Gay Travel: Why You Should Really Visit Gay Sydney

Author: , April 29th, 2011

Sydney Gay TravelThere are a great many reasons to visit Sydney, Australia. Among them are the beautiful scenic vistas and panoramas, the famed Sydney Harbor Opera House and a downtown rich with food, shopping and culture.

And then there’s the men. Though you might not read about it in any of the guidebooks, the men of Sydney are a sight to behold. It’s reason enough to book a numbing 20-hour flight and travel halfway around the world. I, for one, was caught completely off guard by the hotness of Australian men.

After being cramped in a plane between a crying child and sneezing old lady, I decided to stretch my legs at one of the local gyms called Fitness First. This particular gym was situated on Oxford Street, the epicenter of Sydney’s gayness. I grabbed a guest pass and found my way to the locker room. What I would see changed my life forever.

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