Our DNA Journey – The Nomadic Boys

The Nomadic Boys

“I am pure 100% French of course! I cannot be anything else. My family name, Chaneac, is from Ardeche, a very FRENCH region of FRANCE. Believe me, you cannot get anymore French than my family!” Yet after receiving the results of his AncestryDNA test, can you guess exactly how much of Seb’s DNA is in fact French? Read on to find out…

We stumbled across Momondo’s video a few years ago, where they interviewed a group of people from different ethnicities about what they thought their origins are, and more importantly, which countries they wouldn’t want to have in their DNA. So for example, the Kurdish lady didn’t want any Turkish in her DNA, and the nationalistic British guy could only see himself as being 100% English, with a specific loathing for Germany. The results surprised them as it showed the Kurdish lady has a great deal of Turkish DNA, and the proud Brit was in fact a mix of many places, including Germany.

Our Own DNA Journey

We were dubious at first about how genuine these tests actually are and spent a while researching their credibility. It turns out there are several companies offering this service like AncestryDNA and 23andMe. The tests are based on your saliva, which produces just as accurate DNA results as your blood. We chose the AncestryDNA test, which costs £99 for each DNA kit (£79 plus £20 postage fee). The other one we looked at was 23andMe, which is more expensive but offers a more detailed analysis about your medical traits and health.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys