Australian Lesbian Couple Forced to Marry Overseas After Cancer Diagnosis

Author: , January 8th, 2017
Lynn MacLaren and Sarah Holt-Foreman

Photo by Woody Fridae

Lynn MacLaren and Sarah Holt-Foreman were spending a September evening at a streetside wine bar in Fremantle, Western Australia. The sun was setting, they had a glass each, it was the weekend.
And then Holt-Foreman pulled a little model elephant out from nowhere, with two rings perched on its tiny trunk.

“As a child I collected elephants,” MacLaren explained to BuzzFeed News. “It was a joke between my brother and I. I was a little bit heavier than he was, and I just owned it, and had this elephant collection.”

The one Holt-Foreman presented was from Bali, where she had also bought the rings some time earlier.

“Do you want to get married?” she asked.

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One Lesbian Couple Fought Anti Gay Prejudice on Russia Trip

Author: , November 20th, 2013

Lesbian Trip to RussiaSarah and Laura sent us this photo from their visit to Russia. ‘We went to Moscow a few years ago, and it was beautiful,’ said the girls. ‘It was really interesting being in a country that was SO different from where we are from – there were guards everywhere!

‘At our hotel, we asked for a king bed, but were given twins. Every night we pushed them together, and when we came back every day we’d find them separated again.

‘It was before Russia was in the news for their anti-LGBT views and laws… good thing because we can’t help but think our bed-moving antics would have more consequences lately!’

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New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Turns Away Lesbian Couple

Author: , May 11th, 2013

Yet another bed and breakfast turning away a same sex couple – this one in New Zealand. Gay Star News reports:

The Pilgrim Planet Lodge in Whangarei turned away Jane Collison, 30, and Paula Knight, 45, on Tuesday after telling them that only a room with single beds was available despite their having booked a room with a king-sized bed. The couple offered to take the room but wanted to push the beds together but was told they would not be allowed to do that either. When the couple realized that it was the owners’ religious objection to their relationship that was the issue they decided to stay elsewhere and had to drive 30 miles before they could find alternative accommodation.

The owners believe it’s within their rights to enforce their religious views on couples who stay with them:

Owners Michael and Karen Ruskin believe they are in their rights to force gay couples to sleep in separate beds as they believe their three story, five guest room lodge is not covered by New Zealand’s anti-discrimination laws as they live in the building and share some living spaces with their paying guests.

However, they refuse to say whether they apply the same rule to unmarried straight couples.

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Hawaiian Judge Says B&B Discriminated Against Lesbian Couple

Author: , April 17th, 2013

Hawaii MapIn a lawsuit that’s been 6 years in the making, a judge in Hawaii agreed that a B&B had unfairly discriminated against a lesbian couple. Pink News reports:

The Hawaii First Circuit Court judge presiding over the case, ruled on Monday that the business must stop discriminating based on sexual orientation. Diane Cervelli, 42, and Taeko Bufford, 28, filed the suit in 2011, saying they were turned away from the Aloha Bed & Breakfast in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2007. B&B owner Phyllis Young told the couple she was uncomfortable having a gay people in her house, but added that she also did not allow unmarried straight couples to share rooms.

The case is similar to recent ones in the UK, where judges also found in favor of the plaintiffs.

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Following the steps of Oscar Wilde at Cadogan Hotel

Author: , October 12th, 2011

Following the steps of Oscar Wilde at Cadogan Hotel
  |  London, UK  | Following the steps of Oscar Wilde at Room #118 of the Cadogan Hotel London. The scent of green carnations, the taste of Pierre Jouet Champagne and the views of Sloane Street and Pont Street wearing a similar jacket as he did, waiting, in this same room and window, for the police to take him to his imprisonment on charges of sodomy and gross indecency. A tribute to Coming OUT Day in North America and Gay Love Worldwide. More to come on the Cadogan Hotel… CM

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Lesbian Couple Kicked Out of St. Louis Four Seasons for Kissing

Author: , October 6th, 2011

St. Louis Four SeasonsTeresa Folds and Julieigh Snell were kissing in the Jacuzzi at the rooftop pool at the Four Seasons in St. Louis when they were asked to leave because of their PDA, told that the hotel does not allow behavior like theirs by any couple, and ” insinuated that [they] were not a normal couple,” Folds tells KSDK.

The hotel released a statement:

“Four Seasons respects the behaviors of our guests, except where doing so may be a breach of law or create tensions among people. This was the case on the night in question, as our staff received several complaints about the guest’s behavior. I can assure you that the gender of the couple was never at issue.”

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Lesbian Couple Claims Discrimination During Honeymoon

Author: , September 21st, 2011

A lesbian couple who described their honeymoon as the “worst two weeks” they had ever spent are claiming they were discriminated against by one of the UK’s largest holiday companies.

Gemma Harman, 24, and Tamsin Harper, 36, from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, went to the Dominican Republic with Thomson after their civil partnership earlier this year. But they claim the company refused to acknowledge their holiday as a honeymoon and say they did not receive the special treatment offered to other honeymooners because they were a same-sex couple.

Ms Harman told Real Radio the couple were treated in a “homophobic manner”. The newlyweds claimed that other couples they spoke to were treated “like VIPs”, being offered special romantic meals at the hotel and having bottles of rum and fruit put in their room, but they received nothing.

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Lesbian Couple Suing Brighton Hotel

Author: , April 21st, 2011

Brighton, England, UKA lesbian couple claim that a hotel manager in Brighton barred them from staying in a room together because they are lesbians.

Rebecca Nash, 22, and Hope Stubbings, 19, from Andover, claim that the manager of the Brunswick Square Hotel called them “rejects” when they complained.

In response, the hotel claimed the pair never had a booking and denied being anti-gay. A manager said that the building is full of gay couples during Pride weekend.

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Lesbian Couple from LA on the Amazing Race

Author: , February 13th, 2010

“The Race is an amazing opportunity to go travel with Brandy for several weeks, and to see new places, and experience new things, and have those kind of challenges we’ll be faced with. And really see how we react and do as a couple. And not kind of bitch and moan and gripe at each other…”

Brandy and I want to be the first female team to win ‘The Amazing Race.’ No two women have won. So, in addition to showing that we’re every bit as good as men, and probably better at asking directions, which I think will be our strength…. I think there’ll be a cross section of opinions about us. I think people, unfortunately who’ve never been around gay women are going to have some pre-determined points of view an opinions that, you know, hopefully, we can change some hearts and minds that way.”

Carol Rosenfeld, a 47-year-old consultant, and Brandy Snow, a 40-year-old actress. The two women from Los Angeles are going to be one of the several pairs of contestants on CBS TV network’s latest round of the long-running series, “The Amazing Race.”

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