GaySail: Gay Tour Operator in Amsterdam

GaySailPeriodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly tour operatorsy: At GaySail we organize about 50 gay sailing cruises a year, all over the world, for single gay men, -couples, -friends and private gay groups. We sail in Greece, Croatia, Ibiza, Virgin Islands, St. Martin & St. Barth, Bahamas, Brazil and Thailand. With our team of 22 fully licensed gay skippers and gay cooks/co-skippers we can offer you a wonderful one- or two week gay sailing vacation. We offer regular GaySail sailing cruises but also a lot GayNudeSail sailing cruises and GaySail Exclusive luxury sailing cruises, both monohull- and catamaran yachts. Cruises with gay skipper only, or skipper and cook for breakfast and lunch. Something for everyone! No sailing experience needed. If you like, you can take the wheel and learn to sail and navigate, if you just want to relax, soak up in the sun on the front deck, watch out for the dolphins, it’s your holiday! We usually sail about 6 hours a day. Most of the time we anchor for lunch and swim. At night we dock in little in local harbor and have dinner in the local restaurants of we stay overnight in a bay under the stars and have dinner on board.

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Highlights On the Way to Fethiye, Turkey

Turkey TurkeyMarmaris is a natural deep water harbour. Ferries link the Turkish mainland at Marmaris with the Greek Island of Rhodes. This is also an excellent starting point for a cruise east to Fethiye. Marmaris is now a very lively tourist town with many bars, restaurants and hotels. Perhaps you might spend a couple of days there before boarding? The change in atmosphere and environment will be striking! Marmaris TurkeyMarmaris may have lost some of its natural beauty because of its rapid development but there are still a few things to see as you start your Marmaris Fethiye Gulet Cruise.

  • Cleopatra Island in the Gulf of Gokova has both Greek and Roman ruins. Its real name is Sedir but it gets its nickname because it is said that Mark Anthony had fine sand delivered to create a lovely beach for his Egyptian lover.
  • Cennet (Turkish for ‘’paradise’’) Island is in fact a peninsula but not really accessible by land so your cruise gives you the chance to see it.
Your Route TurkeyCruises are full board with fresh local produce at every meal. You may try to catch dinner one day because there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you are unlucky you will not go hungry with the captain likely to BBQ lamb, chicken or both instead. TurkeyAs you head east you will immediately be struck by the natural beauty of the coastline. There are many coves and certainly two points of real interest very quickly.
  • Ekincik is a popular place to anchor. There is a small beach, hotel, restaurant and bar. You may decide it is a nice spot to spend the night.
  • Only a short distance further there is the famous Iztuzu Beach. It is a protected area because it is a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle. By day it is a stretch of 5 kilometres of sand. Behind the beach is the delta of the Dalyan River which has come from the inland lake of Koycegiz, past the famous Lycian rock tombs and the ruins of the ancient port of Kaunos.
  • TurkeySarigerme a little way on has a nice beach but with the independence of your own boat you can drop anchor in any of the small coves en route.
  • As you you can also enjoy the small islands that form a very popular day trip for those staying on the mainland. The 12 Islands Tour begins either in Gocek, a small town with an impressive marina or in Fethiye which is your final destination on this cruise.
Fethiye Fethiye is another town that has expanded tremendously as tourist numbers have increased. The population that includes the outlying villages and resorts is now approaching 150,000 and those number increase dramatically during the summer months. TurkeyWhile you are still on board there are a few places to see before exploring Fethiye on land later. One of those places is Tersane Island which was home to Greeks before the formation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. It has been uninhabited ever since though there are some tourist facilities manned during the summer. It is a chance to explore and have a final swim during your cruise. Incidentally a more famous Greek settlement is nearby; Kayakoy was abandoned at the same time. It is a popular tourist destination and restaurants cater for visitors from Fethiye which is perhaps 20 minutes’ away. That is a place to see at the end of your memorable cruise. Once you have taken a cruise like this you are likely to want to do another in the future. There are several popular routes just waiting for you to book.

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Cruising With Our Scruffy Italian Friend

The Scruffy Italian Traveler - Sergio Scardia A Gay Cruise in the Caribbean? Oh yes please! I have always dreamed of the beautiful water of the Caribbeans Gulf! As you know, I love to go to swim in the most beautiful seas, and visit the most amazing beaches all over the world… so I am really looking forward to this all new adventure! I have partnered with Outing And Adventures, specialists in multisport adventure trips worldwide, to enjoy an amazing Gay Cruise on a Windjammer in the Caribbeans Gulf this October (9-15th October). Do you want to join me? Click here and check all the details of the cruise now! If you are interested, get in touch with me and I will definitely help you in the booking process. I have never been to this beautiful part of the world, so a Gay Caribbean cruise looks so appealing to me: the idea of spending 1 full week on the turquoise water of the Caribbean, with up to 26 gay men, plus a highly experienced crew of 12, is something I am really looking forward to!

By Sergio Scardia – Full Story at the Scruffy Italian Traveler

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Gay Sailing With Saltyboys – The Scruffy Italian Traveler

Today we’re launching a partnership with The Scruffy Italian Traveler – Sergio Scardia – with this post from his blog. Welcome Sergio! Scruffy Italian Traveler I have partnered with Saltyboys, specialists in Gay Sailing worldwide, to enjoy a beautiful Sailing cruise Au Naturel (yes, it means Naked!) in in the Saronic Gulf, in Greece, in August (20-27th August). Do you want to join me? Click here and book now! There are only a few places still left! I have been to Greece a few times in the past, in Mykonos (I hear you saying: obviously!), Athens, Paros, but I have not visited yet the Saronic Gulf, so I am really curious to discover the beauty of the area! We will visit the idyllic harbour villages of Hydra, Poros, Aegina and Epidavros with its ancient amphitheater! Oh well… who am I lying to? The idea of spending 1 full week naked on the sea with other like-minded guys from all over the world, aged roughly 25-45, is very appealing too! No matter if you have ever sailed or not (I have never been myself on a sailing boat for a 1-week cruise for example): Saltyboys welcomes both first-timers and more experienced sailors on board. And, by the end of the cruise, everyone will be a sailor anyway! The yachts are modern with plenty of space to relax, comfortable cabins, a fully equipped galley and several bathrooms. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are a solo traveller, like me! As long as you feel comfortable being naked around other like minded international gay guys, you can still join the fun of the boat cruise, and become a nude Saltyboy as well! On the first evening, after getting to meet each other during the first shopping and some sun-downers, a cabin division will be made: you will be teamed up with someone you have clicked with! Of course, if you come with a friend or your partner, you can share the cabin with that person.

By Sergio Scardia – Full Story at The Scruffy Italian Traveler


Nomadic Boys: Cruise and Exclusive Interview

Nomadic Boys PASSION-16-600x400One of the places we’ve always wanted to visit are the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, one of the most pristine and diverse ecosystems on the planet. This is bound to be a very exciting adventure and we would love to share it with you… We’ve teamed up with LGBT specialists Ishpingo Tours to offer an exclusive gay cruise to these enchanted islands between 13-22 October 2016. Spaces are limited aboard the luxurious M/Y Passion yacht, so make sure you book your tour with us ASAP and do not forget to use the promo code NOMADIC5 to receive a 5% discount. Sign up here – five spots left: Now, on to the interview! Nomadic Boys Hello PR boys. We are gay couple, Stefan and Sebastien. We quit our jobs and London life in early 2014 to eat our way through Asia and have since made travelling a long-term lifestyle. Stefan, 33 is a former lawyer, of Greek Cypriot origin, born and raised in London. Sebastien, 34, is an IT geek, originally from France but moved to London to work in the finance industry. London is where we met. Nomadic Boys Purple Roofs: How did you guys first meet? Nomadic Boys: We first set eyes on each other on Tuesday 24th February 2009 at the GAY bar in Soho, London. Sebastien was meeting friends to talk about moving to Spain to start a new life and Stefan was meeting a work colleague about a possible career move. We were too shy to speak to one another and it was Stefan’s friend who helped break the ice. The rest is history. We have been together for over 6 years. After 2 years, we bought our flat together, renovated it and enjoyed a happy life in London. We figured if we can survive that, then surely we can survive travelling together long term. Nomadic Boys PR: What gave you the idea to start Nomadic Boys? NB: Sebastien was on the verge of leaving London and Stefan had hit a lull in his legal career and was looking for something new. We talked about moving to new places long term and earning money along the way to fund this and to make long-term travelling a new lifestyle/career. In around 2012, we agreed to go for it and start in Asia. So, we started planning and saving up and set 2014 as the year we would be financially ready to leave London. We set up the blog before we left London in June 2014. It was a mutual decision and has become our baby. The blog has been an excellent way to keep a record of our travels. It’s great because it forces us to be more involved with our travels, such as what we are eating, when and why was a particular building built and making a strong effort to meet locals. The main 2 things we both love are picking up recipes from each country we visit ( and trying to meet local gays and gain their point of view of the gay scene: Nomadic Boys PR:  When did you know it was going to work? NB: Since we set up the blog, it has grown exponentially in terms of traffic and followers, particularly amongst the LGBT community. We have recently started to be contacted by hotels, tour companies and other tourist related businesses offering sponsorship and advertising. Nomadic Boys PR:  Has the concept changed over time, or is this pretty much what you planned all along? NB: It started as a way of recording our travels as our big trip in Asia was something we’d never done before and we therefore wanted a place online to record our discoveries, show off our photos etc As the blog has grown, we’ve become more organised with the type of articles we do and when. Comparing our latest blog post to our first one makes us cringe, but a great benchmark to see how far we’ve evolved. Nomadic Boys PR:  What was the most amazing thing that has happened to you guys so far? NB: We have loved Mongolia, Nepal and Cambodia the most. But overall, we’d both agree on the Philippines because about a year into our travels, this was also the same time the blog really started to take off. In London, we have many Filipino friends and heard a great about the country from them. We therefore arrived in the Philippines with extremely high expectations. These were not only exceeded but also left us with a craving to return. We have fallen in love with it, particularly the Filipinos who we have a massive soft spot for: their faces just exude this a genuine friendliness and warmth. Nomadic Boys PR:  The scariest? NB: The scariest will always be the Trans Siberian. Stefan is more up for roughing it and has travelled alone extensively before, particularly in Latin America. For Sebastien however, this was his first big trip outside of Europe and from home comforts. Stefan’s goal was to “break” Sebastien into the world of backpacking by throwing him on the deep end and start with the famous week long train journey. That’s 1 week of no washing and roughing it on a train. It’s awesome, but those tantrums from the Frenchman throughout the experience were the scariest thing we’ve encountered so far on our travels Nomadic Boys PR:  The most surprising? NB: We were invited to speak on the morning show of a government owned radio station in Malaysia. Malaysia is not the most gay friendly country when it comes to its laws – it’s illegal! But as long as you don’t say the word gay out loud, you see a whole different experience then what you would imagine is the reality. The radio DJ was as camp as Christmas, extremely hilarious with some delicious tongue in cheek lines, but as long as we avoided THAT word [gay] it was absolutely fine! Nomadic Boys PR:  What are the biggest challenges to being a travel writer/blogger? The biggest rewards? NB: At the end of the day, it is a small business you are trying to build and like any new business, it needs a lot of time investment to get anywhere, particularly in the first year. We spend more hours behind the computer then we ever did before in our former jobs. But this is our baby, and watching it evolve has been the most rewarding thing we have achieved together. Nomadic Boys PR:  How long do you plan to do this – is it a life-long passion? NB: Our dream is to be able to continue travelling using income from our blog (and other jobs we do along the way to compliment this) once our savings run out. It is extremely hard work keeping on top of it along with travel plans but heck we are not complaining and it has been extremely rewarding. 24 Business card selfie for TBEX Asia, Bangkok, October 2015 PR:  I noticed you guys seem to have left Asia behind, for now. What’s coming up next? NB: We are back home in Europe to spend quality time with family and then head over to Latin America from July. Follow our Latin discoveries on our gay travel blog. Nomadic Boys Find the Nomadic Boys on social media: Nomadic Boys Nomadic Boys Nomadic Boys Nomadic Boys Nomadic Boys Nomadic Boys]]>

Trans Woman Asks for Refund for Transphobic Treatment on Cruise

Sherry Donegan Sherry Donegan of Fresno, Calif., had never taken a cruise before when she joined 17 others last month aboard the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas for a six-day vacation. But a comment from an anti-LGBT employee aboard the ship and being relegated to the back of a ballroom certainly didn’t make a good first impression. Donegan is transgender, and her group consisted of trans women, men, and allies. On her second night, a bartender turned her away, telling her, “We don’t serve fags here,” she told the Bay Area Reporter. Donegan filed a complaint aboard ship and two days later was told that employee had been fired and put off the ship in Mexico. She told the Reporter she doesn’t believe Royal Caribbean, which recently scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for the second year in a row.

By Dawn Ennis – Full Story at The Advocate


Cruising Turkey

Bodrum from Castle - Alaturka This post comes to us courtesy of Ned at alaturka boat cruise turkeySail the azure waters of the Aegean Sea on a blue cruise in Turkey. Explore the rich history, diverse culture and pristine environment along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of the Turkish Riviera Istanbul is the capital of the gay community in Turkey, however the seaside is amazing for vacations. For the ultimate holiday experience, whether for relaxation, partying, or exploration, a blue cruise with Alaturka Cruises will ensure you have a breathtaking adventure! Floating along the Turkish coast on your carefully selected gulet-Turkish sailboat- will make you feel like a Greek god and goddess. Let’s look at just a few of the destinations that are visited during a blue cruise. Although Alaturka Cruises has defined schedules, you are welcome to create your own itinerary. Alaturka


This vibrant city is the fashionable place to go for Istanbul socialites. Beautiful beaches, spirited nightclubs, and world class cuisine are all found in this former fishing village.


If you enjoy history, go to the Underwater Archaeology Museum located within Bodrum Castle. The largest museum dedicated to marine archaeology in the world, items from local shipwrecks dating back to the late-Bronze age can be seen. Get insight into the colorful gay culture of Turkey with a visit to the Zeki Muren Arts Museum. Turkey’s version of Liberace, Zeki Muren, was a famous cross-dressing singer, composer and actor in the 1970s and 80s. This was his Bodrum home until his death in 1996 and houses his flamboyant costume and art collection.


The Mandarin Oriental Bodrum is is the ultimate modern and luxurious hotel above Paradise Bay. Relax by one of the 4 pools, or grab a lounge chair on one of the private beaches. You can also spend the day getting body treatments, facials or Thalassotherapy at the beautiful spa.


For a low key, easy going café try Frappe Bodrum. Pasha the dog welcomes all visitors at this gay-friendly establishment. Breakfast is plentiful in the mornings and the vegetarian burger is one of the best in town. There is live music on most evenings throughout the summer. Fethiye boat harbour 2 - Alaturka


Fethiye is the port where many blue cruises begin. Before or after your journey along the Turquoise Coast, spend a few days in the sublime nature of this area.


Oludeniz Blue Lagoon Turkey 2The beaches in Fethiye, especially in Oludeniz (dead sea), are world-famous for their serenity. Pull up a lounge chair at Sea Horse Beach and sip chilled wine as you watch the day pass by. Gemiler beach is a bit secluded and less crowded than the super popular Calis beach. If you enjoy extreme sports, go paragliding from the top of Babadag Mountain. The view from the sky is unbelievable! The best way to convene with nature is camping. Lilith Camp in Kabak Cove is gay-owned and shows the true meaning of Turkish hospitality. Just a 5-minute walk to the beach, this colorful camp offers bungalows for those who don’t prefer to pitch a tent. The parties in Kabak are well-known by EDM lovers.


Yediburunlar Lighthouse is a lovely guest house surrounded by forested beauty, in case you need a break from the parties in the city. The homemade meals are prepared with local, seasonal ingredients, so enjoy the fruits of Mother earth. Another gay-owned establishment is the Gul Baba House in Kalkan. Located on a hill overlooking the city and harbour of Kalkan, this rustic home has a minimum stay of 1 week.


Arty’s Fish and Chips is the closest flavor to home, that is if you’re from the UK or Australia. Sit outside and enjoy a cold Efes beer while you wait, or have food delivered if you can’t manage to leave your comfortable hotel balcony. The city comes alive at night, so options for merry making are ample. The best cocktails in Fethiye are at 4 Corner Bar where the atmosphere is relaxed, but the music is lively.


There are weekly and daily blue cruises from the famous party city of Antalya, so stay here as long as you wish.


The historical sites in this region are vast. The amphitheater at Aspendos is the most unspoiled Greco-Roman theatre in the world. The International Opera and Ballet Festival has performances here throughout the summer. There are clubs galore in Antalya! Inferno is the most intense example of dancing bodies in the city. During foam party nights, bubbles encompass the dancefloor to ensure everyone is truly soaked. Ceyn Athena Club is a popular gay bar in Kaleici, the old town. As with every club you visit, be sure to ask the price of drinks when you order. Some places can be highly overpriced.


A trendy, sophisticated hotel near the beach is Hotel Su. Mood lighting is the specialty in this luxury resort in the city center. All rooms have balconies to gaze on the swimmers and sunbathers at the pool below. Dining on Turkish, Asian and Italian cuisine takes place inside or outdoors at the lounge, poolside, the beach, or the sushi restaurant. For the ultimate pleasurable experience stay at Royal Adam and Eve Hotel. The walls are covered with mirrors at every step and the modern, sleek design inspires sensations of all kinds. The hotel is ideal for couples and honeymooners.


In the old town, Vanilla is a nice contemporary restaurant set within Ottoman architecture. Dishes are prepared with (mostly) regionally selected items. ]]>

Hang Out With the Nomadic Boys on a Cruise

Gili Islands - Nomadic Boys After 18 months travelling in Asia, we are delighted to announce we are next heading over to discover and explore the very sexy Latin America…ARRIBAAA!! One of the places we’ve always wanted to visit are the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, one of the most pristine and diverse ecosystems on the planet. This is bound to be a very exciting adventure and we would love to share it with you… We’ve teamed up with LGBT specialists Ishpingo Tours to offer an exclusive gay cruise to these enchanted islands between 13-22 October 2016. Spaces are limited aboard the luxurious M/Y passion yacht, so make sure you book your tour with us ASAP and do not forget to use the promo code NOMADIC5 to receive a 5% discount.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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