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Corniglia is the oldest village in Cinque Terre that’s mentioned in Giovanni Bocaccio’s “Decameron.” It’s an Italian classic prose that contains 100 stories told by ten young people (7 women and 3 men) who gathered around in a hidden villa to escape Black Death that plagued the neighbouring city.

How to get (go up) there

Of the five beautiful villages in Cinque Terre, Corniglia is the one in the middle. Most day tour visitors would skip it because from the train station, they have to climb around 380 steps to get into the heart of the village. Though those steps are wide and well-kept, it’s a bad idea if you have arthritis or other medical conditions. So, for those with physical challenges, it’s better to take the bus outside the train station. If yon’t know which way, ask the guard at the information centre just when you get off. That will cost you 3 euros.

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