Chez Amis B&B Inn – Annapolis Gay Friendly Bed & Breakfast

Chez Amis B&B Inn - Annapolis Gay Friendly Bed & Breakfast

Come stay with us in Maryland’s state capital for a day, weekend or even a full week, and explore everything Annapolis has to offer.

Our Annapolis B&B offers four guest rooms in the historic downtown, close to the State Capitol building, St. John’s College, the Annapolis waterfront, city dock, the US Naval Academy, antique shops and wonderful Annapolis restaurants and night life, all within easy walking distance.

Chez Amis in French means “Among Friends”. Come stay with us and enjoy a great breakfast, comfortable lodging and plain old fashioned relaxation.

Each of our guest rooms includes a private television. Our common area is perfect for reading, conversation, and playing games, including Bananagrams and Scrabble. We also offer refreshments and homemade cookies throughout the day and night – sneak downstairs in the middle of the night for one last cookie, if you want.

Our dining area is a wonderful piece of carpentry that was built by the previous inn owner. It comfortably fits all of our guests but we also offer supplemental seating if you want a more intimate table.

We have a big collection of books, DVD’s and CD’s for your enjoyment during your stay. Or bring your e-reader or ipad, and use our free wireless access.

Looking for a warm, friendly place to stay in Annapolis? We’d love to have you at Chez Amis!

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Annapolis Inn – Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis Inn Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay: Who doesn’t want to feel special? Isn’t the purpose of a getaway to find and experience something special that will make all the difference in how we feel – that special place, that special destination, that private oasis where intimate experiences create lifelong memories? Who doesn’t want to make their special someone feel even more special or enjoy being pampered in comfort, luxury and elegance while experiencing excellent service and convenience? In Annapolis, one of America’s best kept secret destinations, you will find the treasure you are looking for. Tucked away on prestigious Prince George Street, the most fashionable and sort after address in town, you will find that gem of a destination that superbly transforms the ordinary into the magical, the run-of-the mill into the one-of-a-kind, the ordinary getaway into the unforgettable and unexpected experience. It is The Annapolis Inn. Only one block from the center of town, The Annapolis Inn is tucked away in the quiet and serenity of historic and majestic Prince George Street, boarded by the Chesapeake Bay, the United States Naval Academy, St. John’s College, the Annapolis City Dock, and the Maryland State House, where Washington resigned as Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army and where the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the Revolutionary War. In keeping with its prestigious surroundings The Annapolis Inn, once the home of Thomas Jefferson’s personal physician and still British territory, was erected in 1762. The United States was yet to be born, and Marie Antoinette was yet to become the Queen of France. The Inn still maintains the aristocratic elegance that it originally possessed with spacious entertainment rooms and bedrooms, ornate gold-leaf plaster crown moldings, marble fire mantels and southern pine floors. A blend of 18th Century furnishings from around the world can be seen throughout the Inn accented with ten custom-made Swarovski crystal chandeliers and sconces, English tapestries, hand make oriental rugs. Our custom designed baths have an elegant yet rustic charm combining tumbled, honed and polished marbles, heated marble floors, towel warmers, massage therapy tubs, showers and bidets. Our customized king-sized mattresses of 100% natural bamboo latex are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, eliminating any concern for dust mites, bed bugs and any other allergens. Dressed in beautiful Italian linens of 100% Egyptian long-spun cotton with a 300 to 1100/si thread count, we can assure you of a regal night’s sleep. If you believe that tomorrow is promised to no one, that time makes no promises to the heart, that love knows no measures or that romance has no season, then once kissed by time, love and romance, the heart will never forget. Make your getaway one that your heart will never forget, one that you will always remember, one that your special someone will always appreciate. You’re special and so is your life and your loved ones. You deserve the best. Don’t hesitate to reach for the stars. There you will find us happily awaiting your arrival.

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