The New Orleans Revival: City Fast Becoming Hot Gay Travel Destination

Author: , December 10th, 2010

Southern Decadence, New OrleansThe Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans is a haven for the artistic and bohemian. Five years after Hurricane Katrina, it’s one of the neighborhoods benefiting from the surge of gay and lesbian transplants, relocating and rebuilding the city.

“It’s been a remarkable journey,” said Will Poole. Poole and his partner Loren Penton recently bought the Maison de Macarty Bed and Breakfast. They opened just in time for Halloween Weekend, one of the biggest LGBT celebrations in the city.

Poole and Penton lived in New Orleans before the storm but moved to Denver. When the lease ran out on a chocolate shop they owned there, they decided to come back. “There is opportunity and affordability here,” said Poole. “We’ve been watching properties since Katrina. Prices are great now, right for businesses and there’s no bad neighborhood. It’s the perfect time to be here.”

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