Burj Al Arab Dubai is Not a Seven-Star Hotel – Keep Calm and Wander

Burj Al Arab Dubai - Alain Burj Al Arab Dubai is not a certified seven-star hotel in the world. You read the title right. No one ever rated it as such. In fact, its website doesn’t boast of itself as “the only seven star hotel in the world.” No, they don’t use that, too, in their advertising anywhere. Also, the hotel doesn’t rate itself as five-star hotel but a luxury hotel. Period. And oh, if you’re really curious how much will it cost you for a night, check here. The truth is: a British journalist dubbed it as the “world’s only seven star hotel” during its press briefing. She was so impressed that she rated it herself–and the world believed her. So, now, no one can ever stop the gossip she spearheaded. LOL….

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