Hamilton Heights Showcases Manhattan's Other Side

Hamilton Heights Bordered by the Hudson River on the west and St Nicholas Park in the east, New York City’s Hamilton Heights is said to experience a boost in popularity with buyers and renters. It’s quiet Uptown – so quiet, in fact, you’re sometimes able to forget Hamilton Heights is indeed part of Manhattan. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown, buildings made from concrete, glass and steel are far and few in between, despite a continuous influx of new renters and buyers. Old Brownstones and a fair number of landmark buildings – counting them all seems near impossible – line the streets instead, standing reminiscent of the area’s rich history. Founding father Alexander Hamilton made the leafy-green hills of Uptown Manhattan his family’s home in 1802, moving into a mansion he called the Grange, after a family estate in Scotland.

By Stefanie Gerdes – Full Story at Gay Star News

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