Gay Tel Aviv is wishing for peace

Author: , July 30th, 2014

Who would have thought, even only a month ago, that this is how summer of 2014 will look like? I still remember us dancing and laughing on Gay Pride Tel Aviv, walking down the streets and feeling the warm winds of summer arriving slowly to our sleepless, crazy, vivid Gay Tel Aviv city, with an optimistic promises for an unforgettable summer new experiences, and new friends.

It crazy how fast can our reality change into something completely different. Instead of thousands of tourists arriving from all over the world, filling the streets, the restaurants, the beaches ,the numerous hotels in Tel Aviv, and basically the entire city, we only see half packed venues, instead of hearing laughs we mostly hear crying, instead of peace and good neighboring, we’re in the middle of war.

This are one of the most difficult paradox in our lives – being in such a politically charged situation, surrounded by difficult neighbors, while trying to live our daily routine , as do all the rest of us in other countries, is even hard during calmer days, not to mention during times of war and vengeance. The feelings are mixed and you are torn between the bad news you hear on TV, the alarms you hear almost everyday, which send you right to the closest shelter and the weird vibe which is not familiar the the hedonist vibe of Gay Tel Aviv, and the inner force which makes you want to go on with your normal life, makes you want to go dancing, to tell your friends from abroad not to give on their Gay travel Israel plans, to go tanning at the beach and to let yourself escape from this hard reality.

At the moment, we’re still in the middle of this war, without knowing when and how it will end. It’s weird to even think about Gay Israel travel or to recommend on some of the new Gay friendly hotels in Tel Aviv which were recently opened, or even to deal with anything that has to do with friends and visitors from abroad. Let’s just pray for better days, hope that this too will end soon and things will, slowly go back to normal, and let’s all pray for peace in the Middle East!

Gay Tel Aviv

Gay Tel Aviv

Outside of Gay Tel Aviv

Author: , April 16th, 2014

Usually, a vacation in Gay Israel consists of visiting only Tel Aviv. It’s true that Tel Aviv is by far the most Gay friendly, open minded, liberal and hedonistic city in Israel, and that all major Gay events, including Gay Pride Tel Aviv, the annual Gay film festival – TLV Fest, the Lesbian film festival – Lethal Lesbian 3, countless parties and after parties and almost any other Gay event which comes to mind, take place in the city, but still, there are some worth seeing spots outside of the vivid city.

If time is on your side, take it and use it to visit at least one or two unforgettable spots, which will give a deeper angle to your Gay Israel vacation, The first spot you really should visit is, obviously, the holy city of Jerusalem. The controversial, beautiful, hypnotizing city, on which so many words were written and tears were shed, is waiting for you within an hour drive from Gay Tel Aviv’s center. Whether you go on a Gay group tour Israel‘s gay travel agencies are running, on a regular tour or on your own, you will undoubtedly be amazed by its historical ruins, special atmosphere and breathtaking views, not to mention its colorful markets and excellent food (some of the best hummus restaurants are located in Jerusalem). There aren’t so many Gay events or Gay bars in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem pride is not as huge as Gay Pride Tel Aviv, due to the immnese oposition of the Orthodox Jews, populating most of the city, but still, you can always find what to do even in here, or you can quicly come back to Tel Aviv. 


Another most popular destination is the Dead Sea and Masada area. Located in the south of the country, at the Judaean Desert, where you can visit the ruins of Herod the Great’s fortress, which is a sign and a symbol for the long lost Jewish society, who fought the Romans till death, Then, you will reach the lowest point on the face of Earth : the Dead Sea; floating on its water will leave you awed by the wonders of nature. Take the time and treat yourself with a healing mud bath or any other spa treatment you wish, and fix your mood, body and soul, just before heading back to Tel Aviv, to continue your fantastic vacation in Gay Israel


Purim Carnival in gay Tel Aviv

Author: , February 2nd, 2014

One of the most fun, happy, colorful times in Israel is when Purim carnival is on; it’s when the only Mitzvah (command) is to be happy, joyful, and drunk.

The origins of Purim are commenced way back, in ancient times, at the great Persian Empire, when Haman the evil (The Persian King’s secretary) had a master plan of annihilating the entire Jewish people living in the Persian Empire. He held a lot, (in Hebrew- PUR- therefore the name of the holiday) in which was decided that this mass murder shall happen in 13 of Nissan (Jewish month). Luckily, the vicious plan was thwarted by Mordechai and Esther the braves, turning Ester to the queen of Persia.

Ever since, on each 13 of Nissan (according to the Jewish calendar, that’s why each year the dates are different, but it’s always somewhere around March), Jewish people, from all around the world, celebrate the happy ending of that plot while practicing the main traditional customs: exchanging Mishloah Manot (food presents), dressing up in fine, funny costumes, reading the Megillah (the Biblical book where the story was recorded), and basically, partying, drinking and eating for 3 entire days.


 You can only imagine, therefore, how fun it is to be in gay Tel Aviv during that time! The city get overcrowded with thousands of people in disguise, there are even more parties than usual, including a street masquerade, and a gay infamous after party (starting at noon till very late in the night) by Shirazi – Tel Aviv gay nightlife scene’s king, to which you must dress up in order to get in (and yes, it’s even wilder than you think), everyone is cheerful and happy, and for 3 entire days, the city gets a magical vibe and atmosphere, giving you, and all the rest, a chance to be whoever they want to be.

 Considering the fact that the Israeli climate is relatively comfortable all year’s round, and that there’s not a real winter in here, Purim time (this year it will be celebrated on March 13-17) can be a great break from the cold European or American winter, in which you can stay at one of the many gay hotels in Tel Aviv and enjoy this colorful, happy, time in the city. There’s even a slight chance of catching some sun!