The 5 Friendliest LGBTQ Vacation Hotspots

Author: , May 28th, 2016

There are fabled destinations with long-standing LGBTQ traditions—just ask Lesbos, Mykonos and New Orleans—where escaping from the confines of every day was never so easy, never so limitless and never so completely carefree. But the modern world has offered up fantastic cultural meccas that always take a keen interest in making everyone feel comfortable, and those who identify LGBTQ will fit right in.

So what are you waiting for—the party’s just ahead!

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin - pixabay

With a long standing history that is as intense as it is troubled, Berlin has arisen from the ashes of its past to become one of the most diverse, well-rounded, and respecting cities in the world with multi-ethnicities immigrating and thriving with the German population.

In addition to their incredibly progressive views, Berlin is also the gay capital of Europe with a gay museum, a gay memorial, and an openly gay mayor. While that doesn’t cover all the basis, the open-minded city is equally comfortable with the rest of the queer community. Head for Hafen, one of the most famous gay bars in town, Connection, a dance club that shouldn’t be missed, and Gay Hostel for accommodation—you’ll find plenty of like-minded people here to experience this amazing city with.

  1. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles - pixabay

While most of Hollywood is constantly under scrutiny of being one or more of the letters in LGBTQ, the truth is that Los Angeles is a great place to be LGBTQ. Between the cultural metropolis and its heavy art, business, and beauty industries, there are plenty of LGBTQ-friendly beaches and nightclubs to frequent, and the weather is always perfect for a stop down by the sea.

Make a stop at The Abbey for the quintessential gay bar-lounge-party time, which includes both an indoor and outdoor areas and the most prominent members of the LGBTQ community as regulars on the busy weekends.

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marijuana and prostitution aren’t the only things bringing visitors to Amsterdam; it’s also the totally chill vibe of the city of Amsterdam. Between the canals and coffee shops, the city is thoroughly on board with the LGBTQ cause—in fact, the city legalized same-sex marriage in the early 1800s, the first place in the entire world to do so. But enough about the history; time to get to the cool stuff!

When in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdamians do and hit up Cafe Dubbel D (formerly Cafe Rouge), one of the busiest shops in the entire city. Next, plan your day around Rapido parties, because this is a good time you aren’t going to want to miss. Then hit up Thermos for an excellent spa experience and Hemelse Modder for a perfect European meal and excellent service.

  1. Madrid, Spain

Madrid - pixabay

Madrid is home to perhaps the gayest community around, Chueca, where nightlife reigns supreme, as well as lots of rights and cultural nods to gay culture. Madrid recognizes gay marriages and openly uses LGBTQ lifestyles to influence trendy shops, restaurants, and hotels throughout the city. It’s one of the most progressive cities when it comes to gay rights in the world, and that shows in their laws, party scene, and every other corner of life.

The Cage (a popular fetish bar) is always a perfect place to head for a laugh or even something a tad more serious, but Space of Sound is one of my favorite hangouts for the go-go boys and total party vibe. Park it at Medea for the city’s oldest lesbian bar and don’t forget to leave plenty of time for a sauna experience—the Sauna Octopus is a must for every visitor! For a bonus into the city, I suggest downloading apps such as Grindr and Manhunt if outdoor cruising and sex parties are your thing (grab a Virtual Private Network for your phone to make sure the geolocation functions are working correctly)!

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami - pixabay

Take one look at the hot bods and it’s obvious why Miami is a gay capital of the world—but more than just being a place to get hot and sweaty out in the open, Miami flourishes with culture and happenings that accept all flavors of ice cream (if you pardon my expression).

While I think a stop at the topless-optional South Beach is an excellent way to spend an afternoon, I also suggest Da Leo Trattoria, for an excellent meal. Don’t miss out on Twist either for a run around the dance floor and then a relaxing evening on the roof for a drink and an overlook of the city that likes to party all night long.

Any city is a great place for the LGBTQ community to travel, but these picks are a specific brand of cultural richness that will just hit all the right notes, so enjoy!

Have any suggestions on where to head after finishing this list? Leave a comment or a next trip itinerary, and I will personally take the recommendation around for a ride!

About the Author: Cassie Phillips is an active tech guru, digital nomad, and wordsmith discovering the world as readily as she explores obscure depths of the internet. Curious about anything and everything, she loves her cat, her coffee, and her growing photography collection. Ask her about her famous Birthday Cake Pancakes recipe or her one-time run in with Ben Affleck and JLO—both stories are likely to leave you in disbelief!

All photos from pixabay, provided by Cassie Phillips

Win a Trip to LA!

Author: , February 7th, 2015

Win a Trip to LA

Snow? What’s that? There’s no place like L.A. in the winter, and we’re ready to give you a trip!

Enter here to win a 2-night stay at an exclusive Los Angeles hotel, tickets to museums, and more. Come dine, dance and live al fresco — it’s winter in L.A.!

Enter by 2/28

By Tyler Neasloney – Full Story at SOURCE | LOCATION Gay Travel Resources | Other Gay Travel Events

Three Day Weekends From Los Angeles

Author: , February 7th, 2015

WindmillWho doesn’t love a three-day weekend? It may have been on the calendar for months or you may just feel like playing hooky on some random Friday — we’re not here to judge. Sometimes the best way to chillax is to get the hell out of town. But whether you’re feeling adventurous and ready to explore or simply self-indulgent and just want to drink wine all day (again, no judging), here are some great suggestions for long-weekend road trips from Los Angeles. (Because driving is half the fun. And if you were flying, you could conceivably go anywhere for three days, right?)


While Solvang is only two-and-a-half to three hours from L.A., you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Denmark upon arrival. And Danes are hot. Founded in 1911 by immigrants who wanted to bring some of their homeland to California, Solvang has lots of Danish bakeries, great hotels and plenty of wine tasting. Take some time to relax in a spa, ride a bike around town or go see some ostriches. (You may even recognize the ostrich farm from the movie Sideways.) Don’t miss the Elverhoj museum. This town is a delightful and romantic way to spend a few days and drink some wine in the Santa Ynez Valley. Cheers!

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Six Awesome Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Author: , January 30th, 2015

Los Angeles - Apple MapsLos Angeles has so many unique neighborhoods — or, as we who are in the know like to call them, “enclaves” — that you could spend years getting to know each one. But where to begin?

Since Los Angeles is a large metropolis made up of many areas (including incorporated cities like West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica), each neighborhood has its own diverse vibe and group of people.

Here are some of our favorites…

Abbot Kinney/Venice

Who needs the beach when you’ve got Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice? Especially if you like to shop but don’t want to be bombarded with a bunch of crappy chain stores. Dining? There’s everything from great pizza to coffee to more upscale culinary choices. The west side’s best gay bar, The Roosterfish, is also here. There are lots of bikes and even more pedestrians, many with dogs, many with guitars. If you want to cross paths with a Venice hipster or brooding-but-sexy artist type, this is where you’ll find him.

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Visiting Gay Los Angeles

Author: , January 1st, 2015

Los Angeles - Apple MapsI’m sitting in the basement of a Mexican restaurant. Upstairs, the rumble of families munching on enchiladas smothered in refried beans and sipping head-sized margaritas under red neon lights is only slightly audible. A door at the top of the wooden stairs closes, and a crowd of mostly gay men and their girlfriends sits in this underground theater. I’m completely in love with this so-not-typical Los Angeles vibe. Cosmos are replaced by Coronas, and the unpretentious crowd sits quietly for a performance at the Cavern Club Theater (920 Hyperion Ave. Tel: 323-662-4255. below the family-owned Casita del Campo restaurant. The wood beams creak above with the movement of the upstairs patrons as the show, Little House on the Prairie-Oke (or after the threat of a lawsuit Almond Grove!

That Pioneer Karaoke Musical Formerly Known as Something Else), begins with an Ingalls breakdown dance. The crowd expresses sheer joy at the ridiculousness of the entire situation. When Drew Droedge, most famous for impersonating Chloe Sevigny on YouTube, takes the stage as the obnoxiously over-the-top Nellie Oleson my face beams as red as the lights upstairs. He must have noticed just how much I was enjoying it, because he pulls me on stage for a finale dance party. When the show closes, the cast eagerly meets the audience over beers, and I’m floored by this sliver of underground gay culture.

It’s been a week of surprises though. Admittedly, this New Yorker has always had reservations about embracing LA. Maybe it’s the animosity I harbor toward the City of Angels, taking far too many of my friends seeking new opportunities or those LA Facebook status updates about 70 degrees and sunny while I’m cloaked in my Canada Goose. But with each visit, I’m impressed by modern-day LA. I’ve spent the time wandering the gay bars of WeHo and have eagerly sat on a TMZ tour, but it is during this trip that I seek to have authentic experiences, to move beyond my misconceptions, learn the city’s weighty LGBT history, and pull back the veil on Tinseltown.

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Image via Apple Maps

Los Angeles Gay History Around Every Corner

Author: , July 17th, 2014

Garden of AllahHistory! Like radon, it’s all around us, even though you can’t see it. But unlike radon, absorbing it makes you a better person with a more informed future. Fortunately, in L.A. at least, it can also be fun.

The city is particularly effervescent with LGBT history, with countless little fragments of the past hidden here and there. We’ve gathered together a listing of some of our favorite hotspots where you can see what made us the amazing community of equality and diversity we are today. Learn, enlighten your friends, and pay homage to those whose sacrifices made us who we are today.
You can walk to most of these destinations, or bike, or take the bus. Or you could even drive, if you’re that kind of person.

1. Garden of Allah: Originally built as a palatial residence, the Garden of Allah was built just before World War I. It went through several owners, including lesbian actress Alla Nazimova, before landing in the hands of Dorothy Parker.

By Matt Baume – Full Story at Queerty | Los Angeles Gay Travel Resources

Five Hot Los Angeles Guys Tell You Where to Go

Author: , July 11th, 2014

Kevin Grant SpencerWe all need a good recommendation when traveling to another city, especially one as trendy and uber deep as Los Angeles. We could have dragged out the usual boring “experts,” but why ask shut-ins with no social life when we can skip straight to the those who activate our yummy?

So, get your pencils out, and write this down. It was tough assignment y’all. Here’s what some gays-about-town have to say about their favorite places outside of the Abbey (done that!) or Here (double done that!).

Next time you head out West, you will want to check some of these places out. But we have to warn you, this is Los Angeles, where men are like parking spaces: they are everywhere. Enjoy!

Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Property, City, State

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

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Five Must Do’s in Gay Los Angeles

Author: , July 8th, 2014

Los AngelesEven the most dewy of us can benefit from the occasional rejuvenation to help us retain that youthful glow. The City of Angels is no different. While the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles has been going steady for years, its reinvention will finally get the queer seal of approval with the launch of a brick-and-mortar, get-off-your-Grindr gay bar, Precinct, which will open this summer on the corner of Broadway and Fourth. This means DTLA is going to be hotter than ever, and that’s not just because of the mercury.

It’s time to realize there’s more to this lively SoCal metropolis besides LGBT staples like Weho and Silver Lake, so see what’s happening in DTLA this summer and beyond. Start on Spring Street, the Wall Street of the West and the heart and soul of the Downtown L.A. renaissance, marvel at its historic architecture and travel along the city’s streets to take in all that’s transformed– like those luxury, high-living lofts that are not strictly for L.A.’s elite.

By Mike Wood – Full Story at Queerty | Queerty Gay Travel Resources

Gay Los Angeles on a Budget

Author: , July 4th, 2014

They say the best things in life are free. And while we can think of a few exceptions, it’s undoubtedly true. It just takes a little creativity, and we’re here with some helpful tips to get you started. Tucked away amongst the luxury cars, world-class boutiques and high-end hotels, Los Angeles offers a range of deals and free fun for people of any income bracket.
We’ve rounded up some great ways to enjoy LA without breaking the bank…

Palisades Park

Benefit: Catch a sunset at Palisades Park, literally the best place to see the sun disappear behind the Earth (aside from the International Space Station). There’s a lovely winding path along the cliff over the beach, and plenty of people-watching with joggers, sunbathers, and dog-walkers all around. Keep an eye out for the rose garden and sculptures.
Cost: Zero

Farmer's MarketFarmer’s Markets

Benefit: There are Farmer’s Markets with the best produce around everywhere in Los Angeles. Lots take place on Sundays, but you can find one pretty much any day of the week. Our favorite is the Hollywood market at Ivar and Selma, and the West Hollywood market on Monday at Plummer Park. If you find yourself up in Eagle Rock, it is on Friday evenings. And the Sunset Strip Market has to be seen to be believed: amazing food trucks, craft beer and wine, and lots of live entertainment.
Cost: Reasonable prices on high-quality produce. Pack a healthy picnic lunch on your way to the beach.

By Matt Baume – Full Story at Queerty | Los Angeles Gay Travel Resources

Los Angeles Pride Comes to Town in Early June

Author: , May 12th, 2014

Los Angeles Gay Pride 2014Los Angeles is a city full of interesting and diverse people that flock to the Southern California coast with stars in their eyes and dreams to fulfil. So, as you can imagine, when LA Pride comes around – this city knows how to show off.

6-8 June 2014, join in with thousands of people from the LGBTI and ally communities of Los Angeles to celebrate the pride that beams from this unique and open city.

By Edmund – Rainbow Tourism | Los Angeles Gay Travel Resources | Other Gay Travel Events