Iceland – perfect place for a destination wedding!

Author: , November 18th, 2014

Same sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since 2010 and Iceland is the home of award winning LGBT travel & wedding experts, Pink Iceland, combine that with the LGBT friendliness and the breath taking nature serving as the back drop for the ceremony and what you have is the perfect place for a same sex destination wedding.

The wedding planners at Pink Iceland consider themselves extremely lucky to do what they do for a living, getting to share in on the wonderful experiences and create ever lasting memories.

These are beautiful memories from our elopements and same sex weddings in Iceland. Nature, love, simplicity & honesty.

gay_wedding_iceland_pink_iceland How_to_get_married_in_Iceland_wedding_planner_pink_iceland1 newlyweds_pink_iceland_wedding_gay_marriage_iceland_john_paul

For more love wedding photos from Iceland check out our Facebook album.

4th annual Winter Pride festival – Rainbow Reykjavik

Author: , November 18th, 2014

Rainbow Reykjavik, Winter Pride festival in Iceland will be celebrated for the 4th time January 29th – February 1st 2015. LGBT visitors are expected from all over the world to enjoy together dips into thermal pools, Northern Lights viewing, amazing nature & Icelandic culture, cuisine and nightlife.

The programme is a long weekend from Thursday – Sunday and the LGBT travel agency Pink Iceland has organized the festival to make sure the guests experience the best Iceland has to offer.

Check out the official programme of Rainbow Reykjavík and the extended programme and join us in Reykjavik 2015.






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Pink Iceland’s honesty policy

Author: , March 21st, 2014

Pink Iceland is a privately owned company, owned by half of the people in this picture:

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As such it needs to make a profit. This profit pays the salaries of its staff, the rent, the wonderful and informative Pink Iceland website not to mention copious amounts of coffee for the owners. Most of Pink Iceland’s money is made through commissions. This is how it works: If our guests lets us book their tours, activities, and accommodation we collect a small (usually 10-15%) commission of the price.  This basically means that you pay the same price, regardless of whether you book directly – or through us. You may think this might cause us to recommend really expensive accommodation and tours. Not so. We promise to do our utmost to come up with a plan that suits you, and your budget. We would never recommend anything without full confidence and/or personal experience of what’s on offer. Our primary goal is working with and for the LGBTQI community and without the community’s support or goodwill we wouldn’t have lasted six months in the business. It is not least through word of mouth that we grow stronger every day. Our hope is that after reading this you too will ask for our recommendations and advice and/or book your holiday through Pink Iceland.

Art in the streets of Reykjavík

Author: , March 18th, 2014

Don’t have the patience to go from gallery to gallery but still wish to experience some art during your stay in Reykjavík? My advice is simply to walk around and enjoy the magnificent works decorating houses around Reykjavík.

Pink Iceland offers a walking tour around the city centre of Reykjavík, the Pink City Walk  – The essential Reykjavík City Tour sprinkled with LGBT history.

Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (31) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (30) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (23) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (19) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (16) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (11) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (12) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (13) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (14) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (15) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (9) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (6) Pink_Iceland_gay_travel_reykjavik_gay_bar (5) Reykjavik, gay travel, pink iceland, iceland, europe, rainbow reykjavik

Planning a Same-sex Wedding In Iceland

Author: , March 7th, 2014

Reykjavik, IcelandGay weddings have been legalised in Iceland since June 2010, but unlike some countries that have legalised same-sex marriage only to ban it just a couple of months later, Iceland wholeheartedly embraces the concept.  In fact, Iceland’s serving Prime Minister at the time, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir and her partner, Jónína Leósdóttir were the first couple to turn their civil union into a marriage. You cannot get much more committed to a policy than that. There are some specific requirements for getting married here, including a certificate of marital status, if your country does them, which needs to be produced eight weeks before the Big Day. Eight weeks might sound like a long time when you are desperate to be joined, but the time will fly by with frightening speed as your day approaches. Although wedding planners can take a lot of the headaches away by organising venues, flowers, music and so on, there are some things that only you can do, and the sooner you tackle them, the more relaxed you can be in the days running up.

Where to honeymoon

It may seem strange to start with the honeymoon before the wedding plans, but this is a really important break for both of you and deserves to be given all due consideration. Your choice will depend on whether you are staying in Iceland for the duration, or merely passing through while on a touring holiday or European cruise,  and whether you want to relax in splendid isolation together or party on like there’s no tomorrow with a big crowd. Depending on when you are getting married, your honeymoon can be combined with special events, such as Icelandic Independence Day or searching for the Northern Lights. These amazing natural light shows are the result of high-energy solar particles as they strike the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in vivid colours that spread across the whole sky. Sadly, the lights cannot be guaranteed, but you are most likely to see them in far northern, sparsely populated areas with low light pollution, such as the conditions that Iceland offers.

Who to invite

Only you can decide who deserves to come to your wedding. However, remember that this is your day, the day that will stay with you in memories and photographs (and probably a toaster or two) long after foul Aunt Janet or boozy Cousin Jack have stopped sending Christmas cards, so fill it with the memories you want to keep. Discuss the guest list well in advance so you both know who is coming. Send out invitations well in advance as people will appreciate the advance notice, particularly if they need to make financial arrangements to join you for your special day.

Wedding presents

To list, or not to list? Another big question that is down to you alone. If you have been living together for a while, or each have had your own homes, it is less likely that you need the traditional wedding presents, such as the aforementioned toaster. A list makes things nice and easy for your guests and ensures you start your married life together with the things you really need. Got everything already? Few people will baulk if you ask for cash. If you feel uncomfortable about this option, give them the option of donating it to a charity, either one you specify or the charity of their choice. Just Giving is a good way to facilitate this. Preferences should be made clear from the beginning, so include them in the invitations if possible.

The End, or a new beginning

The Day has come and gone, the honeymoon was a romantic idyll and now you begin your married life together. Your duties are not quite over yet. Sit down with an old fashioned pen and some nice writing paper and write out your thank you cards. For almost everything in life, email is quicker, cheaper and better but not in this case. Your guests have done a lot in wishing you well and they have put themselves out to make your union a happy event, so thank them properly. Here’s to a great future for both of you.

Amazing Iceland

Author: , February 24th, 2014
My favourite travel experience in Iceland took place in the week leading up to summer solstice a couple of years back. Me and a few friends visited the Westfjords of Iceland as none of us had ever been. We’d heard stories of breathtaking beauty and seen pictures that seemed out of this world so we decided to see this magical place with our own eyes.

It’s safe to say we were not let down. After a five hour drive from the capitol we made our first pit-stop and pitched our tent by the sea in the bottom of a picturesque fjord where we watched the sun not quite go down before rising again.

The following days were spent exploring the lenght and breadth of the Westfjords. We visited the Rauðisandur red sand beach, Europe’s largest birdcliff, Látrabjarg, home of millions of birds, we ate beautiful, locally sourced food  took numerous dips in natural geothermal pools and ventured all the way to the outdoor swimming pool affectionately referred to as The Pool at the End of the World where we spent hours watching the sea from the pool, spotting seals and seabirds.

Our most special experience though happened on our way back from the Westfjords when we stopped at the Hveravellir Geothermal fields  ight in the middle of the highlands of Iceland. It was the eve of the summer solstice and we were soaking in a beautiful natural geothermal pool. The temperature hovered around zero but the water was a perfect 38 Celsius. The sun, at it’s lowest position seemed to graze the glacier next to us before rising again, refusing to give us even a minute of darkness that night.

Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland coming up next week

Author: , January 24th, 2014

Reykjavik is anxiously waiting for the third annual winter pride festival Rainbow Reykjavik. Guests from over 13 countries are currently deciding what to pack and looking forward visiting the Blue Lagoon, experiencing Icelandic night life and cuisine, see the world famous Geysir  & Gullfoss and the Icelandic national sport Glíma wrestling.

The programme is a long weekend from Thursday – Sunday and the LGBT travel agency Pink Iceland has organized the festival to make sure the guests experience the best Iceland has to offer.

Check out the official programme of Rainbow Reykjavík and the extended programme and don’t worry if you can’t make it this year, there is always next year!

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Celebrating Winter Pride in Reykjavik

Author: , January 16th, 2014

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Celebrating winter in style and pride with the locals of Reykjavik and LGBT travellers from around the world is what Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride festival is all about. Going on its third year  January 30th – February 2nd 2014 Rainbow Reykjavik is such a success that guests who joined in for the first year are coming back for the third time. But what is so special about Iceland and Reykjavik? And Iceland in winter – “that must be cold?” is commonly asked question. We wouldn’t lie to you, it gets cold but not so cold that a stylish warm winter coat and a hipster cap can save you from – so get your gear on to experience all the great things the festival has to offer.

winter pride, rainbow reykjavik, iceland, gay iceland, pink iceland, gay travel, lesbian, glbt

Rainbow Reykjavik starts with a soak in the dreamy Blue Lagoon where you’ll get to know fellow guests of Rainbow Reykjavik, after the refreshing time in the lagoon dinner will be served at a restaurant over looking the Blue Lagoon. On the drive back to Reykjavik your gay guide will tell you about the days to come and once in Reykjavik we’ll throw a welcome party at the Slippbar – very trendy hotel bar of Icelandair Marina hotel.

The second day will be all about Reykjavik and Divas! Start the day with a Pink City Tour ending in a penis museum visit (no you’re eyes aren’t lying, you just read that) followed by lunch where a Glíma show will keep you entertained. What is Glíma you ask – it’s Icelandic wrestling – see picture below:

Glima, wrestling, icelandic, iceland, pink iceland, rainbow reykjavik, gay travel, lesbian travel, winter pride, lgbt

After a free afternoon in Reykjavik guests gather again for a night to remember – Dinner & Divas show specially created for the Winter Pride festival as some of the best diva voices in Iceland will entertain guests over dinner, afterwards – a Northern Lights Hunt! We will all cross our fingers for some bright lights dancing in the sky. After some light hunting we’ll head to Reykjavik’s only queer bar Kiki for some drinks and dancing.

winter pride, gay pride, rainbow reykjavik, pink iceland, lesbian travel

Hope everybody didn’t stay up too late because the Saturday of Rainbow Reykjavik is a long and exciting day as we venture out into nature to explore the famous Golden Circle with geothermal areas, wonderful waterfall Gullfoss and the historic Thingvellir national park with all its natural wonders, the site where the tectonic plates are pulling apart! Lunch will be served at Efstidalur farm and it wouldn’t be a day complete without another geothermal dip, this time in Laugarvatn Fontana Spa.

Pall Oskar, gay travel, iceland, lesbian travel, lgbt, lesbian,

Get ready for the Queerest club night in Iceland as you are about to take part in a Pink Iceland PINK PARTY – this time with Iceland’s brighest shining pop star Páll Óskar as dj and performer of the night and the theme is Masquerade!

Make sure you dance into the night as it’s your last – Sunday it’s time to say good bye! See you next year!

Birna Hrönn is a guest blogger for Purple Roofs, owner of LGBT travel, wedding & event company Pink Iceland and organizer of Rainbow Reykjavik.