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Author: , May 11th, 2019

Cordoba Gay Friendly Hotels - The Nomadic Boys

Are you wondering where the best place in Argentina is to find young, gay Argentinian boys? Well, the answer is Córdoba! The city is famous for having Argentina’s oldest university and as a result, there is a large student population which means a vibrant nightlife including a small but exciting gay scene.

As well as the nightlife, Córdoba offers plenty of beautiful architecture, particularly the many religious buildings such as the popular Cathedral of Córdoba. Another popular sight is the Jesuit Block, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which contains the old headquarters of the university, the National School of Monserrat and the Domestic Chapel.

Cordoba has a decent offering of gay friendly accommodations. Having spent a few months travelling across the country, we had ample time sampling the best places to stay in Cordoba. Here’s our roundup of our 5 favourite gay friendly Cordoba hotels, for all budgets.

Where to stay in Córdoba

Córdoba is the second most populous city in Argentina after Buenos Aires and is located on the banks of the Suquía River. There’s no metro system as of yet, but you will be able to get around the city easily using buses or trolleybuses. Here’s a quick summary to the best gay friendly neighbourhoods to stay in.

Güemes: Güemes is our favourite gay friendly neighbourhood, it’s bohemian and lively with a more alternative nightlife scene than the city centre. This is where you will find the majority of Córdoba’s gay bars, discos and clubs as well as a craft fair (The Paseo de las Artes) during the daytime. If you want to be right in the heart of the gay area in Córdoba, stay at the lovely Windsor Hotel & Tower.

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Gay Cordoba – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , September 19th, 2016

Gay Cordoba - Nomadic Boys

Where did all the young pretty Argentinian gay boys go? Córdoba!

This is the geographical heart of Argentina, famous for having the country’s oldest university and one of the fewest offering free education for all. As a result, Córdoba has a large student population – some claim up to 20% of its 1.4 million residents. Córdoba’s second biggest city brings with it a fun and exciting, albeit small gay scene, especially in the very Bohemian neighbourhood called Güemes.


Córdoba is located in the centre of Argentina, around 700km (435 miles) Northwest of Buenos Aires. It is surrounded by picturesque valleys and mountains, called the Sierras de Córdoba, ideal for us adventure seeking nature lovers.

The Córdoba Province is especially famous for having the best, most fresh air in Argentina, thereby making it a place where Argentinians like to come to relax.

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Cordoba, Argentina’s Second City

Author: , April 1st, 2013

People in Cordoba, Argentina - Robert SchraderI visited Cordoba, Argentina’s second-largest city, mostly by proxy. Having planned far too little time in South America, and nearing the end of my trip, I didn’t have long enough to devote to the places in Argentina I actually did want to see, such as Salta in the north or, most ideally, Patagonia in the south.

To be sure, Cordoba doesn’t have a whole lot to offer travelers – I felt like I had seen more than enough, after just two days. I can’t say I would recommend going there if you have the time, money and ability to visit some of the other Argentina destinations I’ve mentioned.

This Cordoba photo essay is more to commemorate the brief time I spent in this large, but uncelebrated city, than to inspire you to visit yourself. I was surprised and delighted by much of what I came upon while exploring Cordoba on foot with my camera – I hope you feel the same way.

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Cordoba, Argentina – A Bustling Second City

Author: , October 8th, 2011

It was restored but unfortunately while the restoration provided a glimpse of history much of the truth seemed missing. The central palace too had undergone major modern refurbishment hinting at a contradiction in terms of maintaining architectural heritage…

Arriving at a bustling bus terminal correctly indicates this as the second largest city, Cordoba. The university town near the middle of Argentina close to the entrance of the wine country is built across flat fields of an agricultural economy. Stepping first onto the main street circling the city the yellow taxis mark an emblem for Cordoba. An army of these yellow vehicles line every street and prepare for onslaught at each junction.

On initial inspection among semi-rise new builds and spontaneous coffee bars are grandiose buildings marking Argentine heritage – a mix of historic cultures paraded around the main square – Plaza San Martin. By 9am the day’s heat is evidently creeping towards the 30’s as locals reach for the shade cigarette in hand on the way to work.

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