubai (in the Arab world anyway) is known as sin city.

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Dubai in One Photo

Dubai - Alain These photos show Dubai in a nutshell. You’ve seen the city’s futuristic and postcard-perfect skyline many times, perhaps, but you’ve never seen a photo that speaks volumes of contradictions that aren’t really hard to see. At Jumeirah Beach, where these photos were taken, these camels and their master go for a walk along the beach, luring sunbathers and tourists for a short ride, in exchange of few dirhams.

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The Only LGBT-Friendly Venue in Jordan

Jordan - Andrew John Virtue Dobson Shortly after my plane took off the tarmac, I flipped open my copy of Rough Guide to Jordan. I tried to get comfy in my seat — it would be 12 hours until I could be skipping across the sand in Amman. I read through Rough Guide’s helpful notation for gay and lesbian travelers: “Homosexual conduct in private between consulting adults is legal in Jordan, but social disapproval of an overtly gay lifestyle is strong . . . Amman has a small underground scene for gay men and lesbians, for the most part invisible to outsiders.” Fast forward a few hours, and I’m lounging in a posh suite at the Four Seasons Hotel Amman (the city’s swankiest), flipping through Tinder, woofing on Scruff and saying hello to a legion of friendly locals eager to chat with a foreigner like me. I was in the city over the weekend and wanted to know where the local gays hang out when they want to socialize and have fun. I received a string of responses within minutes, all directing me to one little cafe in the heart of the city.

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Walking Tour in Abu Dhabi

Alain Abu Dhabi I had my own walking tour in Abu Dhabi. I figured it out using Google Map. My Lonely Planet Guidebook didn’t even have one–which I understand because Abu Dhabi is not a walkable destination. You’ve got to have a car to go places of interests. While they have public bus transport, good luck seeing all the things you plan to see in one day. On a backpacking budget? Sigh. Good luck with that! 🙂 I told my brother to drop me off at the gate of the Presidential Palace early morning on his way to work. No, not that early, really. At 9. Though it’s late November, the sun could still be a bit hot–I’m Asian, remember? We use skin whitener! Hahahahaha… At 21C, I thought it was tolerable. I started at the gate of the Presidential Palace. No visitors are allowed inside, so, I just stood there and took a photo. As I left and turned my back away from the Presidential Palace, the luxurious 5-star hotel, Emirates Palace is on the left. You can actually go inside but make sure you’re properly dressed–no shorts and sandals. They’ll allow visitors starting at 10 in the morning.

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Dubai's Arabian Nights – Keep Calm and Wander

Dubai - Alain Arabian Nights is, perhaps, associated with talented belly dancers showing off their dancing prowess to the delight of the crowd (mostly men?) while breathing their hookah in and out. Throw it with an rhythm of the inviting arabic music and the air is filled with amorous desires for mid-eastern beauties with hypnotizing, tantalizing gazes that would stick in your memory forever. Ok, I think that’s a very graphic description that raises internal libido—Hollywood style. While staying in Dubai for 4 days, I joined a desert sunset safari just 45 minutes drive outside the city. The sunset, of course, was magnificent–but that’s another blog post later here.

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