Red Means Danger

Author: , April 7th, 2018

queer travel risk map

Do you enjoy ‘non-traditional sexual relationships’? Then mind where you travel. Over the last two decades, same-sex marriage and legal protection for the LGBTI community has become commonplace throughout many countries. But that has only widened the gulf with other parts of the world, where homosexuality remains illegal, criminal and in some cases even punishable by death.

This map was published by the Australian company Travel Insurance Direct as a risk guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex tourists and travellers.

Coded in the colours of the rainbow flag, the map ranks countries from places with the broadest legal recognition and protection (purple) to those where the law is used to prosecute rather than protect LGBTI people (red).

By Frank Jacobs – Full Story at Big Think

Venere Travel Map Ranks Safety Risks for LGBT Travelers

Author: , January 22nd, 2015

Venere Gay Travel Map

Openly gay visitors are being made far from welcome in many up-and-coming holiday destinations, including Morocco – where in 2015, tourists still risk imprisonment. While some nations become more accepting, others remain stubborn in their traditional views, so it is important that potential visitors know where they stand.

For this reason, has created an online map by taking all the information regarding attitudes toward LGBTQ people in different places around the world – giving each nation a score.

Nations that accept non-hetero-sexual people are shown in green, while those that and have hostile laws and attitudes are shown in red.

It’s a novel approach to a serious problem and one that has troubled the LGBTQ community for decades.

By Anna Lia Gerardi – Full Story at Venere Travel

Philadelphia Gay Tourism spotlights 'Gayborhood' With New Map

Author: , February 19th, 2010

The Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus will launch a campaign aimed at making it easier for the city’s visitors to get around.

The campaign will inclulde a map of the “Gayborhood” and include listings and information about gay-friendly businesses in the city. It will highlight restaurants, hotels, retailers, bars and restaurants and other businesses. The Gayborhood is an area in Center City encompassing roughly from 13th and Locust streets to 10th and Pine streets.

The Gay Tourism Caucus, will release the Gayborhood Map and Merchant Guide on Feb. 22, said the campaign is further acknowlegement that the gay travel market is booming business, an estimated $54.1 billion market worldwide.

Full Story from the Philadelphia Business Journal
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