Gay Tourism Brought $1.2 Billion to Argentina Economy in 2014

Author: , January 3rd, 2015

Argentina - Google MapsGay tourism is booming in Argentina. The pink pound brought in a whopping $1.2b to the country’s economy in 2014, according to the Tourism Ministry’s National Institute for Tourism Promotion.

More than 445,000 LGBTIs descended on the country this year, says the TMNITP.

Research shows there was an especially high concentration of queer travellers in Buenos Aires.

By Jamie Tabberer – Full Story at Gay Star News | Argentina Gay Travel Resources

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Germany Goes After the Gay Tourism Market

Author: , September 14th, 2014

GermanyIt’s time to get excited! ‘Why?’ we hear you ask.

Well, those lovely people at the German National Tourist Office have just re-launched a brand new website just for us – yes dear LGBT reader, that means you – so that we can learn more about Germany and everything that it has to offer next time we visit.

The country that gave us Adidas, Einstein and World Cup winning super-stud, Mario Gotze (move over Beckham) has now published the perfect resource to plan your next trip to Germany, and it’s all tailored exclusively with LGBT visitors in mind.

That doesn’t mean that this new website is all about pride events, parties and bars though. Of course there is some really useful information on the LGBT scene in Germany’s five largest cities — Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne, as well as details of the major LGBT festivals and events that take place across the country. But there is also information on Germany’s buzzing art landscape, cutting-edge architecture, latest design trends as well as what’s happening right now on the German fashion scene too.

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Argentina’s Gay Tourism Success Story

Author: , August 12th, 2014

Argentina - Google Maps

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Argentina has reported that the LGBT community is responsible for a significant increase in tourism. The host of the annual GNETWORK 360 international gay tourism conference, for the seventh year this year, was lauded for promoting equality and being a model destination for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, couples and families, according to Telam.

Globally, tourism grew by 3 percent in 2013, and LGBT tourism reached 9.7 percent, according to La Nacion. But Argentina has been recognized as a top destination because of its laws guaranteeing equal treatment, according to Terra. It was the first Latin American country to recognize same-sex marriage.

The list of destinations within Argentina, which specifically developed marketing strategies to attract the LGBT tourists, include Mendoza, Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Salta, Jujuy, Iguazu, Puerto Madryn, San Martin de los Andes, El Calafate, Ushuaia, Rosario and Parana.

By Anjalee Khemlani – Full Story at the Latin Post | Argentina Gay Travel Resources

Culinary Travel

Author: , July 24th, 2014

Rich Rubin - Culinary TravelI love food. This is a well-known fact. So it will come as no great surprise to hear that when I travel, the majority of the souvenirs I buy are of the culinary variety. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going into the kitchen to prepare a meal and finding my shelves jam-packed with spices, condiments, and other goodies I’ve bought while traveling. Nothing brings back the feeling of the trip quite like the taste of the place.

What I look for are the little things, the things that will fit easily in a suitcase (or better yet, a carry-on bag) and will immediately make me think of the place where I bought them. In fact, one of my favorite things to do while traveling is to stop in the local grocery store (this is more exotic when overseas), where I’ll often find the exact same products that are being sold in the souvenir shops at half the price. Besides, it’s a great way to discover all kinds of things about the local culture. I also love outdoor and covered markets, where I’ll often find an interesting spice or tea among the produce, meats, and cheeses. Sometimes, though, I’ll find my favorite culinary souvenir when I least expect it, or when I’m not even looking for it.

Imagine me strolling down the street in Frankfurt, Germany. Here I am just across the bridge from the downtown skyscrapers, wondering which of the several nearby museums I should visit, when the words beckon me from half a block away: Frankfurter Senfgalerie (Frankfurt Mustard Gallery, Schweizer Strasse 18, Frankfurt, Germany. Tel: 011-49-69-3660-4435. I go in, and sure enough, there is the world’s most amazing variety of mustards on display from fig and horseradish/dill to the most quintessential Frankfurter mustard imaginable, apfelwein, (made with the local apple wine that adds a touch of sweetness to its tang). I wander for an hour among the shelves laden with little jars, and I emerge with six, two for gifts and four for myself.

By Rich Rubin – Full Story at Passport

Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco and Hotel Palomar

Author: , June 13th, 2014

Gaycation Magazine Kimpton's Gay Couple BikingIf you’ve been wondering what to do for the summer and you find yourself in Philly, why not check out Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco and Hotel Palomar? They recently launched a Philly Gaycation hotel package. As a company, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has always been a company that’s been committed to equality and an overall philosophy of inclusion and diversity.  Kimpton properties are proud to celebrate unique differences of guests and employees.

Kimpton hotels across the country are members of the IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) and TAG approved, a certification that assures gay-friendly hotel practices…

NOTE:  This is an excerpt from the original post found at Gaycation Magazine – Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco and Hotel Palomar

Updates for Gay Pride Tel Aviv 2014

Author: , June 11th, 2014

June is finally here, and with it, the warm days and the cool evening breezes, the opening of the swimming season, both at the several swimming pools in town and of course – at the beaches, the numerous open air events and open air bars, the overflow of tourists (and obviously of gay tourists!) from all over the world, and one big, happy, colorful Gay Pride Tel Aviv parade.

As on every year, Gay Tel Aviv city throws one of the biggest, loudest, happiest prides in the world, with a strong emphasis on on bringing Gay tourists to celebrate Gay Pride Tel Aviv with the locals. During that time of the year, almost all of the Gay hotels Tel Aviv offers (and actually almost all the hotels in Tel Aviv) are fully booked, with reservations made several month earlier, so If you’re planning on coming to this year’s Gay Pride Tel Aviv week, and still haven’t booked your hotel in Tel Aviv, it might be a slightly problem, but don’t let it stop you from attending Gay Tel Aviv awaiting weekend: with some efforts you’ll find a place to crash, and you sure don’t want to miss this year’s Gay Israel’s secular capital’s attractions for Gay Pride Tel Aviv 2014.

Pride month has already started with the annual TLV Fest – Gay Tel Aviv’s film festival, with a most interesting and diverse content. During the festival, which takes places at the Cinematheque, you can watch many gay and lesbian films from all over the world, participate in master classes, attend film pitching and mingle with cultural Gays and Lesbians.


The official Gay Beach Tel Aviv, the Hilton Beach, also already started its activity, with its magnificent Pride Beach event: live DJ sets from the talented local Gay and Lesbian Djs, right on the beach, throughout the day, bringing all swimmers and sunbather the best music around – priceless.

The official Gay Pride Tel Aviv parade will take place this Friday (June 13th), with a different route this year – It will start at Gan Meir as always, walk through Bugrashov Street, then, via Gay Tel Aviv beach promenade will head south, till it ends at Charles Clore Park, just a few meters before Jaffa. As the park is bigger than Gordon Beach (where the parade ended in the past), there is more room for people, access for the disabled, convenient space for the Gay families etc. Right after Gay Pride Tel Aviv parade, you’ll be ready to hit the main Gay parties (Shirazi’s FFF and Forever Tel Aviv), after parties, and maybe even get some time to rest before this dreamy Gay holiday in Tel Aviv is over.

Happy Pride!

Marriott Hotels Kicks Off New Gay Travel Campaign #LoveTravels

Author: , June 2nd, 2014

Marriott #lovetravels

Marriott International today launched a historic new LGBT campaign that celebrates the diversity of love and showcases the brand’s commitment to the gay and lesbian community. #LoveTravels hopes to convey the message that everyone should feel comfortable being who they are, everywhere they travel.

To bring #LoveTravels to life, Marriott partnered with photographer Braden Summers to share exclusive and images celebrating inclusion. “Braden’s work so beautifully illustrates the inclusiveness and equality that we embrace,” said Kristine Friend, senior director, segment marketing. “We are committed to ensuring that all of our guests feel comfortable at all of our hotels and are proud to stay with Marriott.

#LoveTravels is a universal theme we believe is shared by all cultures and communities and truly represents our company’s philosophy and values. We also want to encourage our guests and travelers around the world to share their own journey and story through #LoveTravels @MarriottIntl.”

By Joseph Pedro – Full Story at Passport

Don’t Expect Gay Tourism When You Deny Gay Rights

Author: , April 28th, 2014

Gay TravelAs more places pass laws that recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people as equal citizens under the law, the LGBT community is spending where they are welcomed – and one of America’s favorite destinations – Great Britain – has seized the opportunity with a new ‘Love is GREAT’ campaign timed to coincide with the start of marriage equality laws in England and Wales.

The world’s largest global research initiative into the lives of LGBT people has just released new stats showing that most LGBT Americans now factor in the legal situation of their next vacation destination before booking their holiday.

This is leading to smarter politicians realising that betting against equality is not a good choice. Recently the Republican Party in Nevada took opposition to gay marriage off their official party agenda. That is smart politics – and smart business. With Las Vegas eyeing off the lesbian and gay tourism market already, having marriage equality will help cement that destination’s appeal to a larger number of potential tourists.

And it is not just those that want to marry that will preference the growing number of places whose LGBT citizens are starting to enjoy something approaching equal legal rights at home.

By Ian Johnson – Huffington Post

Gay Travel is Now A Big Business

Author: , March 22nd, 2014

Gay Pride Flag San FranciscoWith Annual Global Spend On Tourism In The Gay Community Set To Exceed An Estimated $200Bn In 2014, Service Providers And Agencies Are Waking Up To The Potential Of The Pink Dollar.

In 2012, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, an international hospitality group, started targeting a new market with its advertising tagline ‘Stay Hilton. Go out’. Its close rival, Marriott International, responded with its ‘Be you with us’ campaign, topped with ‘Pride and joy’ and ‘Out and about’ packages. Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the owner of W Hotels and Sheraton, began offering ‘Pride packages’.

Such nods towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community show that big corporate players are keen to enter a growing segment in the tourist industry. Out Now, an LGBT marketing agency and consultancy, estimates that the annual global spend in the segment is set to exceed $200bn in 2014, with the US the largest market ($56.5bn) followed by Brazil ($25.3bn).

Authored By Michal Kaczmarski – See the Full Story at Q News

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India’s Anti Gay Law and Homophobia Costs $31 Billion A Year

Author: , March 19th, 2014

India Taj MajalAnti-gay legislation and homophobia costs India $31 billion annually, according to a new study from the World Bank.

Between violence, job loss, discrimination, and tourism, the exclusion of the LGBT community ultimately translates into economic loss for the country in terms of higher health-care costs and social programs in addition to lower economic output.

The economic impact may be greater because of the difficulty estimating the exact size of the LGBT community.

Authored By Joseph Pedro – See the Full Story at Passport Magazine

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