Gay Couple Turned Away From Cape Town Guesthouse Wins Case

Author: , April 17th, 2015

South_African_Gay_CoupleA gay couple who won a legal case against the owners of a Christian guesthouse can now proclaim victory. A South African court has said LGBTI people cannot be discriminated against in public services.

Neil Coulson and his husband Jonathan Sedgwick had tried to get a room at the Wolseley guesthouse in Cape Town in November 2013. After they tried to book, they were told by owners Marina and Seth Neethling the establishment was not ‘gay friendly’.

Supported by Freedom of Religion SA, the Neethlings argued they were unable to accomodate the gay couple because ‘if they willingly and knowingly make a room available where homosexual sex will be practiced, this will make them liable to sin as they would in effect be helping the homosexual couple to sin.’

By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News | Cape Town Gay Travel Resources

UK Bed and Breakfast Owner Who Turned Away Gay Couple Loses Appeal

Author: , July 10th, 2013

Michael Black and John MorganAn anti-gay Bed and Breakfast owner in Cookham, Berkshire lost her appeal in a lawsuit over turning away a gay couple in March of 2010. Gay Star News reports:

An English anti-gay Christian bed and breakfast owner has lost her appeal after she turned away a gay couple. Cambridgshire couple Michael Black and John Morgan sued Suanne Wilkinson after she refused to let them share a double bed. While the Court of Appeal dismissed the challenge to the ruling, which went in the couple’s favor, the ordeal is not yet over. The high court allowed Wilkinson to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court will hear this case and another similar case from a Cornwall B&B in October.

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Court Says Baltic Pride Can Go Ahead in Lithuania

Author: , July 5th, 2013

Lithuania - Google Maps

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Campaigners have welcomed a decision to reverse this month’s ban on Baltic Pride in Lithuania.

Municipal authorities in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, previously declared that the event, planned for 27 July, could not be held in the city centre and failed to propose an alternative route.

But on Friday LGBT campaign group ILGA-Europe said the ban had been rejected in court.

In a statement ILGA-Europe said: “We congratulate the Lithuanian Gay League and Baltic LGBTI activists who have pressed on to ensure that their right to freedom of assembly is guaranteed. We also congratulate the Lithuanian justice system for taking such a decision and rejecting the discriminatory objections presented by the Vilnius City Council.”

Authored By Scott Roberts – See the Full Story at Pink News

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Will Lawsuit Against Bisbee’s New Civil Unions Ordinance Backfire Against Arizona Tourism?

Author: , April 5th, 2013

Arizona mapThe tiny southern Arizona town of Bisbee passed a civil unions ordinance this last week, and a lawsuit from state Attorney general Tom Horne wasn’t far behind. But could it hurt tourism? AZ Family reports:

In the midst of the back and forth, there’s concern that fighting Bisbee’s decision is hurting the state’s reputation. “The public consensus is that this is a non-issue anymore and that this should just be left alone,” said Ben Bethel, who owns The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix. He believes this latest legal battle will leave a bad taste in tourists’ mouths. “People will take their conventions, they will take their businesses and they are going to take their dollars and they will move them to those places instead of Arizona,” he said.

Arizona’s reputation has already been badly damaged by the GOP’s actions, most notably the “papers please” law. My husband Mark, who is Hispanic American, wouldn’t set foot there for years, and only went the last time because my grandmother was deathly ill.

UK: Gay Couple Wins Lawsuit Against Christian B&B

Author: , February 12th, 2012

The Court of Appeal has today upheld a landmark court ruling in favour of a gay couple refused a room by the religious owners of Cornwall hotel.

Martin Hall and Steven Preddy, civil partners, had successfully sued devout Christians Peter and Hazelmary Bull for sexual orientation discrimination.

They had been turned away from the Chymorvah Hotel near Penzance in 2008 under the Bulls’ policy of not allowing unmarried couples to share rooms.

Full Story from Pink News

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Straight Woman Sues Avis for Not Giving Her Gay Discount

Author: , January 13th, 2012

An Arizona woman has initiated a class-action suit alleging discrimination based on her sexual orientation by Avis Rent A Car.

Lynn Evenchik claims that Avis’ practice of offering discounts to members of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce constitutes a violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, which prohibits businesses from offering discounts to customers based on sexual orientation.

Evenchik paid $311.36 to rent a car from Avis at San Diego International Airport for a period of one week in July of 2011. She later learned that members of the aforementioned groups received discount codes entitling them to 20 to 25 percent off standard rental rates due to marketing agreements Avis had entered into with the organizations.

Full Story from The San Diego Reader

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Hawaii: Gay Couple Sues B&B, Claiming Discrimination

Author: , December 28th, 2011

Gay Couple Sues Hawaiian B&BTwo Southern California women filed a lawsuit Monday against a Hawaii bed and breakfast, saying the business denied them a room because they are gay.

Aloha Bed & Breakfast discriminated against Diane Cervelli and Taeko Bufford, a couple living in Long Beach, Calif., claims the lawsuit filed on behalf of the women by Lambda Legal in First Circuit Court in Honolulu.

Cervelli, 42, called the business in 2007 to book a room because it’s in Hawaii Kai, the same east Honolulu neighborhood where the friend they were visiting lived. When she specified they would need one bed, the owner asked if they are lesbians. Cervelli responded truthfully and the owner said she was uncomfortable having lesbians in her house because of her religious views, the lawsuit said.

Full Story from NPR

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Vermont Inn Sued by Lesbian Couple for Refusing Wedding

Author: , July 20th, 2011

The Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville, Vt., bills itself as a “vacation sanctuary” where the welcome mat is rolled out even for the family dog. The inn, nestled in the mountains on 570 acres, was voted Best Family Resort by Yankee Magazine in 2010 and has enjoyed positive reviews in travel publications and websites that range from National Geographic Traveler to Trip Advisor.

But according to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, that warm Wildflower welcome doesn’t extend to gay couples.

Court documents filed in Vermont Superior Court claim that when Katherine Baker and Ming-Lien Linsley, a lesbian couple, tried to book their wedding reception at the Wildflower, they were told via email that innkeepers Mary and Jim O’Reilly “do not host gay receptions” because of their “personal feelings.”

Full Story from ABC News

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Lesbian Couple Suing Brighton Hotel

Author: , April 21st, 2011

Brighton, England, UKA lesbian couple claim that a hotel manager in Brighton barred them from staying in a room together because they are lesbians.

Rebecca Nash, 22, and Hope Stubbings, 19, from Andover, claim that the manager of the Brunswick Square Hotel called them “rejects” when they complained.

In response, the hotel claimed the pair never had a booking and denied being anti-gay. A manager said that the building is full of gay couples during Pride weekend.

Full Story from Pink News

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Gay Steward Suing Australian Airline Over Firing

Author: , March 18th, 2011

A former employee of Australian airline Jetstar is seeking $50,000 (#31,000) compensation, claiming he was sacked because his voice was not “masculine” enough.

Michael Galvin, who is gay, was sacked at the end of February. He is suing the budget airline for unfair dismissal, alleging that his manager lied about his performance at work.

His contract with the company was terminated shortly before he was due to begin cabin crew training. He claims that his manager made several homophobic comments towards him, including telling him that his voice was not “masculine” enough to deal with customers.

Full Story from The Pink Paper

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