Walk the Kasbah – Keep Calm and Wander

Walk the Kasbah - Keep Calm and Wander

I always thought that the likes of Paris or Venice were the world’s greatest destinations for avid tourists like me. But like other travelers who happen to evolve with time and finally find their nerves agreeing on visiting a relatively cheaper and distant destination, I found my solace in traveling to Tangier.

Tangier – the city where William Burroughs, Henri Matisse and the rest of the notable personalities found their unsung inspiration – turned out to be a source of rejuvenation for me also.

I was soothed by the fact that Tangier is comparable to New Orleans in terms of music playing everywhere, to Paris in terms of the rampant love and freedom on the streets, and Venice in terms of the culturally absorbed architecture. In my two-day stay here, my thirst of wandering freely on the streets in Tangier was quenched.

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