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Dolly Travels Our friend Dolly is on the go again, this time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Buenas Tardes, Now I must switch to English. I have exhausted my Spanish vocabulary. Frank and I decided we needed another vacation; therefore, we flew down to Puerto Vallarta on Friday. We arrived at our hotel around 6:00 p.m., after spending almost 2 hours going through Immigration and Customs. The lines were long, but progressed smoothly. No one seemed to be upset or angry. Eventually, we retrieved our bags, ran the gauntlet through time share salesmen and found our taxi. We arrived here, at Club Regina, in time for Happy Hour. Our timing is impeccable. The hotel sits among lush green gardens, palm trees and swimming pools. At the western edge of the property is the Pacific Ocean. The setting is so peaceful and relaxing, although the buildings are painted white with bubble-gum pink accents, interspersed with bright yellow accents. I think that design is to keep the guests from getting too bored. After we got settle into our room, Frank and I walked down to a bar to have an evening cocktail. Frank could not get a martini, as the bar did not stock vermouth. We settled for a glass of Chardonnay each, as the bar did not have Pinot Grigio, either. Hmm. This could be a long week. We did have a delicious seafood dinner, though, and as we were both tired, we turned in early for a good night’s sleep. Yesterday, we went into town. The concierge told us we could get a taxi to town for about 100 pesos, which is a bit under $6.00 US. I asked if there wasn’t a bus that went to town. Yes, there was. We found the bus, paid our 7.50 pesos. ( 45 cents US). Not that we are cheap, but I thought the experience of taking local transport would be interesting. That it was. The buses run every 15 minutes, and are an efficient mode of transport, but we had to hang on tight, as the young driver weaved his way through traffic. Oh, to be young and fearless. We made it to our destination, though, safe and almost sound. Our destination was the Malecon, which is a one mile, 12 block promenade that borders the sea. This esplanade is traffic free, flowers and trees planted in a median all along the route. There are many sculptures in this area, as well as some innovative sand sculptures. Eventually, we reached the southern end of the Malecon. We knew there was an excellent restaurant nearby, and we found it. We went into an almost empty restaurant, as it was about 4:00 p.m by then. The waiter was very gracious. We told him we had been there before, several years ago. He was pleased that we remembered his restaurant and that we came back. After our late lunch, we then caught a bus going back toward our hotel. Another adventure. We got off the bus this time at Walmart. We wanted to buy some groceries, so we didn’t have to eat out every meal. Of course, our grocery bags were so heavy when we left, we got a taxi back to the hotel, for a cost of less than $4 US. We bought a papaya, a pineapple, some little limes, a couple of pastries, to make our breakfast this morning. The fruit was so delicious…we have enough papaya to last the rest of the week. The rest of our day was spent just being lazy..we watched football…(.hey, did the Seahawks get lucky, or what?) later, I went down to one of the pools. Nothing like floating on my back, looking up at palm trees and wispy clouds to relax the mind. We are having Happy Hour in our condo, then we will go down to a restaurant for dinner. Maybe. We have fruit, bread, cheese and wine here. Who could ask for anything more. So I will say, Adios, till next time. More adventures to come, I am sure. Your traveling blog writer, Dolly

By Dolly Goolsby – Full Story at Dolly Travels

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Femminiello Pride

Femmineillo Pride Irpinia contradicts everything you expect about Southern Italy. The rainy climate and green mountains have more in common with the Pacific Northwest than the Amalfi Coast, just 40 miles away. Instead of Roman ruins like those at Pompeii, stones remain from the Osci, the native Campanian tribe known for their salacious festivals. The spiritual center of the region is the famously hard-to-reach church at Montevergine. Pilgrims arrive after long bus rides over highways that span seemingly bottomless gorges. Irpinia’s landscape is foreboding, which is why the Montevergine pilgrimage has always required strong and focused devotion. The thin air is hard to breathe. The damp stone from the mountain’s peaks perfume the air with ancient minerals. In the cleared piazza, old women sell candles and chestnuts, but the attention belongs to the crowds of dancing men and women beating tambourines and clapping out ancient rhythms with castanets. If you took away the down coats and wool hats, the scene would look like it inspired one of the ancient mosaics on display at the archaeological museum in nearby Naples. Energy builds among the devotees who pray and sing as the faithful have done here since the thirteenth century. But on February 2nd devotees wear lipstick and stubble and feather boas. By the time night descends, over two thousand gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pilgrims will have passed through this Catholic shrine to worship the icon they call the ‘Madonna of Transformation.’

By Danielle Oteri – Full Story at Roads and Kingdoms

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Purple Roofs LGBT Travel Round-Up – January 13th

King Fahd Causeway – Connecting Saudi and Bahrain (Keep Calm and Wander)
King Fahd Causeway in Manama is a structure that connects two countries by the Arabian Gulf—Saudi and Bahrain.
full story King-Fahd-Causeway-7-2-copy BARBADOS:
Caribbean Beaches Guide – Bathsheba Beach, Barbados (Go Girlfriend)
Northeast of Barbados’s Capital City, Bridgetown. Home to the international surfing sweet spot known as the “Soup Bowl,” you’ll find this beach on the bucket list of any competitive surfer, whether from Barbados or afar.
full story CUBA:
Is Cuba Safe for Gay Travellers? (Daily Xtra)
This year, the country’s tourism offices began offering LGBT-focused press trips, flying in journalists from mainstream gay travel magazines so they could see for themselves just how welcoming the country had become.
full story [caption id="attachment_39871" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Cuba - Sydney Photo by Sydney Coatsworth[/caption] EUROPE:
Calling All Snow Bunnies: Get Your European Gay Ski Week 2016 Deets Here (Gay Star News)
Better get your skates (or skis) on – this year’s European Gay Ski Week is just four months away.
full story SPAIN:
Smart & Sexy Locals Tell You Where To Hang Out In Madrid & Barcelona (Queerty)
Planning a trip to Spain in the new year? Let these savvy local experts guide you to their favorite hangouts in Madrid and Barcelona.
full story Lukas-Teixera SPAIN:
Photos: Beards Are An Absolute MUST At Madrid’s Biggest Bear Party (Gay Vities)
Bearbie is a weekly bear party that takes place every weekend in the heart of Plaza de Pedro Zerolo in Madrid.
full story Bearbie USA, FLORIDA:
Miami to Host First-Ever Gay8 Festival (Watermark)
On Jan. 17, Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood will host the first annual Gay8 (pronounced “GayOcho”) Festival, a Latino LGBT event with art, music and food.
full story Gay8 Festival USA, NEW MEXICO:
Experience Albuquerque & Santa Fe in One Trip (Sherman’s Travel)
It’s been a slow start to winter this year, but the temperatures are bound to dip at some point. When it does, it’ll be the perfect time to escape to the Southwestern U.S. and experience the region’s classics: beautiful red rocks and outdoor adventure, mountain cuisine and handmade crafts, Native American heritage, and organic Adobe architecture.
full story Old Town Albuquerque/Christine Wei]]>

Gay Accommodations: Agriturismo Il Segreto di Pietrafitta, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

Agriturismo Il Segreto di Pietrafitta Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Il Segreto di Pietrafitta is an elegant structure that rises on the gates of San Gimignano, the most famous medieval town in Tuscany. The origins of the structure are quite ancient, and many historical figures have slept within its walls. The Agriturismo is located on a dominant position, facing towards the magnificent town of San Gimignano. From here you’ll be able to easily reach Florence, Siena, and the Chianti region. There are also many wonderful small medieval towns to visit nearby, such as Volterra, Certaldo, Monteriggioni, and many others.
The structure offers 9 very comfortable rooms, meticulously decorated from local craftsmen, including floors covered with Cotto (typical Tuscan clay bricks), and wooden beams on the ceilings. No small details are left unnoticed here at Il Segreto di Pietrafitta!

See the Agriturismo Il Segreto di Pietrafitta Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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Gay Athens – The Gritty Elegance of the Greek Capital

Gay Athens I’ve pondered the progress of the Greek economic crisis with interest and confusion. Much of the xenophobic rhetoric around the crisis made me side with the Greeks long before I’d grasped the finer details of the situation. The austerity and injustice inflicted on the working class Greek people made me want to kick the banks, punch the City and poke the establishment. Instead, I went to Greece for a holiday.

Greek Tragedy

The media have largely portrayed a country torn apart and crumbling. On the news, we saw riots, poverty, outrage and destitution. Greece had seemingly lost its Shirley Valentine shine. My friend George hails from Thessaloniki and suggested a trip to his homeland. Despite my reservations, the wisdom of a local made the prospects much more inviting. He suggested a few nights in gay Athens, then a jaunt to one of the islands. In gay Athens, we stayed in a sensational Airbnb apartment, bang in the middle of Psyri, one of the edgier nightlife districts of Athens. The neighborhood was once home to revolutionaries during the war of Independence. It’s been a bohemian magnet for years, famed for raucous tavernas, hashish and rembetika. Today, Psyri’s a lively mix of working class industrial business, high-end hipsterism and dive party debauchery. In the space of a two minute mince, you’ll see ‘Fuck the Police’ graffiti, bustling hardware stores and speakeasy cocktail bars.

By Stewart Who – Full Story at Gay Star News

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Historical Bahrain Fort – Keep Calm and Wander

Bahrain Fort I was in Manama (Bahrain) for three days and two nights–and the whole time I was there, it rained. It did stop a few times during the day but it’s murky cloudy and then rain showers would come back and forth. I didn’t really explored the city much, except visiting the old Bahrain Fort, hiring a taxi to King Fahd Causeway and walking around Old Manama where I was billeted at Delmon International Hotel. Travel Tips: The best way to get to Bahrain Fort is via a taxi. Agree on the fare first before getting on. It’s 10-15 minutes from downtown. There’s no public transport that goes there. In fact, part of the road going there is unpaved. You can explore The Fort on your own. It’s free. Really, it’s free! Just make sure to tell the taxi driver to wait for you because it’s going to be hard to get one when you’re done.

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander


Side By Side Holidays – Gay Tour Operator in the Seychelles

Side by Side Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great LGBT friendly tour operators.

We specialise in luxury, tailor-made tours and holiday packages for individual gay and straight travellers and small groups. Our main destination are Seychelles Island, South Africa, Mauritius, Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Reunion. Our travel partners excel at handcrafting and coordinating complex international luxury itineraries. Their expertise and connections cover all logistics, transportation, accommodation, guides, and insider access to unique experiences – as well as 24X7 supports throughout your trip and after. We are based in the Seychelles, and we have travel managers dedicated to our customers in England, France, Italy and the United States.

See the Side by Side Holidays Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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Purple Roofs LGBT Travel Newsletter: January 10th

Purple Roofs Newsletter. Every day, our LGBT Travel Blog brings you featured LGBT travel articles, as well as tons of news and helpful travel tips, which we summarize here for you every few weeks. And you can also join our Facebook Travel Clubs for our daily discussions and your travel questions (it’s free!):

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Featured Articles: travel autoTRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Buses by Donald and Ray, the Gay Travelers In the United States, there are basically only four ways to travel and that is by plane, train, automobile and buses. They all have their advantages as well as disadvantages. We prefer traveling by automobile since we have the luxury of time. Living in the center of the country, it only takes a couple of days or at the most 3 days to travel to either coast. Plus we enjoy seeing the sights and sounds and meeting new and interesting people along the way. If you fly, you usually need to rent an automobile anyway. Plus when driving you can take more clothing with you and purchase more items to bring back home with you. Our theory is ‘getting to a destination can be half the fun’. However we fully understand if you do live on either coast or do not have a lot of time, you have no choice than to fly.

The Green BookBefore Purple Roofs, There Was The Green Book by Ana Swanson For African American travelers, much of the U.S. could be a hateful and dangerous place, even into the 1960’s. Jim Crow laws across the South mandated that restaurants, hotels, pool halls and parks strictly separate whites and blacks. Lynchings kept blacks in fear of mob violence. And there were thousands of so-called “sundown towns,” including in northern states like Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan, which barred blacks after dark, an unofficial rule reinforced by the threat of violence. So in 1936, a postal worker named Victor Green began publishing a guide to help African American travelers find friendly restaurants, auto shops and accommodations in far-off places. Green dubbed the guide after himself – the “Green Book” – and published it for decades. Green says he was inspired by the Jewish press, which had long published information on restricted places.

Kalbarri coastAUSTRALIA: Kalbarri & Geraldton by the Wandering Wives Breath taking coastal vistas and vibrant rock formations are the main stay of Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia. In land, the Murchinson River has carved out an 80 km gorge through striped ochre sandstone as it snakes its way to the ocean. Hikers and paddlers flock to the gorge to enjoy the wilderness. Coastal cliffs offer bracing walks high above the crashing waves below, with eagles soaring overhead. At least that’s what it says in the guide book. Google offers amazing pictures of the striking banded rocks and orange cliffs set against perfect blue skies. Having visited so many of the national parks in Australia, we were excited to find an adventure in Kalbarri. The day we visited the park the weather was not in our favour. The sky was grey, the wind was howling and the park did not quite measure up to our expectations.

Janet BeinMEXICO: Salt and Fresh Water Adventure in Yelapa by Janet Bein My third time visiting Yelapa was still a charm. This remote fishing village is located in the southernmost cove of the world’s seventh largest bay, Bahia de Banderas, in Jalisco, Mexico. You can stay overnight in a small hotel or rent a room or a house. You can also come here for a yoga retreat, which I bet would be wonderful. But so far, I’ve only come for one-day excursions while staying in Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta. Yelapa is not an island, but for most practical purposes, it’s accessible only by boat. The first time that I went, I took a small water taxi from the Puerto Vallarta harbor. The other times, I chose to take excursions on more comfortable catamarans with Vallarta Adventures, which runs day trips starting in either Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta. These trips include snorkeling and kayaking, a buffet lunch, and unlimited drinks, plus an optional hike through the village of Yelapa to a refreshing waterfall, and time to relax, swim, or eat some more at the Yelapa beach.

MarlboroughNEW ZEALAND: Marlborough is All About the Wine, Right? by Helen Redshaw Wrong! Marlborough is certainly famous for its sauvignon blanc. Yes we are by far the largest wine producing region in NZ and Marlborough sauvignon blanc in all its wonderful forms is lauded throughout the world. At Na Clachan we think Marlborough sauvignon blanc is so good we wrote a song and video extolling its virtues. It’s a tongue in cheek celebration of Marlborough’s best known export. But despite the dominance of vineyards in the Wairau and Awatere valleys let’s put the winemaking into perspective. We have about 25,000 hectares (62,500 acres) of grapes which is 250km2. Marlborough comes in at a whopping 12,484 km2 so only about 2% of Marlborough’s total land area is used for grapes. So we have plenty of space to fit in a range of activities and attractions. Take a few days in Marlborough and enjoy the wide variety of activities and attractions it has to offer.

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Atlanta – City Sundays

City Sundays Atlanta Hey all, Welcome to our weekly series on the blog and our Facebook travel groups – City Sundays. Each week we’ll select a different LGBT friendly city to talk about, and we’ll invite our innkeeper and travel agent/tour operator friends to come talk with us about it as well. Atlanta is a vibrant gay friendly city, home to CNN, their famous peach tea, and lots of beautiful guys and women with those amazing southern accents. It’s a very diverse city, set amongst the rolling hills of Northern Georgia. Have you ever been? What did you do while you were there? Do you wanna go? Let’s chat! Join the conversation here: Gay (Men) Travelers: Gay Travel Club Lesbian Travelers: Lesbian Travel Club Transgender Travelers: Transgender Travel Club Bisexual Travelers: Bi Travel Club LGBT Families: LGBT Families Travel Club Check out our Atlanta (Georgia) page here: https://www.purpleroofs.com/usa/georgia.html And our Atlanta articles on the blog here: https://www.purpleroofs.com/gay-travel-blog/?s=Atlanta]]>

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Buses

travel auto In the United States, there are basically only four ways to travel and that is by plane, train, automobile and buses. They all have their advantages as well as disadvantages. We prefer traveling by automobile since we have the luxury of time. Living in the center of the country, it only takes a couple of days or at the most 3 days to travel to either coast. Plus we enjoy seeing the sights and sounds and meeting new and interesting people along the way. If you fly, you usually need to rent an automobile anyway. Plus when driving you can take more clothing with you and purchase more items to bring back home with you. Our theory is ‘getting to a destination can be half the fun’. However we fully understand if you do live on either coast or do not have a lot of time, you have no choice than to fly. travel planeFor those who live in the upper Midwest or Northeast, they are forced to fly if they only have a week if they want to go to South Florida. Thousands of Gay men fly into Ft. Lauderdale during the winter months to get away from the frigid cold and snow. Fortunately in that town, the Gay resorts are close to the bars and shopping so an automobile is not always necessary. Otherwise one does need to rent an automobile. With all of the hassles in flying, we just prefer not to fly. travel trainAmtrak is another alternative however they scheduling is very ‘iffy’ to say the best. We took an Amtrak trip to California and back two years ago and although we were very lucky in not having any scheduling problems, Amtrak does present a lot of problems for travelers. Check out this website, http://www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/amtrak.html to read some of the hundreds of complaints about what passengers have written about their experiences riding on Amtrak and then decide for yourself if you want to try Amtrak. We now only would take Amtrak for a short trip less than 300 miles. travel busBuses are still around and although we have never taken one on a trip, there are those who really enjoy it. We have taken tour bus trips which is not to be confused with traveling across the country. With a tour bus trip you get on at one location and go directly to your destination and your luggage and accommodations are all taken care for you, whereas on a regular bus travel you have to book everything yourself. The bus terminals are usually downtown and sometimes right at the Amtrak station. On Amtrak they do have full restaurant services whereas on buses they do not. Some websites to check out are, for buses, www.greyhound.com and for trains, www.amtrak.com There are several automobile rental companies and many have great specials from time to time so check those out. Don and Ray Always remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone! TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married). Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at [email protected] and visit their website at http://gaytravelersataol.blogspot.com/

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