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Author: , July 20th, 2017

Gay Patagonia

Patagonia! That massive chunk of land on the tip of the American continent, split between Chile and Argentina. This is the place for adventure travellers, home to some of the most incredible landscapes we’ve seen, exciting treks as well as a wide variety of wildlife. After a month travelling across this vast region, here are our 10 interesting facts about gay Patagonia we learnt on this stunning journey.

#1 Patagonia means ‘Land of the Big Feet’

The story goes that when Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, first set foot here in 1520, he found large footprints of the natives. Later when he met them, he alleged they were almost twice the size of normal human size, measuring around 4 metres (13ft)! Future explorers also wrote about meeting Patagonian giants, but later criticised for being exaggerations. Fantasy or not, the myth of the giant natives inspired the name for the area, which has been used ever since.

#2 It has the second longest living species on Earth

At 2,600 years old, the Alerces Tree is an interesting fact about Patagonia because it is the second longest living species on our planet. The oldest is the Methuselah (White Mountains in California, USA), which is almost 5,000 yrs old. This famous tree is located in the UNESCO listed Alerces National Park on the Western side of Chubut, Argentina Patagonia, near the Chilean border. The National Park was created in 1937 to protect this family of ancient trees. Can you believe this tree is older than Jesus Christ?

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Some Facts and Figures From the New Gay Travel Report

Author: , December 22nd, 2011

Gay Travel StudyThe LGBT tourism industry is BIG. $65 billion a year big. Out of the $1.3 trillion spent in economic output for the travel and tourism industry in the USA, gays and lesbians account for a rather healthy chunk.

Just released yesterday, Community Marketing Inc.’s annual LGBT Tourism Study reveals this and other stats that have become the bellwhether of gay consumers on the go. Culling responses from over 10,000 self-identified gay and lesbian consumers, what started as a way to highlight the power of the pink dollar and open the eyes of destinations has transformed into a window of how gays travel.

Where do you fit in? Do you also choose a hotel based on location, price, free WiFi access, and gay-friendly rep — in that order? See some more insights below:

FACT: The LGBT community has increased their travel in the last year, despite the economic downturn.
FIGURE: 3.9, average number of leisure trips taken last year by gay men.

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