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Author: , January 13th, 2018

ice hotels

When it comes to where you rest your head, how adventurous are you?

It takes more than 15,000 tons of snow and 5,000 tons of ice to build Canada’s Ice Hotel (Quebec). The Swedish ICE HOTEL in Lapland requires a colossal 30,000 tons of snow and 10,000 tons of ice. Every year both need to be completely rebuilt. An exercise in stupidity or a constantly evolving masterpiece?

Ice Hotel Quebec

More beautiful than a scene from the “Tales of Narnia,” Canada’s Ice Hotel first opened its doors in 2000, and more than 80,000 people have slept there since then – though curious gawkers come by the hundreds of thousands.

If you’re brave enough to stay the night, expect dinner and breakfast at nearby Hotel Valcartier (where you can also have a “Warm Night” experience), access to the nordic-style hot tubs and sauna, an arctic sleeping bag, blanket and pillow. You can choose between a room with a fireplace or one without, but you can’t have a door – curtains provide privacy. Room rates start at $300US per person per night.

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Sweden’s Ice Hotel

Author: , June 14th, 2012

Ice Hotel SwedenHave you ever wished, during one of those warm nights of summer, to be sleeping on top of a huge bar of ice? Well then, how about spending two nights at a hotel, fully made out it? How does that sound… Brrrrrr freezing right? Indeed. That was my AMAZING experience at the ICEHotel in Sweden, one of the best and most peaceful night sleeps in my life.

If there was an experience that always ranked high on my travel bucket list, it was to visit and stay overnight at the ICEHotel, and so I did. I was there mid-November, just the week before the opening season, and was lucky enough to see how the hotel was designed, built and carved out of the waters of the Torne River. Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Sweden.

What is ICEHotel? A hotel built of ice and snow, would be the most common response. The first and the largest in the world, constructed using the natural water resources from the Torne River. Located in the northernmost city in Sweden, Jukkasjaervi, with 548 inhabitants in the province of Lapland part of the Arctic Circle.

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