Author: , August 7th, 2010
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Florida Beach Chairs

Florida BeachWith all the television, radio and newspaper media telling the whole world about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of tourists are thinking that the coasts of Florida are all oily.

WRONG!!!! We have received dozens of emails from readers asking about the Florida coasts. The coast line of Florida is still as beautiful as ever!

Forget what you have heard. We recently flew down for a visit to both coasts and everything is perfect and we do mean perfect!

Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaThe east side of Florida including Jacksonville, Daytona, Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami are fabulously wonderful.

The west side of Florida is equally as great including Naples, Ft. Myers and the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area.

Most gays usually go to Ft. Lauderdale where there are dozens of gay resorts, or they go to the St. Petersburg/Tampa area.

Flamingo Resort, St. Petersburg, FloridaWith the opening of the new Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, more and more gays are going there now. The Resort has 130 rooms.

Others prefer the smaller coastal cities such as St. Augustine, Daytona Beach on the east coast or Naples and Ft. Myers on the west coast.

The favorite for many, many years was Key West. How we wish that we had been going to Key West back in the 1960’s!

With the straight cruise ships landing in Key West, it has changed somewhat, but it is still a very unusual place to visit.

It is hot everywhere in the country this summer so head down to the Florida beaches and take advantage of their beautiful sandy beaches. Actually we enjoy going to all the beaches in Florida.

Ft. Lauderdale is one of the most popular destinations for gays all over the country since it has so many things to see and but don’t forget the rest of the beaches in Florida. GO visit the coasts of Florida this summer and enjoy yourself!

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and for our leather friends:

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