New Gay Tourism Ad Promotes Las Vegas

Author: , April 9th, 2014

Las Vegas AdContinuing in its pursuit to draw LGBT visitors, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority premiered on Monday its first national television ad campaign geared toward that community.

In the commercial titled The Check In, a man and woman prepare to check in at a hotel. The woman steps away for a moment leaving the man waiting for front desk assistance.

The man is joined by another man and the two are mistaken by an attendant as a couple. “You gentlemen ready to check in,” the attendant asks in the commercial before the familiar “What Happens Here” slate concludes the ad.

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Gay Portuguese Film Festival Releases Braveheart Spoof Ad

Author: , September 28th, 2013

Portugal Gay Film FestivalEvery September, Lisbon hosts Queer Lisboa, “the sole Portuguese Film Festival dedicated exclusively to screening gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual themed films.”

And every year, for several years now, Queer Lisboa comes out with an epic promo video ad.

Last year, it was “The Death of the Gay Cliche.” In 2010, it was “Mister Pink,” a brilliant redo of the famous scene from Reservoir Dogs. Now this year, William Wallace gradually gets more flamboyant (as do his charges) as he gets into his pride speech.

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KLM Gay Shows Pride in Latest Ad

Author: , August 18th, 2013

KLM AdWhile celebrating gay pride has becomes less and less of a controversial issue for brands, travel brands have gone the extra mile to cater to the growing global community.

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline, is advertising their LGBT-friendly travel services with a new ad that tells consumers that it will fly “to the world’s proudest festivals,” and lists dates of upcoming pride events in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Cape Town, South Africa.

Authored By Mark J. Miller – See the Full Story at Brand Channel

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Greece: Travel Company Launches Homophobic Ad

Author: , March 29th, 2013

you tube bigA travel company in Greece is raising eyebrows with an ad campaign that brings up stereotypes of predatory gay men. Pink News reports:

In the AirFasttickets video, which has been published on YouTube, a male hitchhiker is picked up by a gay male truck driver who is portrayed as menacing. As the truck driver makes suggestive glances at the hitchhiker, the hitchhiker looks increasingly uncomfortable. AirFasttickets suggests in avoiding similar situations, customers should book with them. The company, founded in 2009 by Nikolaos Koklonis, says on its website that it arranges travel for almost 5 million people worldwide each year.

See the ad:

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US Tourism Ad Featuring Gay Couple Lambasted By Conservatives

Author: , June 6th, 2012

The ad promoting tourism to the U.S. seemed innocuous enough, but Family Research Council president Tony Perkins warns that the advertising campaign is being used to “highlight same-sex attractions.”

The Discover America ad highlights diversity in the US, including a song by Rosanne Cash and images of an interracial couple, two Muslim women in a city and people celebrating the Hindu festival Holi. But Perkins is peeved by its attempt “to celebrate homosexuality” by featuring a man with his arm around his partner on a bus for almost two seconds.

Perkins claimed that the ad depicts “a country of radical values and backwards priorities” for including “so much cultural baggage.”

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New US Tourism Ad Features Gay Couple

Author: , April 25th, 2012

Promoting one of the world’s largest and most diverse brands is no easy job, but WPP’s JWT was up for the task to handle Brand USA. In an effort to target tourists from around the world to come and visit the United States, the company rolled out a new 60-second spot that showcases America as “The Land of Dreams.”

As diverse scenes of American landscapes and its people are shown, Johnny Cash’s daughter, Rosanne Cash, sings an inspirational song about the country. “Our goal is nothing short of rekindling the world’s love affair with the US–the place, the spirit and the dream,” said Brand USA CEO Jim Evans in a statement.

“We want to spread America’s message of welcome around the world and invite travelers to experience the limitless possibilities the United States has to offer.” The campaign will first be shown in the UK and Canada and with many more countries to follow.

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The Out NYC Looking for a “Straight” Employee???

Author: , March 29th, 2012

Out NYCThe Out NYC Hotel is the gay hotel complex on West 42nd Street, attached to the gay club xl. But they don’t want anyone too “gay” working the spa, it seems.

Various people just got an email from the place saying:

“We have a 5000sf foot ultra sexy and luxurious wellness center with 3 water falls, 2 hot tubs, a sauna, a hamam, a large gym, a spa deck and more.

“We are looking for a ‘straight’ good looking young man that probably is in school now or works retail or is working part time that would enjoy this fun job.

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What Do Gay Travel And Pregnancy Tests Have in Common? Ask MTV

Author: , October 5th, 2011

Not to discount the B in LGBT, but it’s a fairly safe bet that same-sex couples are not in the market for drugstore pregnancy tests. Gay men have a zero percent chance of pregnancy during sex. Ever. ZERO.

And women sleeping with women have similarly pregnancy-free sex lives. When lesbian couples do make the decision to have children, there are usually doctors and nurses involved – not anxiety and little sticks to pee on.

So why on earth is Trip Out Travel spamming the hell out of its readers with a complete and total page takeover pop-up hawking EPT pregnancy tests? If ever there were a complete and total online advertising FAIL, it’s HERE. Go on. We’ll wait.

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LinkedIn Pulls Gay Travel Book Ad

Author: , September 2nd, 2011

Gay Travel Guide for Tops and BottomsThe professional networking site LinkedIn has pulled an ad for a gay travel guide, claiming it contains “inappropriate content or language.” “It’s baffling,” says Robert Christofle at Open Mic Press/Icon Empire Press.

Christofle says he’s been promoting The Gay Travel Guide For Tops and Bottoms on a variety of sites, many of them straight, without incident. But LinkedIn, which has networks ostensibly catering to gay professionals, censored the ad.

An email sent to Christofle from LinkedIn on Aug 30 says the ad was pulled because it violated the company’s content and language guidelines. According to the email, “common examples of inappropriate content include: phone numbers, excessive punctuation and unprofessional language.”

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