India’s Golden Triangle – Our Taste for Life

Author: , October 3rd, 2019

India's Golden Triangle - Our Taste for Life

The Golden Triangle Itinerary in India, otherwise known as the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur circuit, is one of the most common travel routes in the country. If you only have a short time in India, it’s the perfect route to get a taste for what this wild country is all about.

This route is particularly popular among travellers visiting India for the first time. On the Golden Triangle Itinerary, you’ll get to experience some of the countries architectural wonders (I’m looking at you, Taj Mahal). And you’ll immerse in the rich and vibrant Indian culture.

We spent over One Month in India last year. And it has to be said that these three cities are some of the most challenging places to travel. They can be hectic, busy, and overwhelming; however, they are all significant in the Indian culture. And you’ll be rewarded with some of the most awe-inspiring sites in all of the country.

In this Golden Triangle Itinerary & Guide, we share all of the best places to see in each city, information of Golden Triangle Tours, as well as our top tips and recommendations. So let’s get to it.

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India’s Golden Triangle

Author: , March 16th, 2017

Delhi India pixabay

Last August, in the bleary-eyed numbness induced by over 24 hours of flying—first from San Francisco to Singapore, then onward to Delhi—I was surprised when the driver taking me from the airport to my hotel slowed to a crawl.

I’d often heard that it was fairly common to see cows wandering on the roads in India, but I’d always envisioned this taking place on a rural country lane, not a densely trafficked four-lane highway.

But there I was, in a half-sleeping haze as dozens of cars, trucks, taxi cabs, and motorized rickshaws honked, drivers negotiated with hand signals, and everyone slowly steered their way around a cluster of five saggy- bellied old bessies.

In Hinduism, India’s most common religion, cows are revered. Their milk and its byproducts are cherished culinary staples, and eating beef is banned in most of the country’s 29 states. Often, when a household cow has passed her milking years, owners can no longer afford to feed her, and she is set loose in the streets, eating offerings from devout strangers wherever she roams.

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Gay Travel In Thailand Series Part II: Golden Triangle

Author: , November 7th, 2015

chiangrai 0 Instinct Magazine - Jonathan Higbee

Thailand and her people are incredibly welcoming of LGBT visitors. That’s the easy part. What are the top five tested and true highlights in three very different regions of the country for travelers to experience a life-changing visit to the country? That’s where our three part series “Gay Travel In Thailand” comes in.

After a dizzying visit to the metropolis of Bangkok, winding down with relaxation (and a side of adventure) in Thailand’s northern area of Chiang Rai is ideal. This part of Thailand’s northern stretch forms the border with Myanmar (Burma) and Laos, an intersection that has anointed the region with the nickname of the “Golden Triangle” for years. Though at first glance it may seem short on options for travelers, with a little finesse, Chiang Rai opens up and quickly becomes one of the most magical destinations on any itinerary.

1. Elephant Experience with rescued elephants and their mahouts

Unfortunately for animal rights activists, elephants are everywhere tourists are in Thailand. On the streets of Phuket and Bangkok, these street animals along with their mahout (lifelong trainer) perform for travelers for tips. Anantara Golden Triangle, situated along the Mekong River north of Chiang Rai, provides a sanctuary for elephants rescued from the streets.

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Author: , May 17th, 2012 LGBT Microsite by Tourism Thailand  |  |  After many month of joint work and collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, local hotels, tour operators and restaurants, and several visits to Thailand, which will always stay close and dear to my heart, I am happy and proud to share and announce, that the first ever official and fully dedicated Asian destination LGBT Microsite by a Tourism Board, is up and online. This shows the interest, respect and commitment of Thailand as a destination, toward the international Gay Travelers, in a true Buddhist spirit. You will find many of my photos and collaborations on the site, like one above on the main banner, of me seating contemplating Phranang Beach from my villa at the Rayavadee Resort in Krabi. Mai Pen Rai Thailand it has been a pleasure to work with you all along this six month, and thank you for trusting and myself for this project – check it out. !!! your best source of information when planning your travel experience to Thailand. CM

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Davey Wavey in the Golden Triangle

Author: , March 28th, 2012

Davey Wavey in ThailandIn my last check in, I was enjoying life in Chang Mai. A lot has happened since! Earlier today, we packed up our luggage and headed on a 4-hour journey to an area called the Golden Triangle. It’s a geographical three-way formed by the intersection of Burma, Thailand and Laos. On our way, we stopped at a few villages, temples and shops.

I’m staying at the Four Seasons Tented Camp in Golden Triangle, which is actually quite famous for being one of the world’s best hotel experiences. To get here, we had to ride in a boat and then climb a steep stairway into the 15-tent resort.

Of course, using the word “tent” is a bit misleading. I’ve had apartments smaller than this tent, and it’s complete with an oversize bathtub, outdoor rain shower, WiFi and air conditioning. Each tent is spread out along the hillside, overlooking the river. It’s pretty incredible.

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