Carlos Melia – High Speed Train Beijing to Shanghai and Back

Author: , July 4th, 2015

Carlos MeliaIf there is a great way to travel within China is by their super comfortable High-Speed Trains by CRH – China Railway High-Speed. We connected three destinations Beijing – Shanghai – West Lake/Hangzhou using both their Business and Economy Class. 300 Kilometers and hour to move across China in full comfort and smoothly. One suggestion, buy your tickets online time before your trip. If you need help with reliable ways to do this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Our journey began at Beijing Nan South Train Station, which not only was immaculate clean, but also huge. So please allow time to arrive, get yourself familiar with the gates, and DO NOT FORGET, you need to collect your tickets, and than takes at least 10 to 15 minutes. In 4 hours and 48 minutes, after an ultra comfortable ride, we arrived to Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station.

Here you can see all my photos on our experience in Business Class. The configuration from Beijing to Shanghai was totally different from the one back. But on both cases, we had a full flat bed cocoon seat. The downsides are: no internet on board. Despite they do have personal TVs, there was no entertainment available.

During the ride you will get snacks, drinks and a full meal (which you might or not like). The formation has a Cafeteria car, but be careful, you might not like what they have to offer. Our choice was beer and nori, literally. On my way back I decided to buy my own snack at the train station.

On our ride from Shanghai to/from the West Lake/Hangzhou, since this is a one hour and 20 minutes ride, they only offer Economy Class, which was totally fine and comfortable too, with a fine seat and pitch.

Without a doubt, I will chose the High-Speed train over flights anytime. If possible, if you take the trains arriving to Beijing or Shanghai after 11PM, book your car transfer in advance and have someone waiting for you at the train station. Otherwise you might cue for two hours to get a taxi out.

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