Galapagos East Islands Itinerary – Nomadic Boys

Galapagos East Islands - Nomadic Boys The Galapagos itineraries are tightly controlled by the Ecuadorian government and the Galapagos National Park because of their sensitive environment. We did a luxury cruise aboard the Passion yacht, which alternates between 2 Galapagos itineraries each week. The first itinerary covers the Eastern islands and the second one covers the West islands. The main difference between the two is the Western islands are younger and larger because they have witnessed volcanic eruptions more recently. As such they have a more volatile environment, but with stunning instagrammable landscapes. The Eastern Islands are older, so have had more time to develop vegetation, making them greener, attracting more wildlife. Both are amazing in their own way and will blow your mind, whichever you choose. As we sailed in the Eastern islands, we’ve put together a detailed itinerary, which we experienced on board the Passion luxury yacht.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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