Globetrotter Girls – Charming Erfurt, Germany

Author: , August 28th, 2015

Erfurt Germany - Globetrotter Girls

I left Berlin for a quick visit home to my loved ones, and most importantly, to photograph the wedding of one of my oldest friends. Usually I dread visiting Erfurt, the town I grew up in, because if there is such a thing as growing apart from your hometown, then I have certainly experienced it. I doubt that I’d ever go back there if my sister and a few friends were still living there, and usually only spend a few days there to catch up with everyone.

This time it was different though. It had been a while that I’d visited Erfurt during the summer, and having a first-time visitor in town for a couple of days also helped me seeing my oh-so-boring town in a new light.

I spent hours wandering the cobble stone streets, marveling at the well-maintained and restored half-timbered houses, the imposing cathedral and the picturesque little squares, lined with coffee shops and restaurants. Al fresco dinners on warm summer evenings, picnics by the river, a wine festival and long runs with my favorite running buddy also helped making me appreciate my town again.

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Globetrotter Girls – Chinatown in New York City

Author: , July 30th, 2015

Dany at Globetrotter Girls - New York City Chinatown

July is nearly over, which means my U.S. visa is about to run out. As usual, I am extremely upset to leave, this time maybe even more than ever. I’ve got to say a few more words on this topic, but I wanted to keep the Polaroid light, so look out for it in my July round-up.

I left Gomez and moved in with Jessie, my biggest fling from last summer.. cat fling, that is. Do you remember her? She was my favorite pet and I looked after her several times last summer, and the exciting part of the cat sit this year is that her owner moved from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side – to Chinatown to be precise.

I have never spent much time down here which is why I was excited to finally explore Chinatown in more detail, and take advantage of the short way home from the many cool Lower East Side bars.

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Globetrotter Girls – Hong Kong The Second Time Around

Author: , July 6th, 2015

Hong Kong - Globetrotter Girls

As some of you might remember, my first visit to Hong Kong didn’t go as planned. Even though I was wowed by the city and loved my time there, I felt like I had failed as a traveler. I had made poor choices about where to stay, I gave into my jet lag instead of fighting it, and I was too exhausted after a busy month of travel to feel the urge to truly explore the city.

But back then, I also knew that I’d be back in Hong Kong a few months later, and this time around, I’d rectify all the mistakes I had made on my first visit.

I arrived energized after a short flight from Bangkok, and when I checked into my cozy room at the OZO Wesley Hotel a little bit later, looking out of the window over Hong Kong Island, I couldn’t wait to head out and take on the city – I didn’t waste any time and went right out to wander the streets of Wan Chai, the neighborhood I was staying in. When I left the city six days later, (even though I was nowhere near ready to leave Hong Kong!), I did so with a smile on my face, knowing I’d made the most out of my visit. Read on for my tips on how to have a splendid time in Hong Kong, plus my favorite eateries, coffee shops and bars.

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Globetrotter Girls – Summer in New York City

Author: , June 15th, 2015

Dany - New York City
This past week has been glorious – summer has arrived early in New York City, and with temperatures averaging 85*F / 30*C every day, I’ve found it difficult to work and not simply enjoy the summer weather all day long.

I spent every spare minute outside, enjoying my favorite parks with several visits to Prospect Park, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Washington Square Park; a cycling tour from Brooklyn to Harlem via the Brooklyn Bridge and the Hudson River cycle path, long runs along the Brooklyn Bridge promenade and through the park, food festivals and outdoor art at the Bushwick Open Studios last Sunday.

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Globetrotter Girls – A Different Side of New York City

Author: , June 11th, 2015

Dany - New York City

I am back in New York City! In Brooklyn, to be precise, and if you’ve been following me for a while you know that I prefer Brooklyn’s edgier neighborhoods to most of Manhattan’s cookie-cutter neighborhoods which can be a bit too bland for my taste (I am excluding neighborhoods like the East Village, Washington Heights and Manhattan) and I couldn’t be happier to be back in my favorite place in the world.

At the moment, I am cat sitting in Prospect Heights, where I cat sat (for a different cat) three times last year. I love this neighborhood and when I stepped back into my favorite coffee shop here, it felt like I was never gone. One thing I regretted last year was not having a bike, and so I was delighted when a friend of mine organized a bicycle for me.

Since picking up ‘Lola’, I’ve been cruising around Brooklyn every day – revisiting all my favorite spots including Prospect Park, Crown Heights, Williamsburg and Prospect Lefferts Gardens, pictured above. I discovered this neighborhood randomly last year thanks to a dog sit and loved how the historic homes in the styles of Romanesque revival, Neo-renaissance, Neo-Georgian, Neo-Federal and later Tudor-revival clashed with the eclectic vibrancy of the African-Caribbean communities that call this neighborhood home.

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Globetrotter Girls – The Grand Finale of my Philippines Trip

Author: , May 14th, 2015

El Nido, Philippines - Dany at Globetrotter Girls

El Nido was one of the two places I was looking forward to the most on my Philippines trip (the other one was Boracay), as everyone who had been there was raving about the unspoiled beauty of the deserted islands off the coast of Palawan, the island El Nido is located on.

As I was holding on for my dear life in the van that took me up to El Nido from Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s main airport, I was praying that it would live up to my high expectations, but since Palawan had recently been declared the most beautiful island in the world, I was pretty confident that it wouldn’t disappoint.

When I booked my flight to Puerto Princesa, I wasn’t aware that it would take another 5-6 hours to get to El Nido from the airport, which would make this a 16-hour travel day starting in Dumaguete 6am in the morning and reaching El Nido 9pm at night. The hours in the van were some of the most horrible driving I’ve experienced so far, even beating the van driver from Laos to Chiang Mai who fell asleep halfway through, forcing one of us passengers to take over the wheel.

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Globetrotter Girls – Sunset in Santa Monica

Author: , May 11th, 2015

Santa Monica - Dany at Globetrotter Girls

It seems like the travel gods aren’t on my side this year: I wish I could say that my journey to the U.S. went without a glitch, but I almost didn’t make it here. I wasn’t allowed on the plane – again. (Does this sound familiar?!) I will talk about it in more detail in my monthly round-up; at the moment I am still digesting this little major travel mishap.

I eventually made it to L.A., and a few days under the Californian sun helped me recover from the incident and to relax before starting my housesit. I stayed one block from the beach in Santa Monica, the perfect location to enjoy the nightly spectacle of the magnificent sunsets over the Pacific and to go on long runs along the promenade.

Most of my days were spent in Santa Monica and Venice – even though it wasn’t like I hadn’t been to a beach in ages (my last beach day was about a month ago in Thailand), I cherished my beach time, knowing that these would be my last beach days for a very long time.

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