Pride Parades in Bulgaria, Wisconsin Cancelled

Author: , June 22nd, 2013

Gay Pride Flag San FranciscoA gay pride celebration in Bulgaria has been cancelled because of security issues. Gay Star News reports:

Pride has been canceled in Sofia capital of Bulgaria, due to fears that anti-gay extremists may attack the participants. Organizers of Sofia Pride that was scheduled for tomorrow (22 June) say the event has been canceled due to the insistence of city’s municipality and the Interior Ministry.

It’s not the only Pride celebration cancelled this week. So was the first-time pride event in Wausau, Wisconsin:

It appears Wausau, Wisconsin will not be getting its first ever gay pride parade today as previously planned. Organizers for the parade have now canceled the event after what they say has been a backlash of bigotry from the Wausau community. Green Bay Press Gazette reports: Daxx Bouvier had planned to hold a gay pride parade at 3 p.m Saturday, but he decided this week to cancel the event in the wake of negative response from a Wausau City Council member and in articles from several local media sources.

Sad when fear and prejudice conquer love and freedom.

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Bulgaria Welcoming Gay Tourists

Author: , January 19th, 2013
by Petar Atanasov, Gay Holidays in Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria
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Carevec Fortress, Bulgaria

Alexander Nevski, SofiaBulgaria is among today’s more popular tourist destinations, even though it was quite late to join the market. Since the mid-90’s the country has greatly improved its resort and it’s quickly catching up to the world’s top holiday spots.

Since Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007 it’s blooming has been even speedier and the once hidden paradise is quickly uncovering itself to tourists from all over the world.

Cathedral, Varna, SofiaAmazing summer vacations, world class winter resorts, exciting adventure holidays, rich and healthy mineral waters and a few millennia of history make Bulgaria a high bar setting destination.

Now the time has finally come for the country to offer itself on yet another tourism sector – gay tourism. Bulgaria has a history of gay tolerance and today some of its biggest celebrities are gay.

National Theater, Sofia, BulgariaThere are various places for gay people to visit, such as cafes, night clubs, bathhouses, saunas and beaches. It’s no wonder then that the gay tourism market holds huge potential for developers in Bulgaria, who have now finally appeared.

GHB Agency, or Gay Holidays in Bulgaria offers 5 different types of gay holidays for incoming tourists. They currently offer Sofia city breaks, winter holidays, culture tours and adventure holidays to anyone interested in experiencing the wonders of Bulgayria, as they sometimes call it. For 2013 they are planning to expand to the Black sea offering gay summer holidays and a few special promotions, featuring visits to world stars’ events in Sofia like Bon Jovi or Depeche Mode concerts.

Parliament, Sofia, BulgariaBut Bulgaria is still somewhat of an “undiscovered paradise” for gay tourists. Apart from a really big gay night club which used to be famous in the 80’s and the 90’s (“Spartacus” was enough of a reason for a lot of tourists from the West to overcome the Iron Curtain back then), the country didn’t have much to work on its image with during the 20th century.

But today, as tourism and infrastructure enjoy a huge boost in improvement, so does gay life. Gay Holidays in Bulgaria combine the natural tourism potential with gay opportunities to create well worth and yet quite affordable gay holidays.

Pirin Mountain, BulgariaSo how does Bulgaria plan to add gay tourists to the millions who visit the country each year? “Our country has so much to offer, that it’s a shame we’ve started to develop gay tourism onl a few months ago”, says GHB’s Sales Manager Petar Atanasov. “But it’s not a simple mix of landmarks and gay places – we are offering unique packages, tailored especially for gay tourists. City breaks, water and winter adventures, history, culture and we have plans for much more!”

The country’s biggest advantages are its history, geographical location and low prices. No matter where you go, you see many interesting historical monuments and landmarks. Even the most modern resorts have kept the charm of their history.

Public Baths, Sofia, BulgariaThe capital has amazing churches from four of the world’s major religions and is still working on adapting the latest archeological discoveries for tourists. The reason – the country itself has more than 1300 years of official history and its lands – several millennia. Not long ago a 7 000 years old town was unearthed near the sea and Bulgaria’s sea capital Varna can brag with the oldest golden treasure ever uncovered on Earth being buried on its territory.

All that time and history is reflected in today’s image of the country. As a crossroad between Europe and Asia, it has benefited from the numerous nations and cultures passing through its territory, leaving a well suited for historical and cultural tourism land today.

Ski Resort, Bansko, BulgariaBulgaria’s most popular destinations (and also the ones currently being developed for gay tourists) are the Black Sea and the Rila and Pirin mountains. The summer season on the coast lasts from May to September. Sunny weather, beautiful sights, numerous high-quality summer resorts and wild night parties make the Black Sea perfect for a summer holiday.

But Bulgaria doesn’t sleep in the winter either – from November to April the winter resorts greet tourists from all around the world to ski and snowboard at affordable prices. The most famous resort, Bansko, hosts important winter sport contests each year. Bulgaria’s history and culture are well integrated into the architecture style of the town and it’s well developed mountain slopes offer unforgettable experience to skiers and snowboarders.

Troyan Monastery, BulgariaAnother important feature of the country are its mineral waters. Famous for their healing properties, numerous springs have been well-adapted to make the country second in Europe in terms of SPA and wellness tourism. Gay Holidays in Bulgaria are planning to offer wellness vacations to gay tourists as well. The healing Pancharevo Baths, featured in Sofia’s weekends are just the tip of the iceberg.

And now that there is an agency officially developing gay tourism, all this is available to you as well. Already on the road to becoming one of the world’s best destinations, while still holding very affordable prices, Bulgaria is definitely a place worth visiting, regardless of your sexual orientation. While the country may still be “an undiscovered paradise” for gay people, it won’t stay that way for long as its popularity is bound to grow.  Visit our website at Gay Holidays in Bulgaria.

Balkans Gay Pride Marches Controversial

Author: , June 19th, 2011

Gays and lesbians marched in several Eastern European capitals Saturday protected by hundreds of riot police after some extremist groups urged members to stop the Gay Pride rallies.

Nearly 1,000 people joined the fourth Gay Pride rally in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, organizers said. Twice as many paraded through the Croatian capital of Zagreb under rainbow arches of balloons and banners for that city’s 10th Gay Pride march. Hungarian gay rights activists also took to the streets in Budapest, flanked by police in full riot gear.

Gays and lesbians face widespread hostility in the region’s macho-dominated societies, and opposition to their public events has been fierce.

Full Story From the Washington Post

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